Okay, so I had to write this, it was soooo cute! Character ages will vary from six to eight, the age will be said for all of them. Some characters will be siblings, you'll just have to read to find out. Constructive criticism is welcome. Flames will be laughed at and used to roast marshmallows. Fluff fic, you have been warned.

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Six year old Bella Swan raced into the playground, giggling as she ran. The first day of first grade had just finished and Bella was happy to be free. School was cool and stuff, but the playground was bound to be way more fun! Her blue sundress flapped in the breeze, and her hair was up in two tight pigtails tied with matching blue ribbons. Bella's sights were set on the sandbox, where she could see two kids a little older than her playing. She was just about there when she tripped over her shiny, new school shoes. Bella was used to this by now, but it still hurt when she fell. She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting to land face first on the ground when two hands caught her.

Looking up, the first thing she saw was a pair of emerald green eyes. She blinked, looking at the boy who had caught her. He looked to be about her age with unruly bronze hair and pale skin. For a moment they both just stared at each other; Bella could feel blood rushing to the semi translucent skin of her cheeks.

"Um, I'm Bella," Bella said, blushing even deeper. The boy shook himself before answering.

"My name's Edward," He said, smiling now. Bella noticed that his smile was just slightly crooked, "Not Eddie, my sister calls me Eddie," He added, scowling. Bella had to giggle at that as her blush continued to grow.

* * *

Rosalie Hale was sitting in the very middle of the sandbox, her blue-violet eyes narrowed in concentration at her sandcastle. It had to be perfect, like everything else Rosalie did. Suddenly, she felt a tug on one of her long, silky, blonde pig tails. She whipped around furiously to see a black haired boy who looked to be seven years old, Rosalie's age. He was big though; he reminded Rosalie of the teddy bear she had before she'd decided she was too old for it. The only thing missing was the bow around his neck. If she weren't so livid, Rosalie might've thought he was cute.

Looking-well, glaring- at him, Rosalie recognized him as Emmet McCarthy, her next door neighbor. Emmet and his family had come to meet Rosalie's family after they'd moved in last month. She had never met him though. She had been throwing a tantrum at the time (it was soooooo not fair for them to move!). Emmet and Rosalie's brother Jasper had already had a playdate. It hadn't gone well; Rosalie was the outgoing sibling, the one with the friends. Jasper was shy, a fact that Rosalie loved to tease him with.

Presently, Emmet was snickering at Rosalie's fury, dimples showing. Big mistake. Anyone who knew Rosalie also knew her wrath, however, unfortunately for Emmet, he didn't. Rosalie kicked sand into Emmet's face. Her sandcastle was destroyed in the process; it was worth it.

"Aw, I'm sorry Rose," Emmet said after shaking like a dog to get the sand off.

"My name's Rosalie," Rosalie snapped, "Rosalie Hale to you."

"I said I was sorry!" Emmet muttered eyes downcast.

"Then why'd you do it?!" Rosalie demanded, still fuming. Emmet's face then turned a rather interesting shade of red, bordering on purple, before turning and hurrying off. Rosalie shrugged; boys are weird.

* * *

Alice Cullen moved gracefully across the playground, dancing to a song heard only in her head. She was wearing a black buttoned red jumper over black tights and mary-janes. Twin red bows adorned her short cropped black hair. She had dressed herself today. Her mommy had shaken her head, saying Alice looked "too gothic"- whatever that means! Alice thought it make her look like a lady-bug.

Alice had always been different. Back in Alaska, kids had ignored her. She wondered if things her in Forks would be different… Scanning the playground for her twin brother Edward, she spotted something that made her stop her search: a little blond boy about her age playing with hand-me-down looking toy soldiers. Alice cocked her head to one side, he seemed to be taking it very seriously; eye brows furrowed, tongue ever so slightly out of his mouth in concentration. He didn't appear to be aware of his surroundings, sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the black top area that was just before the playground. He was completely alone. Without thinking, the way she usually did things, Alice walked over to him. He was a lot like her, alone but not lonely.

"Watcha doin?" Alice sing-songed from behind him.

"Playin war," the boy answered distractedly.

"I'm Ally, what'd your name?" Alice asked.

"Jasper," He replied, still not looking at her. Alice was unfazed by his short, dispassionate answers. People had always said that she was "off in her own world". She had never been completely sure of what it meant, but she liked the sound of it. Well, this boy was obviously "in his own world," he just had a bit of a hard time getting out of it.

"Wanna be friends?" She inquired cheerfully. Now the boy looked up, regarding her seriously, before nodding his gold head in a slow decisive yes.