Rosalie Lillian Hale was the most beautiful, popular girl known at Forks High School. But when she runs into Emmett McCarty her world is turned upside down. Emmett is tall, extremely muscular and very intimidating to everyone at Forks High School. But to Rosalie all she notices is his curly dark hair, and dimpled cheeks, her attractions grows for him.

Rosalie/Emmett POV

All Human

Chapter 1: Beginning

Their eyes look onto me as if I was a pretty object in the store. This is why I hate coming to school, everyone looks at me as if I was a pretty toy for them to play with, it makes me sick. I normally keep to myself but people flock me, trying to become my friend. I don't want their friendship; I don't want anything to do with them. I am known as being stuck up because of this.

Maybe if people treated me like I was human then perhaps I wouldn't be so mean. But it's something that I cannot help, people hurt me all the time, and I have never once complained. I'm always hurting…I am a very lonely girl. At school I am surrounded by everyone, but I see no one. It gets lonely at home too. No one is ever home. My brother Jasper has found himself a girlfriend named Alice. He's constantly with her now.

My parents are great…I suppose. My father Carlisle is a doctor, and famous one at that. He works all over the country tending to people. Recently he was sent to Vietnam to help the people there. My mother Esme is a model and also fashion run way designer. She's often in New York but she comes home often…just like dad comes home often – once every two weeks.

Jasper is my twin; he and I get along great I assume, though we're hardly seeing one another anymore. Alice is a nice girl. Extremely sweet and so kind, but…she's the reason why Jasper and I haven't talked to each other in such a long time. And by talk I mean a serious conversation about each other's feelings and what's going on in our lives.

"What's wrong?" Jasper asked in his pouting mouth whiles we were sitting at the lunch table. I guess I must have been staring off in into space again.

I shook my head no and began to pack up my things, "It's nothing Jazz. Look I'm not feeling well, I'm cutting school a bit early to go home okay?" I told him getting my things and walked away from the table.

"Hey Rosalie where are you going?" A voice from the table called out. I didn't know who it was so I just ignored them and walked out of the cafeteria and down the hallway. That's when I felt someone grab my hand; I turned around to see that it was Jasper, his face flooded with concern.

Jasper let go of my hand, "Why would you leave like that Rose? What's wrong are you sick? Do you have the flue, the cold what? Rosalie why don't you tell me anything anymore?" Jasper questioned me.

"Do you think that even if I were to tell you Jasper you'd listen to me? Stop pretending to care about me Jasper; I understand you have a busy life. Just leave me alone…please." I said, my eye shot the pain that I had. Jasper stuttered for a moment.

"Rose I don't pretend," Jasper informed me.

Just when I thought I could tell him that I've been feelingly lonely Alice came out, "Oh Jasper there you are. HI Rosalie I hope I'm not interrupting anything I was just checking to see if you are ready to go?" Alice greeted my kindly. I had no hate towards her, she was loveable and loved my brother.

Jasper smiled at her and nodded, "Of course Alice." Jasper said turning to me.

I shook my head, "I'm gone. Thanks for the talk Jasper, we got a lot out didn't we?" I said coldly and walked down the hallway and out to my car. My family had money; something I was proud of. But that's how my parents often bought me over. It was kind of like bribing me; but I did enjoy it. Last year for my sixteenth birthday I was presented with a BMW, this year I got my car updated to the same BMW but I got a car with a tone more features.

I got into my car and began to drive. I didn't want to go home, that was too bothersome to stay in a house that was lonesome. I could drive down to Phoenix, it's five times bigger the Seattle I could get some shopping done. But why go all the way down there when I could make a quick stop in Port Angeles? Port Angeles seemed like a good idea; I wasn't in the mood to travel all the way to Phoenix on my own.

I arrived in front of a book store and parked my car there; I stayed in my car for a while tapping my hand on the wheel. I then realised that I wanted to get away so badly that I had no purpose being here. It was ridiculous. But I didn't want to go home, I hated sitting in the house all alone. There was very little to do at home, and there was very little to do now. I sighed unwillingly getting out of my car and walking down the side walk when I noticed someone waving at me. Did I know this person? I walked into the store as they stuck their hand out for me to take. I didn't accept his hand and stared him strangely.

"Sorry ma'am forgive me for my strange behaviour. You're Miss Rosalie Hale am I correct? Your mother Esme speaks highly of you when she comes here to shop for clothes. You two have the same taste; I noticed you from the photo your mother gave me," The man said as I nodded. I sounds just like Esme handing photos of me and Jasper around to everyone she knew.

Such a strange man, I looked around his store, it was brand named, "I am going to look around your store, what's the most expensive thing you have?" I asked as he smiled showing me to a couple of shoes. One caught my eye it was a baby pink Stiletto; they had to be mine, "I'll take those. That's it for today," I told the man. He keenly took the heals and brought them to the table

"Are you sure there will be nothing else miss Hale?" The man asked as I took one looked around his store again. I shook my head no and then handed him my credit card – to be the utmost honest it was my father's. I haven't heard one compliant from him about me using his card since he started going away from home.

Shopping is how I passed a lot of my time, I now own a lot of crap that I have no need for but it isn't bad having someone to talk to…even if it's a sales clerk. I walked outside and put the bags in my car as I leaned on it. When I was younger I can remember running with Jasper in the backyard and we'd play these really ridiculous games. When Alice came along I was happy that he had someone, but soon she became a daily thing. I accept her, I even grown to care about her – though I would never admit it – but she taken my other half a way.

A twin isn't the same without their other half. God I hate being alone so much, it isn't fun…before I knew it tears began to roll down my eyes. How wonderful was this…I sucked in my tears but I noticed that my eye liner had smudged a little. I whipped the tears away from my eyes and opened my bag to pull out a tissue only to notice I didn't have any. I began to look franticly in my car for anything tissue.

"Excuse me miss," A kind tender voice called out to me, I turned around; with tears still swollen in my eyes and makeup smudged around, "Excuse me miss, but I couldn't help but notice you crying…are you all right?" He asked again very softly.

I turned to see that I knew this man…he was on the football team. Emmett McCarthy. Why is this the first time I'm noticing…how gentle he looked?


Nothing but stares, god damn it I swear they look at me if I was going to kill them, but that's what happens when you looked intimidating. Since I moved to Forks that's all I've being getting, people that are scared of me. I thought it was funny at first, I was the tallest in my grade, the one that had the most muscular body out of all these scrawny people; but still I don't know why they think I am going to hurt them.

Since coming to Forks I've being bored out of my mind. My sister Bella tells me that it isn't because I got nothing going for me. But that's probably because she is always following her boyfriend Edward around. It wasn't like Edward was a bad guy because he wasn't, but Bella always goes gaga over him – but she's my little sister and I want her to be happy. And Edward has being that kind of guy to make her happy, ever since they met when they were little, up until now. He has always being there for my sister.

At school I don't know a lot of the people, and the people I do know are on my football team. The Coach and I are all right friends I suppose. I'm the quarter-back for the football team. I am also the star on several other teams – not that I'm bragging. Growing up I was an extremely hyper kid, so my parents kept my fit with sports. And it just so happens that I kept up with it all these years. Bella tells me that one of the reasons everyone is scared of me, is because when I am playing sports, I get a bit hyper and competitive and scare everyone…but it's a habit!

But today there is nothing like cutting class to go hiking. I'm the kind of guy that likes roughing it in the wilderness rather than staying in class room. That's probably another reason how I got so built. I am also one of the tallest in my grade, though it gets pretty uncomfortable when everyone has to look up to you, and then there are those that are scared to look at you. Man I need to get my mind off of thinking about how lonely I get…I was starting to feel sorry for myself. I was just about to climb a tree when suddenly my phone began to ring, I sighed and answered it.

"Emmett? Where are you! I was looking everywhere for you! I know, you skipped class just to go out in the middle of nowhere again didn't you? Emmett!" Bella complained over the phone.

"What's wrong Bella are you in trouble?" I asked sitting down on a rock.

Bella sighed, "No. But when a sister wants to talk to her brother can't she?" Bella questioned. But knowing Bella the only reason why she would call me is to make sure I am not dead, or to ask me for a favour. And by the sound of her voice, she was asking for both.

"Bella spill it what do you need?" I told her upfront.

Bella giggled, "I won't be home for dinner, Edward taking me out I hope that's not a problem? I know dad's working late again and your are horrible cook," Bella confessed over the phone.

I chuckled, "Bell's I'll be okay. Have fun with Edward; tell him that he better behave. I have to go now Bella I'm kind of in the middle of something. I'll see you when I see you," I said hanging up my phone.

My little sister was a little worry freak when it came too so much, even me. Though she was the younger by a year she was mature for her age. Always calling to check up on me as if she was my mother – and my mother doesn't even do that – I got up from the rock that I was sitting on and ignored the tree that I wanted to climb and kept walking down the pathway.

Being in Forks was interesting. The place was always so gloomy; but my dad – whose name is Charlie – just so happened to get a good job here as chief of police. My mom and dad are divorced at first I didn't bug me, but it really hit Bella hard. We lived with mom for a while up until mom wanted to get married, that's when we came done here to live with Charlie. Lost in the memories of my past I soon ended up in a different town without even noticing it.

Port Angeles? Oh yeah the guys on the team often talk about this place as picking up girls. I didn't realise that I had walked so far. Well since I am here I might as well take a look around. But I would also enjoy something to eat. When you're as big as me you tend to eat a lot. This is mostly why I keep to myself at school. Because the boys in Forks are pretty skinny and small – god only knows why – so they don't eat a lot. And when you have muscles like I do, you need all the protein so I need to eat a lot.

The lunch lady on my first day kind of got scared at the amount of food I took, since then Bella has been making my lunch every day. School isn't easy making friends when people are scared of you all the time. I admit I don't make it easy for them to like me, but because of that I'm often out of class. Mostly doing something active in the woods or taking a five mile run. Coach has got my back though, he tells the teachers it's all part of my training and that I need it. Teachers then give me an assignment so I can pass.

I stopped in for something to eat. I walked over to a seat as I watched two women arguing over who should serve me. I got irritated and stormed out of the store. How come it's so hard for people to just approach me? I'm not that scary…I hardly consider myself too big to be approachable. But that's the problem with these people; because you look a certain way they think you're also a certain kind of person. And then I saw her…she came out of her car so gracefully, like an angel. Not only was her car nice but also she herself was so…amazing.

I watched her as her wavy blond hair strutted in the wind, her slim figure moved like she was walking on air. It was memorizing. She walked down the side walk for a few moments before noticing that a man in a shop was waving to her. Her expression told me that she didn't know who the man was, but yet she still walked into the store. Her smile grew afterwards when the man spoke to her; so she was familiar with him. But I still felt like I should make sure she was all right. Something about this girl that made me feel…protective of her. I stood outside the window watching her from across the parking lot as she looked around the store. Her eyes seemed to be empty…just like mines.

Finally she picked up a pair of pink shoes and walked back to the counter with the old man. After shopping in that store she walked back with her bags to the BMW she came out of. God she was gorgeous but there was something else about her that made me…attractive to her. I then noticed that she leaned on her car in a daze. What could this goddess be thinking about that has gotten her so worried? I walked closer to her, trying not to make a sound.

She seemed so empty as if something was missing from her. Her eyes reminded me of mine…alone…searching. I stared onto this dazed face, only to notice that her eyes were starting to tear.

I began to worry, why was this beauty upset? I took a few steps closer. My concern grew for her; it wasn't because she was beautiful, but because she seemed to have a heart like mine. A heart that was lonely. I approached her quietly whiles she searched in her car for something.

"Excuse me miss," I asked low enough for her to hear me. She turned around slowly and looked at me, her eyes widened, I might have startled her. Her eyes were smudged from crying, they were, I took a step closer to her, "Excuse me miss, but I couldn't help but notice you crying…are you all right?" I asked again very softly so I wouldn't scare her.

But she didn't seem scared; she seemed to be…watching my eyes. It was then I knew this girl, Rosalie Lillian Hale…the girl that everyone wanted to be friends with. But why is this the first time I am noticing…how lonely she looked.