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Mitchie lied down on the couch of her house, her eyes closed, a smile on her lips, and her thoughts easing as she began to drift into a light sleep. Shane walked downstairs and smirked, thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to 'play' with Mitchie. He subtly walked downstairs into the living room until he stood right in front of her. Shane sat next to Mitchie, rubbing her legs in a seductive manor. Mitchie groaned a little and turned her head the other direction. Shane smiled, knowing that she was awake. He leaned near her ear and kissed her softly, biting on her skin gently. "Shane, stop." Mitchie groaned.

"Make me." Shane whispered into her ear. He caressed Mitchie's face and kissed her aggressively. Now Mitchie was wide-awake. She quickly wrapped her arms around Shane's neck, digging her knee against his crotch. Shane smirked into the kiss, holding onto Mitchie's waist tightly.

Suddenly, the door slowly opened. "I honestly don't get why your sister won't kiss me in front of people – let alone hold my hand! It's not like I'm going to get her pregnant or anything. God, Natalie is so overprotective. I'm her boyfriend not her rapist." Joe Gray closed the door and turned around. His eyes widened to what he say. "Oh, holy shit!" he yelled, completely dropping his cell phone.

"Joseph!" Mitchie yelled, quickly pushing Shane away. Shane rolled his eyes.

"There's a hundred places he could be here in San Diego right now, but he chose to be home for once?!" Shane whisper-screamed, frustrated. He practically had Mitchie under his spell again.

"Oh, God, I'm blind." Joe said, putting a hand to his eyes as he picked up his cell phone. "Hey, Nick, I think I lost my site. I just walked in on my parents." He said into the phone. They instantly heard a roar of laughter from Nick Gold on the other line. Mitchie turned red while Shane shook his head.

"You did not walk in on us!" Mitchie yelled, mortified.

"Oh, no, you two were just sucking faces." Joe said, rolling his eyes, disgusted. "Oh, by the way, Nick and Natalie are coming over with their parents if you forgot." He added before running upstairs into his room.

"Oh, God, now Nate and Alex are going to make fun of us when they come over." Mitchie whined. Shane shrugged, acting as if he didn't care. Mitchie smacked his chest, annoyed.

"Ow! Hey!" Shane yelped, rubbing his chest. "It's not like Nick and Natalie don't walk in on Nate and Alex. Alex is their mother anyways."

"What's walking in?" an innocent voice asked. Upstairs was eight-year-old Adam Gray, looking confusedly at his parents. "Joe told me to ask you guys." Shane looked at Mitchie, trying to control his laughter. Mitchie rolled her eyes.

"He's your son. I blame you." She said, standing up.

"Mom! Mom, which dress should I wear?! Nick's coming over! Oh, my God!" Gracie Gray asked, running downstairs with two expensive dresses in her hands. Shane rolled his eyes.

"She's your daughter. I blame you." He said, imitating to what she said.

"Sweetie, he's your boyfriend. He wouldn't care what you were wearing." Mitchie insisted.

"And I would never let any boy see you wear that. Where did you even buy that?! Did you borrow it from Alex? Be conservative with your body! I don't some horny boy doing things to you at this age." Shane asked, grabbing the somewhat revealing dresses from his daughter, feeling overprotective.

"Hypocrite." Mitchie coughed. Shane glared at her and handed the dresses back to his daughter.

"Dad, Nick is a sweetie. He's not horny, and you out of all people should know that. You scared Nick half-to-death when he asked your permission to date me. Anyways, Joe is the horny one." Gracie said, rolling her eyes.

"I heard that!" Joe yelled from upstairs.

"Well he definitely inherited some things from his father." Mitchie mumbled. Shane glared at her again. Adam walked downstairs.

"What's horny?" he asked. Mitchie pulled her youngest son to her lap.

"Something I hope that you didn't inherit from your father either, baby." Mitchie said, kissing his head.


"Girls, hurry up! We were supposed to be there hours ago!" Nate whined as he and his son, Nick, leaned against the wall, waiting for Alex and Natalie to finish dressing. The men have been waiting for what seemed like an eternity, and it was still a long drive from Beverly Hills to San Diego.

"Why do girls take forever?" Nick complained, ready to go to sleep at this rate. He yawned. Nate shrugged, wondering if that mystery would ever get unsolved.

"Alex, come on!" Nate yelled, rubbing his eyes.

"Natalie, just put a freaking bra and thong on! I'm pretty sure that Joe would love tear all of the rest of your clothes off if he sees you anyways!" Nick yelled. Nate thumped his son's head. Nate rubbed his curly hair. "What? It's true." Nate rolled his eyes.

"Don't listen to your brother, Natalie! Take your time if you can't find a long-sleeved shirt and pants!" Nate yelled back.

"Boys, stop yelling. You're giving me headache." Alex said walking downstairs in a original dress that she created. Nate smirked at her as she descended down the staircase, rubbing her head in a frustrated manor. She smiled at Nate and walked up to him. "You know, as much as I would love to drive in a car with two loud kids and you yelling at them, can we just have sex tonight please?" Alex begged quietly in Nate's ear.

"I think it was you who yelled at me for jumping on you in the shower last night. You yelled at me, demanding no more sex." Nate whispered back.

"I was just kidding! Come on, Natey, I'll let you put in anywhere." Alex said seductively. Nate's smirk grew bigger, knowing exactly what Alex meant.

"Natalie, hurry up! I think Mom and Dad might start doing 'it' in the living room if you don't come down! They looked turned-on! Joe already walked in on his parents today; I don't want to lose my eyesight either!" Nick begged from the bottom of the staircase. Nate and Alex immediately took a big step away from each other as they stared at their son, embarrassed. Soon enough, Natalie's door opened.

"Oh, my God, Joe walked in on Shane and Mitchie?! That's hilarious!" she laughed as she walked downstairs in a party dress with tights under. Nick laughed along with her and they walked out to the car. "I can't wait to make fun of Joe and Gracie! I'll never let them live this down!"

"Well this is the perfect opportunity to make fun of Shane. I haven't made fun of the perverted guy in a while. He'll be so pissed by the end of the night." Alex said, holding hands with Nate as they followed their children out to the car.

"He is so lucky to have a best friend like you, Alex." Nate said sarcastically, smirking at her.


The five children huddled around the coffee table as the adults talked and laughed in the living room, catching up for all of the time that has passed even if they've seen each other recently. (Last week to be exact.)

Joe had his arm around Natalie while her head was on his chest. Nick and Gracie were holding hands under the table. And for Adam, he was just messing around with the scrapbooks that were stacked on top of each other under the coffee table. He ignored the four who were now making out, who also apparently doesn't care that an eight-year-old kid was in the room.

"Hey, what's this?" Adam asked loudly and obliviously. Nick and Gracie pulled apart, flushed, while Nick had to chuck a pillow at Joe to stop kissing his sister. Adam opened a very old scrapbook from decades ago. He flipped it open to see four seventeen-year-old kids, two girls and two boys. One girl had dark brown hair and was standing on a short wall behind a boy with really curly hair, hugging his neck while he kissed her cheek. The other girl with light brown hair was hugging the boy with straight raven colored hair's stomach while he had his arms around her shoulders.

"What is this?" Joe asked. The five recognized these four teenagers in a way though. It's like they've seen them before. "It says…We'll never forget our junior year. 2009." He read the caption on the bottom.

"It's time for dinner!" Mitchie called out. Joe picked up the scrapbook and they walked to the kitchen. "Sweetie, what's in your hands?" Mitchie asked, noticing that the children's stares wouldn't leave that one page in the scrapbook. Joe unwillingly handed his mother the scrapbook. Mitchie smiled. "Hey, guys, come over here! Remember this?" Mitchie called behind her shoulder. Shane, Nate, and Alex walked over to look what she was talking about.

"Oh, I definitely remember this!" Alex said, getting a better look of this. "Aw, Joe, you look like a hotter and better looking version of your father here." Alex giggled, pointing at seventeen-year-old Shane.

"Excuse me?!" Shane yelled while Joe snickered.

"Wait, so this is you guys?" Gracie asked, shocked.

"Yeah, this is me," Alex said, pointing at a girl with dark brown hair who was hugging the curly haired boy. "And that's Nate." She said, pointing to the boy.

"Oh, Daddy, you actually look cute here!" Natalie said. Nate laughed.

"And I still do." Nate joked.

"Mom…you look…my God." Nick said, not believing his own eyes that this hot girl in semi revealing clothes was his mother.

"Mom, you look so pretty!" Gracie gushed as she pointing at Mitchie. "And you and Dad look adorable! I guess Joe didn't inherit the romantic side from Dad." Gracie said, poking Joe's side.

"I can be romantic, for your information."

"Yeah, tell that to Natalie."

"How did you guys take this picture?" Adam chirped up. Everyone looked down at him, forgetting that he was even there in the first place. Alex and Nate looked at each other and smiled while Shane wrapped his arm around Mitchie's waist, pulling her closer.

"Sweetie, I think you're too young to know the story." Mitchie said, ruffling Adam's hair.

"But I know everything! Joe tells me all the stuff that you don't want me to know!" Shane and Mitchie glared at Joe while Joe looked around the room, trying to act innocent. "I still want to know! How did you guys get married?" Adam persisted.

"Well, it was a life full of hook ups, cheating, lying, and secrets." Alex said, snuggling closer to Nate.

"Really?" they all asked, surprised.

"So how did it all start?" Nick asked. The four smiled.

"It all started with me on my way to pick Mitchie up for our one year anniversary date…" Nate started.

Maybe the rich and elite of Beverly Hills do get their happily ever afters...

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