Sitting on the lawn watching the fire fighters take out the flames. Sarah just stares at the black smoke rise into the night sky. Sam sits beside her and holds her in his arms. Dean stands behind them looking at the big crowd of neighbours gathering around the police cars and fire trucks.

An officer walks up to Dean "Does she have a place to stay tonight?" Dean nods his head. "Yeah, I'm her brother. She can stay wig me. Us." Dean indicates to Sam on the grass with Sarah.

"Great. Can I have you number to get a hold of her." the officer asks. "Yes." Dean nods his head, writes his number on a piece paper and gives it to the officer. "Thank you" the officer walks away.

"Sam." Dean walks up to the two on the floor. "We should get going."

Sam nods his head and turns to his sister. He rubs her back and gently speaks "Sarah, we should get going, you can stay with Dean and I tonight." Sarah slowly looks at Sam with her tear stained eyes. She stands up and just starts walking.

Sam stands up and gives a confused look at Sam. Then they start walking after her.

"Sarah!" Dean calls after her. She says nothing. He hollers again. "Sarah!"

"Leave me alone." She calls back and walks faster.

"Sarah" Dean calls once more.

Sarah turns around and yells "LEAVE ME ALONE! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. You are not my family anymore. My family, just died in that house. SO LEAVE ME ALONE!" She collapses in the middle of he street.

Sam slowly walks towards her and speaks softly. "Sarah, just let us help you tonight. Tomorrow you can walk away and never see us again. We won't try to find you. You can have your own life. But tonight you need to be with someone. Let us help you. Please." He squats down beside her.

Sarah nods her head as she pulls her brother towards her, wraping her arms around him and buries her head in his chest and lets out a big sob.

Sam looks at Dean and quietly asks "Can you go get the car?" Dean nods his head and turns around to get the impala.

It wasn't long till the car pulled up. Sam helped Sarah into the back seat and he sat beside her. Dean looks back "I guess I'll be you chauffeur for this evening." Sam glares at Dean. " the time."

The reached the motel and helped Sarah into bed where she fell asleep with in minutes.

The Next Morning

Sam sits up in the bed and sees Dean sprawled out on the couch, he looks over to the bed beside him and finds it empty. He jumps out of bed and wakes Dean. "Dean. Dean. Shes gone. Sam runs outside looking around for any sign of her.

Dean slowly rolls out of bed and walks out the door. "Sam, you said she could leave. So she probably did.

"What are you guys doing outside in your boxers?" Sarah asks as she looks through the door with a towel over her head.

Sam and Dean look back at her. Dean then looks at Sam and glares. He walks back inside where Sarah is drying her hair with the towel as she sits on her bed. "You really think I would leave without saying thanks?" She had a weak smile.

"I don't know what you would have done. It's been six years." Dean said as he slips on his jeans.

"Dean" Sam said sternly as he sits accross from Sarah. "I'm glad you didn't go. I'm sorry, Sarah. This should not have happen. We should have been here sooner."

"How did you even know this would happen?" Sarah asks as she combs her hair with her fingers.

"I saw it." Sam said uneasily. "You see I have these visions of what is going to happen. I don't know why. But I do. Who was he?"

"Pete. Peter. He is...was my fience. The wedding...was going to be in June." Sarah says trying her best not to cry. "I don't want to talk about him anymore. Lets just go out for breakfast. There is a great pancake house just down the street."

Sam stand up and slips on his jeans. "Breakfast sounds great."