Everyone in the room stared at me.

Oh god, I look like a mess, don't I?

'Welcome back, Rosalie.' grinned Edward.

I lifted my right eyebrow, "why is everyone looking at me?' I asked, irritated.

That's when everyone's gazed switched from me to the person next to me, Emmett.

I turned my head and saw Emmett holding not one child, but two. My eyes felt as if they had popped from out of my skull.

Emmett's eyes looked worried and scared as he held each baby boy in each arm.

'A-a-are those ours?' I stuttered.

Emmett nodded. I looked down to the two baby boys lying in his arm. They looked like mini-replicas of Emmett, except for one of them. The one lying in his left arm, something about the boy's face was slightly different.

I motioned Emmett to get closer. I lifted up the boy lying in Emmett's left arm and held him in my arms and looked up at Emmett.

'This isn't Jack is he?' I asked, as I stroked the side of his face. The boy seemed to like it when I did that, I could tell because, like Emmett, he revealed his dimples when he liked something I did.

'Nope. This is Aiden.' he replied.


I immediately fell in love with the name. 'Hello Aiden.' I cooed. I looked into his eyes and fell in love with every delicate feature on his face. Then the sound of someone clearing their voice brought me back down to earth.

'Well, Rosalie if you're not too busy staring at yoursel- I mean at your son, we would like to introduce you to the newest additions to the Cullen/Hale family.' said Edward.

I glared up at him, and then I saw Alice next to him holding a tiny baby with spiky blonde tuff of blonde hair sticking out of her tiny head.

Alice took a step closer,

'This is Emily.' she smiled.

She had Alice's lips and spiky hair.

Aha, she has Jasper's slightly crooked nose.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Edward rolling his eyes.

'She's beautiful Alice, she looks just like you.' I said happily.

'I know doesn't she? She's so adorable.' she squealed as she buried her face into Emily's neck.

I hesitated, but eventually came to asking the question I wanted answered.

'Does she have any um, powers?'

Alice exchanged glances with Edward, Edward nodded and Alice returned to face me.

'Yes, she does.' she answered.

'Is that so? What are they?' I asked, a bit too curious.

She paused before she answered. 'Basically she has a power that's a bit like Jasper and mine combined. She knows a person by feeling what they feel and can also 'read' people by the energy they expel and can tell their past, present or future.'

I pursed my lips,

'Impressive.' I replied.

Jasper then came over to Alice and lifted Emily from her arms and walked out of my room.

Renesmee followed them, tugging on Jasper pants, asking if she could play with Emily. Bella and Edward stayed behind and whispered to each other at vampire speed.

Carlisle and Esme came over to the bed. Esme's was holding their newborn baby girl.

They all had girls…

But before I could finish my though I looked over at Edward who was no longer whispering to Bella but was now paying close attention to my thoughts. I immediately focused my attention back to the baby lying in Esme's arms.

'And who's this little girl.' I asked sweetly.

'This, Rosalie, is Alessandra or Alli for short.' beamed Esme.

My eyes narrowed down at the little girl lying in her arms. She had a rich caramel hair color, one cute tiny dimple on her heart shaped face. This girl was going to be good looking, a little bit too good looking.

I shot a glance at Edward and saw him shaking his head and then turned to Bella and whispered something in her ear, something I thought in my head, no doubt.

Bella looked up at me and shook her head.

'She's adorable Carlisle.' I smiled up at them.

'Well we're going to go now and clean her up, I'm guessing you would like some alone time with your husband and newly born twins?' asked Carlisle.

I nodded.

'Well, be holding a family meeting downstairs after everyone has settled in. Be sure to be there along with your off springs.' Carlisle reminded us, as he walked out the door with Esme, Bella, Edward, and their precious daughter Alli…

I couldn't help glaring at her. Something about her didn't seem right.

After they left I looked up at Emmett and puckered up my lips. He bent down and planted a juicy kiss on my lips.

'So what do we now, Rose?' he asked, as he rocked Jack in his arms.

'First off, how about you let me clean myself up? I feel dirty and gross.' I answered, as I passed Aiden into his arms, 'Here hold Aiden, I'll be right back.'

'Rooooooosssseeeee,' whined Emmett, 'You're never back right away. Even for a vampire you still take an awfully long time in the bathroom.'

I hissed at him and ran into the bathroom.


One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi… Hey is that a crack in the ceiling?

I jumped onto my bed and inspected the newly formed crack on my ceiling.

This is new.

Or was it?

I was running out of things to distract me. I wouldn't dare looked down at either of my sons. As soon as I did, they would both start fighting for my attention.

Hmmm, Jack seems heavier than Aiden.

Aiden looked like a softer version of me, as to where Jack looked just like me. Odd.

Well that settles it Jack's going to be a lineman and Aiden is going to be my quarterback.

I jumped off the bed and continued to stare at the wall.

Then I heard a knock on my door.

'COME IN.' I bellowed.

It was no other than my darling little niece Nessie.

'Hi Uncle Emmett! Can I come in?' she piped.

'Of course you can, come on in.'

She squealed and ran to my bed and somehow managed to climb onto my bed. For a child born not too long ago she grew up quick.

I sat on the bed, still holding Aiden and Jack in my arms.

She was on top of my bed and walked over to me and with both her hands squeezed each side of my cheeks.

'I came in here to discuss a very important matter.' she began.

'What is it?' I managed to say.

She sighed, 'now that you have two other nieces… am I still going to be your favorite?' she pouted.

'Of course you are.' I said as I shook her hands off my cheek and kissed her on the cheek, 'No one can replace my Nessie.'

'Yay.' she shouted and ran toward the door.

She stopped at the door and from behind it she peeked out, 'that's all I wanted to know. I'm a go tell Emily now.' and closed the door shut.

I looked down at my boys.

'Don't you ever be like that.' I whispered.

That's when Rosalie walked into the room. 'Ahhh, I feel great now.'

'You look great.' I grinned.

She smiled, 'Now can you help me get these boys dressed?' I asked.

'Here I'll take Aiden and you grab Jack.' she ordered.

'Where are their clothes?' I asked.

'Alice knows.' she replied.

Rosalie hissed Alice's name, it wasn't going to be too long before Alice would bring the clothes.

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