Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or anything mentioned here because this is purely fan made!!!

SS53: Hey Guys I'm here with Naruto. We're on an Important Mission

Naruto: Yeah It's for Teme and Sakura-chan.

SS53: Apparently these 2 still won't confess their feelings to each other.

Naruto: So we're locking them up In room 143 till they confess.

SS53: Yeah and until they find out the meaning of "143".

Naruto: So let's go with the plan?

SS53: Yeah remember you take Chicken-butt I'll get Sakura-chan

Naruto: Ha Ha! Chicken-butt is a funny name for teme!!

SS53: (giglges)Yeah I know but It's true! Anyway Let's go!!!

Naruto: Roger that!!

(goes separate ways)

I went to the Forest and found Sakura reading her medical scrolls under a tree.

SS53: Hi Sakura-chan!

Sakura: Hi Sasusaku!

SS53: Look umm…there's a surprise for you at the new Hotel at room 143.

Sakura: Sorry I'm busy right now learning how to cure people suffering a heart attack.

SS53: Um..Sasuke planned it.

Sakura: Really?! I'm in!!! Besides who will have a heart attack now right?"

SS53: Now it's at room 143 of the new hotel ok!

Sakura: Ok! (runs to the hotel)

SS53: (picking up her medical scroll) I'll feel sorry for the person who will have a heart attack right now

(Then Karin crawled out from the bushes)

Karin: My Sasuke-loves-another-girl-with-pink-hair-and-a-medic-ninja senses are going crazy! I'm having a heart attack!!

SS53:( hides the medical scroll on how to heal people suffering a heart attack behind my back) Oh no I'm sorry I don't know on how to help you!!!

Karin: Tell Sasuke-kun…I..love him (froze)

SS53: (went to her and checked her pulse.)She's…dead…"

(cue in sad piano music)

SS53: she's…not…coming…back……YEAH!!( does a victory dance) Victory Party for all Karin-haters!!!!!

(all Karin haters came up and we started the party.)

Meanwhile with Naruto:

Naruto went to the Training Grounds and found Sasuke under a shade of a tree, tired from all the traning.

Naruto: Hey Teme what's up?!

Sasuke: Hn

Naruto: Hey you know I saw Sakura-chan

Sasuke: Yeah so? You already know I like her (closing his eyes.)

Naruto: Yeah and she's being chased by Sai with a perverted grin on his face

(Sasuke's eyes shoot up.)

Sasuke: What!!

(raises Naruto up by his collar, chocking him)

Sasuke: Where?! (activates his Sharingan.)

(He was griping on Naruto's collar so tightly that he was chocking him.)

Naruto: You….know…the…new hotel…to…room…1..4..3 (face is turning from blue to purple)

(Sasuke threw him and ran to the Hotel while Naruto crashed to Ino.)


Naruto: Sorry! I'm …so….SORRY!!! (gasping for air)

(But Ino didn't accept his sorry and beaten him to a pulp. Then I come in with an ice cream cone and a party hat on my head.)

SS53: (sees Naruto on the ground) Naruto!!!!

(I lay his head on my lap)

SS53: What the heck happened to you?

(cue in sad violin music)

Naruto: L..long…story…Sasusaku.…before I….leave this world…(cough)….promise me 1 thing….

SS53: What's that?

Naruto: Say…goodbye….for me…to the most important thing…in..my..life

SS53: Who? Hinata-chan?

Naruto: No….my stock of Ramen.


( I push him off me)

SS53: You wasted my acting for you stupid stock of Ramen!!!!!

Naruto: what I love my Ramen!!!

SS53: Who do you love more you Ramen or Hinata-chan?

Naruto: (thinking)

SS53: Naruto!!!

Naruto: Hinata-chan of course!!!!

SS53: Good now let's hurry and get to the hotel.

(Sakura sneaks in room 143)

Sakura: Sasuke-kun?

(Sasuke barges in from the window, shattering it to pieces)

Sasuke: (puts his hands on Sakura's shoulders with a frantic expression) Sakura are you ok?! Did he hurt you? Where is that bastard!!!

Sakura: What are you talking about?

Sasuke: Naruto told me you were being chased by Sai who had a perverted grin on his face!

Sakura: What! He was not! Sasusaku told me you had prepared a surprise for me so I came here!!

Sasuke: We've been tricked!!

Meanwhile in the control room.

Naruto: So your telling me that slut died?!

SS53: Yeah ain't great!!

Naruto: HECK YEAH!!!!

SS85: Oh hi guys sorry we were too caught up with Karin's death anyway we're here in the control room thanks to Shikamaru, we can see what's up with those 2 and able to do some things with the technologies placed in the room.

Naruto: Yeah like this!(Presses a button)

Sasuke and Sakura:

Sasuke: Let's get out of here and find those 2!

(goes to the window he barged into but the window was immediately closed by steel bars including the door.)

Sasuke: What the--

Speakers: Ha!Ha! Yo Teme and Sakura-chan!!!

Sasu/Saku: Naruto!!!

Speakers: What's up guys?

Sakura: Sasusaku!! Let us out.

Control room:

SS53(speaking on the mic): Sorry can't do that!! There's conditions.

Sasuke( on the monitor): Never mind your stupid conditions! We'll get away by ourselves! (prepares to smash through the bars with his chidori)

SS53: I don't think so!( presses a button)


( Robotic hands came out of the walls and secures metal bracelets and anklets on Sasuke and Sakura)

Sasuke: (Chidori fades) What the….my chakra!!!

Speakers: Ha! Ha! In your face Teme!!!

Sakura: what are these?

Control room:

SS53: They are magnetic bracelet and anklets. We don't want to waste our time with tying you up so we used that and besides it's much more futuristic!

Sasuke( on the monitor): What happened to my chakra!!!!

SS53: Oh yeah they take out your chakra so you can't do any techniques while wearing it.


(Sasuke slams the bracelets on the floor, trying to shatter it)

Speakers: Did I mention they were indestructible?

Sakura: Where did you get this?

Speakers: Shikamru made it! Ain't it cool?

Sasuke: Grr…Shikamaru…Can't he use his head for important matters?!

Speakers: This is an important matter….how troublesome.

Sasu/Saku: Shikamaru!!

Control room:

Sakura( on the monitor): Release us now!!!

Shikamaru( mic) : As sasusaku and the dobe said, you can only be released if you do the conditions.

Sasuke(on the monitor) : (sigh) fine what are your stupid conditions…

SS53 (mic): well we all know that you 2 got some….important things to say to each other right?

( Naruto chuckles, seeing the 2 blushing from the monitor)

SS53(mic): Well we want you to say it to each other. That's the 1st . Now the 2nd condition is you need to know the meaning of "143". Got it?

Sakura(monitor): What if we don't do your conditions?

SS53(mic): Then you 2 stay there and don't worry, me, naruto and our wonderful readers will help you accomplish our conditions.

Sasuke(monitor): How's that?

SS53(mic): You'll see…(evil smile)

Naruto: So can we start?

SS53: Definitely. So here's how it works. We make some fluffiness between those 2-

Naruto: Hold on! What's fluffyness?

Shikamaru: Some sweet moments.

SS53: Right so we make some fluffiness until those 2 admit their feelings.

Naruto: Ok so who has an idea?

Shikamaru: Actually I have one.

(whispers his idea to us)

SS53: Oohh.. Nice shika-kun.

Naruto: Let's do it!!!( presses a button)


( Sasuke and Sakura's magnetic bracelets and anklets start to magnetize each other)

Sasuke: What the?

Sakura: Hu?

( Then the 2 were stuck to each other thanks to the bracelets and anklets. )

Sasuke: We're stuck!

Sakura: Wow this things are strong!!

(Then Sasuke and Sakura realized that they were close to each other, too close even their faces were inches apart. Then they started blushing)

Control room:

Shikamaru: Now for the grand finale!( Presses a button)


( Speakers come out and the song "Realize by Colbie Caillat" starts playing in the background and the lights start to get dim. The 2 blush even more)

Control room:

(we were singing along to the music)

SS53: Man this is fun!!!

Naruto: I love seeing Teme blush! Ha! Ha!

Shikamaru: This is somewhat better that watching clouds!


(Yup, the 2 are still stuck together)

Sasuke: Sakura, Let's try to um….get up

Sakura: (nods)

(The 2 try to get up but then stumbles and Sasuke falls on top of Sakura)

Control room:

(We had surprised-at the same time super happy-expressions on our faces)

SS53: Cool we didn't do anything for that to happen!

Naruto: I'm so recording this!

Shikamaru: Don't worry it's on video.

Naruto: Oh cool!


Sasuke: Sorry….

Sakura: ( brushes his bangs from his face with her fingers and smiles) It's ok…Sasuke.

Sasuke: Um… Let's try again..

Sakura: (nods)

(The 2 try again and succeeds this time)

Sasuke: Ok now let's try pulling ourselves so we could be separated.

Sakua: Ok

( The 2 start pulling but was no good. Then they started to pull with all their might)

Control room:

SS53: I think they need some help( presses a button)


( The bracelets and anklets demagnetize and the 2 flew from opposite directions. Luckily Sasuke caught himself but Sakura can't land on her feet so Sasuke dashes to her side and catches her)

Sasuke: You…ok?

Sakura: Um..yeah thanks

( The 2 were frozen in their position. Sakura in Sasuke's arms)

Sakura: Um..you…hungry?

Sasuke: I guess…

Sakura: I'll make….some food.

(Sasuke was still frozen, staring straight at Sakura. She blushed)

Sakura: Um…Can you pls let me go?

Sasuke: Oh sorry…

(He puts her down and watches her go into the kitchen)

Control room:

SS53: Success!!

Naruto: Yeah!

SS53: Oh thanks Shikamaru for that Idea and providing us with these technologies.

Shikamaru: No prob.

SS53: Oh and to our readers out there pls give us suggestions or what you wanna happen for some fluffiness between these 2 so they could confess!!!

Naruto: Yeah give us some suggestions!!!! I'll give you some Ramen!!!!

SS53: Really?

Naruto: Yeah sure! If I don't finish them all!!!

SS53: (sigh) Anyway, We'll be waiting!!! See you next time!!!

Naruto: See you guys!!!!!