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(I get inside the control room, pass by Naruto and head for the mic)

SS53: Yo Sasuke and Sakura, come in the control room!

Sasuke and Sakura:

Sakura: Why?

Sasuke: Finally came to your senses and your letting us go? (smirk)

SS53: Don't you remember what we talked about teme???

Sasuke: Hu? (starts thinking then remembers) Oh…right…

SS53: Ok so please come to the control room through the hatch, thanks!

Sakura: What's up Sasuke?

Sasuke: Hu?? Umm…(blushes a bit) It's…nothing. Just wanna talk to us or something…

Sakura: Oh..ok then (goes inside the hatch)

Control room:

Naruto: Yo Sasusaku, wat'cha planning?

SS53: Last time, I talked to Sasuke and I promised to help him confess to Sakura.


SS53: Shhh!!! Don't spoil it!

(The hatch opens and Sasuke and Sakura walk out)

Sakura: Hi you 2, What's up?

(Naruto looks up at the ceiling and we stare at him)

SS53: What are you looking at up there Naruto? (Looks up too)

Naruto: Sakura asked what's up so I'm trying to find out(Continues staring at the ceiling. We all sweat drop but forget about it)

SS53: Ok so I wanna tell you 2 that your going to spend this day together!!!

Sakura: What'ya mean Sasusaku?

Naruto: She means you 2 are going on a DATE!!!

Sakura: WHAT?? (blushes)

SS53: Naruto gets it and you 2 don't? Never thought that could happen….

Sakura: We're going on a DATE?!

SS53: Why? Don't you want to Sakura?

Sakura: Umm…(Takes a glance at Sasuke) It's..n-not that. I..was just…surprised…That's all.

SS53: Hmm…ok then (smirks)

Naruto: Where's their destination Sasusaku?

SS53: Can't tell you everything cuz it's a surprise! But 1st, you 2 will go to the park.

Sasuke: All you can think of is the park?

SS53: (frowns) Shut up teme. You should be thanking me for this. Plus, there's a lot more in store you know. Oh and Naruto, you better go along with them I got a lot of things to do.

Naruto: But Sasusaku, Teme's just gonna take advantage of me and annoy me!! (pouts)

SS53: No problem Naruto (gets something from my pocket) Here.

(I hand him some sort of remote control)

Naruto: What's this?

SS53: Press the button.

(He presses the button and Sasuke yells and jumps)

Sasuke: What the hell happened?

SS53: When he presses the button ,you get electrocuted so in that way, you'll follow him.

Sasuke: But what if he takes advantage of it?

SS53: …….Poor chicken-butt then ;P

(He frowns)

Naruto: That's so cool!!! Thanks Sasusaku!!! (hugs me)

SS53: No problem Naruto. Have fun!

Naruto: (evil grin) Don't worry Sasusaku, I will (grins at Sasuke who glares at him then he presses the button again)

Sasuke: Stop it dobe!

(Naruto just laughs and they walk out of the room)

SS53: Well gotta start planning (runs off)

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura:

(The 3 of them arrive at the park and while walking, they pass by a crowd of people)

Sakura: what's going on?

Naruto: Seems like a contest…for couples

(Something rings in Naruto's pocket and he takes out a cell phone)

Naruto: I didn't know I have a cell phone (Answers the call) Oh Yo Sasusaku!!

Phone-SS53: Yo Naruto. Yeah I made you borrow that cell phone for a while. I want you to make Sasuke and Sakura join the contest in the park. The one for couples.

Naruto: Oh ok no problem!

Phone-SS53: You should make sure they follow especially chicken-butt.

Naruto: Don't worry I got the remote (grins) Ok bye!!! (closes his cell phone)

Sakura: Who was that?

Naruto: Sasusaku. She wants you 2 to join the contest.

Sasuke: No way Dobe!

Naruto: (presses the remote and Sasuke yells in pain) Yes way Teme! Go on!

Sauske: Damn remote…(The 2 walk and sign up in the contest)

With me and my preparations:

(Currently with the other Naruto cast helping me arrange everything)

SS53: Yeah Neji just put that over there…ok HEY INO-PIG WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!

Ino: Scattering flower petals like you said.

SS53: But I didn't say now! And look at those flowers! They're violet!

Ino: So? I like violet.

SS53: I asked for cherry blossoms!!!

Ino: Can we use these lavender ones?


Ino: Ok! Ok! (runs off)

SS53: (sigh) Can someone clean this flowers please? Thanks!

Tenten: (approaches me) So let me get this straight, Sasuke's gonna confess to Sakura?

SS53: You heard it right!

Tenten: Never thought that will ever happen.

Neji: Uchiha never shows his feelings before…

SS53: Like you?

Neji: (frowns) He's more of an ice cube than me.

SS53: Hey if you ever bother to confess to Tenten, Just call me Neji and I'll prepare everything (grins)

(The 2 blushes)

Tenten: What are you talking about?!

(Lee approaches)

Lee: Sasusaku…Choji's eating the food again.

SS53: Not again!!! (grabs a leash) CHOJI!!!!

Back to Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura:

Announcer: Ok couples ready! Were about to start!

Naruto: Good luck you 2!

Sakura: Thanks Naruto.

Sasuke: Hn

Announcer: Ok this are the instructions, 1st, the guys will carry the girls piggy-back style and then run to the table with the 3 boxes and pick one.A dare will be in each of the box and the couple must do it correctly and move on to the toher table in the way the dare also says so. There are 3 tables and whoever completes the whole thing 1st, wins. Ok ready…set…..GO!!!

(Sasuke dashes off with Sakura on his back)


(They reach the 1st table and Sakura picks a box and takes out a piece of paper)

Sakura: To move on to the other table, you must 1st eat a plate of…tomatoes!

(a random person pops up and hands them the plate of tomatoes)

Sasuke: (smirk) piece of cake!

(Sasuke starts eating and Sakura gapes as he does since he's eating damn fast)

Sasuke: Hn done…Let's go to the next one.

Sakura: We have to go there blindfolded!

Sasuke: Tss…could this game be any easier..

(They're blindfolded and they easily get to the other table since their trained 'czuse their ninjas…..Unfair to the other contestants right? Well we don't really care that much about them anyway^^)

(hey reach the table and Sasuke picks a box)

Sasuke: To move on you must 1st….do the Macarena?!

Naruto: Wow sounds fun teme!!!

Sasuke: I ain't doing it!

Sakura: Come on Sasuke!

Naruto: Yeah don't be such a kill joy!

(Sasuke glares then Shikamaru pops beside Naruto)

Shikamaru: You know there's a button there that can make him dance.

Naruto: Shikamaru? Why are you here?

Shikamaru: On my way to Sasusaku since she called me.

Naruto: Oh well, speaking of the button, which one is it?

Shikamaru: That one

Naruto: Oh this?

(He presses the button and Sasuke suddenly dances "Barbie Girl" by Aqua)


Naruto: Oops hehe, Wrong button (presses the one next to it and Sasuke dances the Macarena against his will! Yey!!! :P)


Shika: Yeah Sasusaku asked me to.

Sasuke: Do you always follow her?

Shika: She gives me something in return ok? Well gotta go, see ya guys

Naruto: Bye and thanks Shikamaru!!


Naruto: I guess that's enough dancing (presses the remote and Sasuke stops. Then they read on how to get to the next table)

Sakura: You must get there with the guy carrying the girl BRIDAL STYLE?

(Suddenly Sasuke picks her up and goes to the last table with Sakura blushing)

Sasuke: Sorry 'bout that (puts her down)

Sakura: (blushing) it's ok…

(Then Sasuke picks a box and reads it)

Sasuke: To win the game, the couple must eat an apple dangling on a string with their hands tied behind their backs.

Sakura: Sounds hard…


(A random person hold the apple on the string and their hands are tied behind their backs then they start eating. They help each other bite off a piece of the apple but then when Sasuke tries to bite, the apple moves and his lips accidentally collide with Sakura's)

Sasuke:( blushing a bit) S-sorry

(They continue eating and when Sakura takes the final bite, she starts whining)

Sasuke: What's wrong?

(He observed that the piece she had in her mouth was too big and she can't chew it all. Sasuke thought hard but soon he decided he had no choice. He collided his lips to hers, much to Sakura's surprise, and took some of the apple from her mouth and when they parted, he chewed his piece with his back turned to her since they were both madly blushing)

Announcer: Ok and we have a winning pair! Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno!!!

(Everyone claps and the 2 receive their award)

Naruto: (chanting) KISS! KISS! KISS!!

(Everyone joins in the chant and Sasuke curses under his breath. Then he was surprised when Sakura gave him a peck on the lips and they both blushed while everyone cheered. Naruto was also laughing)

Naruto: Great job guys! You won!

Sasuke:Tss… you and your schemes…

Sakura: What was the prize anyway Sasuke-kun?

Sasuke: Some limited edition ramen…

Naruto: RAMEN??? GIVE ME!!!

Sasuke: no way dobe I'm hungry.

Naruto: you already had your snack and dessert when you ate that apple! Now give it to me!!!

(Sasuke still refuses but Naruto takes out the remote and shocks him. He surrenders and give the ramen to him)

Naruto: (picks up his cell phone which was ringing) Yo Sasusaku! What's that? Oh I gotta take them? Oh ok then. Bye!

Sakura: What was that?

Naruto: Sasusaku said that you 2 have to get ready so Sakura, I'm taking you to Ino and Sasuke's coming with me!

Sasuke: Let's go…

Naruto: (still eating ramen) Hey wait for me!!!

Back to my preparing:

SS53: Ok mostly everything's set. Hey wait a sec…LEE!!!!

Lee: Yeah?

SS53: Where's the ice statue I asked you to make?

Lee: Oh I just finished it. Wait a sec (runs off to get it and I check some stuff for a while then he returns)

SS53: Hey where's the statue.

Lee: There's a bit of a problem Sasusaku…

SS53: (looks behind him and my eyes widen) what the heck?!

(The statue which was supposed to be Sasuke and Sakura hugging is now Sasuke and KARIN.)


Lee: It wasn't me! It was Karin!

(I glare at Karin so hard I wish she could melt)

SS53: Why did you do that? And who on earth invited you here anyway?

Karin: I got bored and I had to change the statue! It should be me and Sauske-kun!

SS53: Stop dreaming Karin! Oh wait, you don't need to cuz it can't even happen in you dreams!!

Karin: It can so!

SS53: Oh yeah? When?

Karin: Be-fore….

SS53: What happened?

Karin: Sasuke….left me…

SS53: See? Even your dreams hate you! So just please leave and stop being a crasher?

Karin: What if I don't?

(I whisper something in her ear and she's off running)

Lee: What'ya tell her?

(I whisper it to Lee and he faints)

SS53: Anyone else wanna know?

(The others shook their heads)

SS53: Ok then. Tenten, make another statue, Hinata, get Lee and Gaara, give me a mallet.

Gaara: What's the mallet for?

SS53: I got a statue to destroy (Hits it directly at Karin's ice statue face)

Back to Sasuke,Sakura and Naruto:

(Arrive at Ino's house)

Ino: Hey forehead!!! How did your date go?

Sakura: Um…fine..

Ino: (links her arms with Sakura) You know, I really envy you right now going out with the totally hot Uchiha Sasuke-

Naruto: Um hey blondie, shouldn't you go and make Sakura-chan pretty by now?

Ino: Don't you call me blondie you….blondie!!!

Naruto: Well you should stop gossiping you blue eyes!!!

Ino: You have blue eyes too!!!

Naruto: Oh man I have a lot in common with you?! 0.0 That's the worse thing I ever figured out in my life!

Sasuke: Cause it's the only thing you figured out…

Naruto: (frowns and drags him) Let's just go teme..

(they leave)

Sakura: Well….should we get ready now?

Ino: Oh of course! Let's go!!!

About an hour later:

SS53: Ok everything ready? You guys know what to do right?

(Everyone nods)

SS53: Ok then all we need are those 2...Hey there you are chicken-butt!

(Naruto and Sasuke approach us and Sasuke's wearing a black tuxedo that makes him look even more handsome X10, if still possible^^)

SS53: Wow nice outfit!

Naruto: I told you I can dress teme up!

(I notice that the girls were blushing)

Tenten: You look…..hot Sasuke!

Neji: (frowns and wraps his arm around her) Stop making girls fall for you Uchiha

Sasuke: (glares) Not my fault Hyuuga

SS53:Yeah he can't avoid being a girl magnet. Right Hinata?

(Hinata just nods while blushing)

Naruto: I suddenly agree with Neji (pouts then my cell rings)

SS53: Hello?….She's on her way?! Ok thanks! (put it down) Hey Sakura's coming! Everyone to your places!

(Everyone hides and Sasuke looks confused)

Sasuke: What do I do?

SS53: Here(gives him a bouquet of flowers) Be sweet! (hides as well just in time as Sakura comes)

Sakura: Oh my gosh..everything's so beautiful….

(There were cherry blossom petals everywhere and candles as well. There was a table in the middle with their food and everything looked really romantic. Ino hides with us and Sakura sees Sasuke smirking at her because of her reaction)

Sasuke: She did an impressive job, didn't she?

Sakura: Well…yeah of course! This is really too much…

(Sasuke gives her the flowers)

Sakura: Thanks Sasuke…You look really handsome..

Sauske: You don't look bad yourself (Sakura was wearing a spaghetti strapped, red dress that reached up below her knees and her make up wasn't too much. Just blush and lip gloss. She's using her Natural beauty;) )

Sakura: Let's go eat

Sasuke: Hn

(Sasuke leads her to the table and help her sit down and puts the flowers to the side then he sits down as well)

Sasuke: (thinking) Damn what am I going to say?…

Sakura: You Ok Sasuke-kun? (touches his hand and he blushes a bit)

Sasuke: Yeah..just thought of something…

(Then music starts to play and Sasuke's attention is caught by us in the bushes. Sauske seems confused to what we were trying to say so Naruto grabs Neji's hand and dances with him. Sasuke tried not to chuckle and got the point)

Sasuke: (stands up and extends his hand to Sakura) Want to dance?

Sakura: (blushes) Sure..Sasuke-kun…

(They get up and start to dance. We sway by the music as well)

Ino: (whispers) This is sooo sweeet!!!

SS53: (whispers) Yeah…We've done well!

(The 2 continue to dance and Sakura looks up at Sasuke who was staring at her and looks down again, blushing. But Sasuke makes her look up to him again and leans his forehead against hers. They both close their eyes and continue swaying to the music. Then after the dance, Sasuke leads her to the bench and they sit down)

Sasuke: I guess you know what happened before at this bench…

Sakura: (sighs) Yeah…it's still a fresh memory…

Sasuke: I'm…sorry for…that…

Sakura: (puts her hand on top of his) It's ok Sasuke…it's a thing of the past…

Sasuke: No…I want to make it…to you… (shifts uncomfortably and looks at her) I want you to remember something good about this place… (inches closer to her)

Sakura: Sa-Sasuke… (moves closer too until their lips meet and me, Naruto and Ino had to hold out squeal. Yeah Naruto was gonna squeal)

Ino: I think I'm gonna faint

SS53: This is so awesome! Hey the flowers!

(Neji and Shiakamaru quietly move to the top of the trees and scatter flower petals on top of them. When Sasuke and Sakura part, they look up and then a cherry blossom flower falls on Sakura's lap. Sasuke takes it and puts it behind her ear. Sakura smiles and they hug each other tight)

Sakura: Thank you Sasuke…(kisses him on the neck)

Sasuke: I didn't do any of this Sakura…

Sakura: Yeah but you're the reason you've made me really happy…(kisses him a 2nd time)

Sasuke: (smiles and cuddles her) Thank you Sakura….You've made me so happy as well….(Then he looks at her and leans his forehead against hers) I love you….Sakura..

Sakura: (a bit surprised but smiles) I love you too….Sasuke…

(Sasuke stands up and Sakura follows. Then he carries her and twirls her around. Then there was a flash and it was actually my camera)

SS53: Ibloblog ko yan!! : )) (I'll put this in my blog!!) (It's some popular expression here in the Phil. If you see a sweet scene: ) )

Sakura: (giggles) Thanks so much guys!!! (hugs everyone)

Naruto: Just the best for you guys!

Sasuke: Yeah I…owe you guys one…

SS53: No need! As long as you finally confessed!

Naruto: yeah finally you confessed!

(We chuckle)

Sauske: Wait…do we have to go back to that room??

SS53: Oh yeah…you don't have to if….you find out what 143 means!

(They start thinking. The only ones not thinking is Neji and Shiakmaru cause they know I already)

Sakura: Wait….143.…That means…

Sasuke: I…Love You…

SS53: See? You actually know!!

Ino: Wow that's awesome!!

Hinata: That's sweet

Naruto: Cool but I prefer 145...

SS53: What's that?

Naruto: I love RAMEN!!!

SS53: Silly Naruto… But I prefer 146...I love NARUTO!!! By that I mean the anime, Naruto as a whole.

(Everyone nods and we have a group hug)

Naruto: hey group picture!!!

(We pose)

SS53: Say 146!!!

Everyone: 146!!! (takes the pic)

Sasuke: Well me and Sakura gotta go. Thanks again for everything

SS53: No problem! Let's all go home and rest guys!

(Everyone agrees and we all go home)

SS53: YO guys Thanks SOOOOOOOOO much for supporting Room to end it here but I have to and I have a new story coming up!!! Hope you all support it and thanks for all the reviews, favorites etc!!! I hope you liked this last chappie! Thanks sooooo, soooo much!!! I have no idea how to repay you guys. Thanks again and I'll see you guys soon!!!!

Mahal ko kayo!!!! (I love you all) ^^