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Accidentally in…

You weren't supposed to let it happen. Not now, not ever. But it still won't change the fact that it is…


Chapter One: Control

You run your hand through your hair in frustration as you think of how close you were to losing control yesterday.


Bella who is fragile, innocent, sweet, understanding, beautiful, young, Edward's...

You let out a heated breath and try to compose yourself before Jasper enters the room. You know he's coming because he's decided to come, and it hurts you because he can feel the pain you're going through. He can feel it all… and immediately you feel at ease when he opens the door.

You smile.

It's a bit confusing since you're not sure whether to be happy Jasper manipulated your emotions, or upset that he has; but the thought is erased because the wave of comfort makes you feel relaxed.

He approaches you and dance on your toes to place a soft kiss upon his lips. "Thanks," you say; feeling slightly guilty about thinking of something you shouldn't have just moments before.

He doesn't say anything and instead engulfs you in an embrace; his arms around your shoulders and his chin on the top of your head. You sigh contentedly and wrap your arms around his waist. It's been awhile since he's last held you like this, years actually. You blink at the realization while your mind continues on that train of thought.

Of course it's been years, because as much as you love each other; you don't feel the need to show it. Then you mentally scoff at the absurdity. You're a very touchy person and you're always hugging Jasper, kissing him, caressing him…

Just not like this…

You end you're musings when you feel Jasper shift and pull away from you slightly. He's gazing at you with rich, golden eyes. Not bright, but deep with concern. You almost look away.

"Last night…" he starts off and you nod knowingly. You had seen it in a vision that Jasper would come to see you; you saw it when you came home last night, the only problem with the vision was that you wouldn't know when he was coming to visit. He had made up his mind on the event, but timing was indecisive, causing you to have numerous images of a similar talk over different hours of the day.

"Tell me," Jasper says softly, "What happened."

"Stapler." You look away feeling ashamed. "She-Bella… she was trying to staple together a few of her papers and… somehow she caught the end of her pinky." You shake your head with a laugh and wiggle the tiny finger in front of his face. He raises an eyebrow. "It was the only finger that would've fit in between there with the amount of papers she was tryingto staple, too."

He smiles at how you try and make light of the situation, and then he tightens his arms around you and you feel so relaxed; even as your voice takes on a somber note to tell the next events. "There was barely any blood, maybe just a drop or two… but I-I" You take a deep breath of air, despite not actually needing it.

"Alice, Al—" Jasper tries to soothe, waves of comfort rolling over you; and if feels overwhelming. You don't want it… you don't deserve it. So you step away from the embrace, away from his loving gaze, away from him.

"No… Even before, when James… when James… bit her… she was bleeding-bleeding," You wrack your brain for words while trying to decipher the befuddled mess of your mind. You give up and start over; giving a vague picture of the previous day's events. "There was a lot more blood than yesterday afternoon, Jazz, and I didn't throw her up against a wall!" Your voice was on the rise and you began to yell.

At who, you aren't exactly sure, but you're almost positive it isn't at the blonde in front of you.

"I almost hurt a human…" I almost hurt Bella…

"I almost attacked a human…" I almost attacked Bella

A strangled sob escaped your throat and your chest began to tighten.

"But you stopped." Jasper's voice was lower than a whisper, and if it weren't for your heightened senses you never would have heard it. "You didn't lose control. You stopped yourself, Alice."

If you could cry, you were sure you would have been doing it at that very moment. Relief flashed through your body and you smiled.

Jasper wasn't manipulating anything this time.

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