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Accidentally in…

Chapter Five: Trust

The car is speeding and objects are whizzing all around you. You feel great and more at ease than you have in days. But you feel a bit guilty for taking your brother's girlfriend away so you decide to put some truth to your earlier statement.

You and Bella will spend the day together.

Of course there is the lie about just going on a walk and another about starting after school; you guys ended up skipping right after lunch.

You glance at the beautiful woman in the passenger seat and shrug off the earlier guilt. Edward expected us to leave.

You smile to yourself, because the brunette next to you was so willing to make up for three day's worth of lost time; she all but jumped up at the suggestion to leave school.

"What?" Bella asks, her soft smile equaling yours.

You shake your head and reply, "It's just great to be out with you again."

Bella grabs your thigh as you're driving, and you barely manage not to step on gas at the sudden contact. But her warm hand is calming, and you look into her eyes and see that she understands what you mean. I missed this too.

Her gaze starts to lower and she licks her lips. You dumbly watch the movement, and your mind is saying something about how dangerous it is to have looked away from the road for so long, but you don't care. You continue to watch the object of your affections.

She must've realized you haven't checked for any obstructions in the car's path, because she turns her gaze to you again. You start to look at the road to make sure, but you see the trust in her eyes.

Complete and irrevocable trust.

Your heart would've skipped a beat if it could, but the organ stays motionless. You grip the steering wheel tighter and turn to gaze at the road. You want to ignore how you remember her saying that it made her anxious when Edward would look away from the road as he was driving.

An uncomfortable feeling resonates in your core and you start to feel sick.

You want to tell her that she shouldn't be so close.

I'm a vampire.

You want to say that you're bad for her.

I've hurt you.

You want to say that you've abused her trust.

I look at you in a way a friend shouldn't.


As if sensing a change in you, she squeezes your forearm reassuringly and pulls it away from the wheel so that she could hold your hand on the center console. You reward her with the smile you can't help that's creeping up your face.

You want to tell her that it's the little things like this that get you.

It's your wonderful personality.

You want to tell her you're infatuated with her.

And it keeps getting stronger…

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