"Shine on me sunshinewalk with me worldit's a skippidy do da dayI'm the happiest girlIn the whole U.S.A"Blackheart watched as his one and only love who was standing on the stage singing at House of Blues. 'She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard' he thought quietly to himself."Good mourning morning'hello sunshinewake up sleepy headwhy'd you move that old Bo jangle clock so far away from the bedone more minutethat's why we've moved itone more hug or twodo you love waking up next to meas much as I love waking up next to you"He smiled at the sound of her sweet honey pure voice as she belted out the song, it's not a song he would pick to sing....not that he sings...but she was amazing singing it. He blushed as she smiled and winked at him...he smiled back at her. In truth, he did love waking up next to her, and he definitely wouldn't trade her for anything in the world, because he….what was that word? Loved her. He loved her more than anything in the world…and that was a fact.

"You make the coffee, I'll make the bed

I'll fix your lunch if you fix mine

Now tell me the truth do these old shoes look funny

Honey it's almost nine

Now you be careful got to go I love you have a beautiful day

And kiss the happiest girl

In the whole U.S.A"

He rose as the crowd cheered and clapped for his love, and he gladly joined him. He loved seeing her so happy, and it made him happy inside too. Lana quickly bowed and ran off the stage into the arms of Blackheart

"Damn, I didn't know you could sing" He said smiling as he kissed the top of her forehead.

"Well…if you can talk…you can sing" She replied kissing him on the lips.

"Yes, that is true, but you are a wonderful singer my love" Blackheart replied.

"Why thank you handsome" She said grinning, "Now how about we go home, I'm getting pretty tired standing all the damn time."

"Ooo you're right, I'm getting pretty tired too, now let us go" He replied as he took her hand in his and led the way out of the concert.


Lana watched he beloved sleeping soundly, peacefully, and happily, but every time he made a sound or moved, her heart skipped a beat. 'You come to love not finding the person, but by seeing an imperfect person as perfect' She smiled at her thought.

She knew that Blackheart wasn't the most perfect man in the world, after all, he was the devil's son, but he was indeed perfect to her, and nothing could ever change he love for him.