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I'll Meet You There


[Sequel to Never Quite Enough] Xion and Axel's summer holiday to Destiny Islands wasn't the best idea for their relationship when someone new enters Xion's life, and she's falling for him. Can Axel overcome his jealousy or will him and Xion really end? Xion/Axel Xion/Riku, Roxas/Naminé, Sora/Kairi.

Chapter One: Road Trip


"Xion come on!"


"I'm coming, hold your freakin' horses!"


The tiny raven haired teen raced out of her front door holding a large suitcase, leaving nothing behind but a small wave directed towards her father. She carelessly threw her bag into the trunk of Axel's car and slammed the door, before hopping into the back beside Naminé.

"So impatient." Xion commented, talking to Axel, who was sitting in the drivers seat.

"Not impatient, just really excited." Axel replied.

"Can we go now?" Roxas asked anxiously.

"Naminé did you bring your straightener?" Xion asked the blond.

"Yeah, its in my bag."

"Great, yours is so much better than mine."

"No more hair talk, okay?" Axel declared.

"Yes, Axel just drive." Roxas urged.

"ROAD TRIP!" Axel exclaimed, with a "woo!".

The girls squealed happily and Roxas groaned, just wanting to get on the road. Axel turned on the car and sped off down the street, and right out of Twilight Town.

Their destination was Destiny Islands, a beautiful place, though far away, that had some of the best beaches in the world, especially in the summertime. The group had been anticipating the trip for over two weeks, since school had ended, and they'd all decided that Destiny Islands would be a wonderful for their summer vacation. The two cousins, Naminé and Xion, were thrilled to be seeing their other cousin Kairi, who lived there.

Xion had never met Kairi, and was enthusiastic about finally being able to meet her. She'd heard so much from Naminé about how great she is. Kairi and Naminé were Xion's cousins on her mothers side, and since she lived with her father, who was a business man who moved very often, she never saw her mothers side of the family. It was extremely coincidental that she had moved to Twilight Town, where Naminé happened to go to school, and they met up. Of course they didn't know at first, until Naminé found out and eventually told Xion.

Naminé and Xion hadn't gotten along at first at all, because Naminé was dating Roxas and Xion had taking a liking to him. Xion had changed Naminé and Roxas a lot. Because of her Naminé had felt distant from Roxas, and made a decision that broke them up. Roxas and Xion gave their relationship a chance, but it hadn't worked out when Xion realized that she loved her best friend, Axel, and Roxas had still loved Naminé. Now Xion and Naminé were best friends, and Axel and Roxas had already been.

The trip to Destiny Islands was a long one. Seven hours of driving, only stopping a few times because Xion and Naminé were hungry and had to use the washroom, and once because Roxas was carsick. For the most part Xion was sleeping and Naminé was reading. Roxas was either sleeping or playing video games on his gameboy, while Axel had no other choice but to drive.

But when they finally arrived they all knew it was worth the wait.

"Its beautiful." Xion said, amazed at the sight. Before her was nothing but the vast blue ocean, sparkling in the afternoon sun. It was 1 o'clock pm, and they had left at six in the morning.

"I haven't been here for over a year." Naminé said, starring over the ocean just as Xion did. "But I used to come all the time. I've missed it a lot."


"Come on you two!" Axel called over.

"Coming." the two cousins said simultaneously, slowly removing their eyes from the beautiful sight that they could have starred at for a lot longer.

"The view is way better from the beach anyways." Naminé said to Xion as they returned to where Axel and Roxas were waiting.

All of a sudden there was a scream heard. Xion and Naminé turned around and looked in all directions to see where it had come, only to find that it was from Roxas. Axel was holding up a tiny yellow scorpion by its tail and dangling it Roxas' terrified face.

"Ew! Axel get it away!" Roxas shouted at him, taking a few hasty steps back."

"What's the matter Roxas, scared of a little scorpion?" Axel teased.

"No! Just get it away from me!" Axel pretended it to throw it at him, and Roxas screamed again before darting away and hiding behind Naminé.

"Axel, what do you think you're doing?" Naminé demanded angrily.

"Aw, don't be mad Nami, I was just teasing lil' ol' Roxy over there." he mused. "All fun and games, right?"

"Thats not funny!" Roxas said angrily. "Thats disgusting!"

"Whatever." Axel carelessly tossed the scorpion into a shrub. He walked over to a giggling Xion and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Come on, lets go before Wuss in Boots over there wets himself again." he lead Xion off in the direction of the beach, leaving his car parked in a carpool section.

"That was one time!" Roxas called after him, then turned to Naminé. "He's such a jackass."

Naminé couldn't help but giggle herself, but stopped when she received a very resentful frown from Roxas. "I'm sorry." she said, holding back laughter. "You're not a"--laugh, snort--"Wuss in Boots..." she couldn't stop it, she burst out laughing.

"Shut up!"

"Okay, I'm sorry. You're not a wuss Roxas, really."


She took his hand and smiled sweetly. "Come on, lets go."

"Oh, yeah and now you're all nice." Roxas pouted.

She laughed. "I'm sorry, really. That was just a funny comment. Anyways we better catch up to them." she went up on the tips of her toes so her eyes were at the same level as his. "Come on, cheer up."

"Yeah, yeah whatever."


"We'll take the ferry to that island over there." Axel said to Xion, pointing at a small island that was a little ways off the shore, but not too far. "Thats where we're meeting Kairi and her friends."

"Does she live there?"

"No, she lives here, but she spends all of her time there. You'll love it over there, its really nice."

"Are we going once Naminé and Roxas get here?"


Moments later Roxas and Naminé arrived at the beach hand in hand. "Are we going?" Naminé asked.

"Yeah, lets."

They got on the ferry and quickly arrived at the island. There were many palm trees about and it was very beautiful. Xion was fascinated, having grown up and lived in cities her entire life she had never been to a place to beautiful, so peaceful...

"So what do you think?" Naminé asked her.

"Its great, I love it."

"Man, its been too long." Axel said.

"Naminé, Roxas, Axel!" A very elegant sounding voice called out. They all turned, including Xion, to see a light skinned girl with vibrant red pin straight hair, bright blue eyes that could be seen from a distance, and was wearing a short baby pink dress with various zippers on it.

"Kairi!" Naminé exclaimed, running up and embracing her cousin. "How have you been?"

"I've been great! How about you?"

"I'm great."

"Good." Kairi smiled, then turned to the others. "Hey, Axel, Roxas..." she walked up to Xion. "And you must be Xion! I've heard a lot about you from Naminé. I'm glad I finally get to meet you!"

"Yeah, same here." Xion said with a smile.

"Come on, I was just watching Sora play blitzball with Tidus. He was really looking forward to seeing you again, Roxas."


They headed around the other side of the island, where sure enough, a boy with spiky light brown hair, Sora, and another boy with sandy blond hair, were getting into a game of blitzball.

"Hey, look who's here!" Kairi called over to him. Sora turned and looked with a clueless look just as Tidus threw the ball, only to get smoked in the face with it, causing him to go stumbling onto the sand.

"Ow!" he cried out.

"Sora, you're supposed to pay attention!" Tidus scolded him.

"Yeah, whatever. Go play with Selphie or something." Sora groaned, standing up.

"Fine, see you." Tidus ran off in the direction of a girl sitting at the docks.

"Hey guys!" Sora greeted as he walked up to the group, who were still laughing at Sora's not so graceful fall.

"Hey man." Roxas and Axel said together, not on purpose.

"Hello again." Naminé chimed with a smile.

"Yup." Kairi said. "Oh, yes, this is Xion, my other cousin."

"Hey." Xion nodded.

"Xion, this bonehead over here is Sora."

"Nice to meet you!" Sora said with a goofy grin. He took her hand and shook it excessively. "Ever been to Destiny Islands before?"

"No, this is my first trip."

"Really? Well thats great! You'll love it here, everyone does. I know I do."

"Yeah, its really beautiful."

"Yeah!" he turned to Kairi. "By the way, Kairi, have you seen Riku around anywhere? Me and him were supposed to have a race today but he never showed."

"No, I haven't seen him." she replied. "Anyways, yeah. I wanted to show Xion around the island a bit more. Do you guys just wanna stay here and hang out or...?"

"I wanna go to the beach." Axel said.

"I guess I'll go with him then." Roxas said.

"I've already seen the place countless times, I think it'd be awfully pointless if I went with you. And besides, I want you two to become more acquainted!" Naminé said.

"I should wait around here for Riku. He's always late, and when I leave he gets mad and says 'why weren't you there?'." Sora chuckled.

"Alright. Come on Xion." Kairi said.


The two kept on walking forward, leaving the others behind. "I'll introduce you to everyone that hangs out on the island. For some reason this island doesn't get many visitors from other places, but my friends hang out here." said Kairi.

"Alright, sounds fun." Xion said.

They walked over to the docks, where two people were sitting down together. "Hey you guys." Kairi greeted them with a wave. "This is Xion, my cousin."

"Hello." they said at the same time.

"Xion, this is"-- she pointed to the boy who was playing blitzball with Sora before--"Tidus, and this is"--she pointed to a girl with light brownish blond hair that flipped up at the ends--"Selphie."

"Nice to meet you!" Selphie exclaimed.

"Yeah." Tidus said.

"Nice to meet you too." Xion said with a smile.

Suddenly, from Xion's peripheral vision she saw a quick flash of silver go by. She quickly turned her head, but nothing was there. What was that? she wondered.

"Have either of you two seen Riku anywhere?" Kairi asked them.

"Not today, no." said Tidus.

"Huh. Well, lets go find Wakka."

"He's sick today." Selphie said. "Poor guy came down with the flu."

"Oh, right, I knew that." Kairi laughed. "Well see you two later. Come on Xion, I want to introduce you to Riku."

"Bye." Xion waved to Tidus and Selphie as her and Kairi walked off.

And again, Xion saw that silver in the corner of her eye. She looked over again, just as Kairi called out: "Riku!"

There was a tall boy with long hair that shined silver. Even from a distance Xion could see his bright, almost neon colored turquoise eyes. They were amazing. He wore an oversized yellow muscle shirt that showed off his muscular arms, and a pair of cargo shorts.

Riku looked over at her and smiled, but the smile disappeared when he saw Xion. That made her self conscious, but she ignored it as best she could as he made his way over. "Hey Kairi." he said.

"Hi! There's someone I want you to meet. This is Xion, she's my cousin you know."

"Hello." Riku said to her with a flashy grin.

"H-hi." Xion barely said. What the hell? Why am I acting shy? she asked herself in confusion. She hadn't been shy around someone since the whole Roxas incident that had happened earlier in the year. Why now?

"She's here with Naminé, Roxas, and Axel this time."

"Oh great, Axel's here." Riku laughed. He looked at Xion. "Me and Axel have never really gotten along well."

"Oh, I see." Xion said nervously, barely being able to stare into his strange eyes.

Kairi laughed. "Xion is also Axel's girlfriend."


"Yup. By the way Sora was looking for you, something about a race?"

"Oh, shoot. I completely forgot, I hope he's not too pissed."

"He'll be fine." Kairi said happily. "When will you two ever stop racing each other? Someone always has to be better than the other, I swear."

"I'm better." Riku chuckled. "No, I'm kidding. I think we're both pretty tough to beat. Well I better go look for him. I'll see you two around." he turned to walk away. "By the way, it was nice meeting you, Xion."


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