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Alone and boyfriendless. That's how Ginny describes herself these days. Not that anyone asks, but still…she feels it's good to have something ready, should something spring up.

It's close to midnight, she discovers as she turns over and faces her nightstand. Yes, she's in bed. It's close to midnight, and she can't help but think about her ex-boyfriend. It's only been, what?, four months since they broke up? She isn't over him. She'll never be over him. How does one get over the love of their life?

She thinks and sighs and worries about him ritually every night. First she gets in bed and falls asleep, exhausted from another day in the hellhole that Hogwarts has now become. She has a dream, a nightmare, that he dies and Voldemort stays alive and she id forced to become a death eater and watch them burn his lifeless corpse, that body that once loved her and touched her and-

And then…?

She wakes up.

And she doesn't sleep for the rest of the night. Sometimes she actually hopes that she'll see more of the nightmare just so she can sleep longer. That's what happened on this particular night, and she's hoping it never happens again. She couldn't take it.

Covered in sweat, shivering, and freezing cold, Ginny gropes around for her blanket, once again having thrown it off in her dream. She wraps herself in it and lays down, facing the clock once more. She closes her eyes.


Her eyes snap open.


She cautiously reaches for the wand on the nightstand and lays so still that anyone might have thought she was dead.

A single tap rang through the dormitory. Ginny spun over, leaping out of her four-poster to face the window. She raised her wand before recognizing the face at the window.

…It's him.

Not particularly caring that her roommates would wake up or that she would get in trouuuuubllleeeeee if one of the Carrows heard her or if there where any other people in the effing WORLD besides them she emits a tiny scream and skeedadles to the window. She yanks it open and basks in his glory.


He grins softly, "Gin," he says, taking and hand off of his broom and offering it to her, "I said I would come back."

For the first time in months, she smiles. Tears leak out of her eyes.

And then, she wakes up.