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Timeline: After Hades, Zeus, Chronos & Rhea… whatever. Before Euro 2008 until it ends

Ch 1


All saints gathered in Pope Hall, because Athena wanted to tell something to them.

"Who hasn't come yet?" asked Athena when Pope Hall was full.

"Everybody has come," answered Mu, looked around.

"Okay. I'll tell you to the point. I'll order you guys, to be volunteers in Euro 2008 event."


"Graud Foundation had signed contract with the organizer of Euro 2008. I have signed it. The contract is: I'll borrow my saints to be volunteers, and they'll use my sports products as the only one for all athletes and the other equipments."

Pope Shion looked at Athena, worried.

"Do you think that is good idea, Athena?" asked him.

"Of course! Why not? I will get profit from it, I'm sure," Athena's eyes sparkled.

"But we will not! Volunteer isn't paid," grumbled Ikki.

"They won't pay you, but I will," smiled Athena. "Don't worry about it. If I get profit more than 20%, I will give you anything you want."

There were shouts and yells in Pope Hall after Athena stating that statement.

"Good," Athena's eyes sparkled once more. She was so sure that profit she will have more than 50%. She won't lose much money even if she treats all her saints.

"There is a reason again why I agreed this contract," said Athena after stopping the yells. "You came from many countries. So you can speak in your country's language. It is so needed to be a volunteer: speaking more than one language. You will guide the supporters from your country or from other countries that speak in your language."

"So it means we will meet other people from our hometown?" asked Shura happily.


"Well, not bad," said Aldebaran. "But I will get more spirit if we will be volunteers for World Cup. Because my country will show their great skill!"

"We'll look your work. If your work is good, I will ask other contracts for World Cup," said Athena cheerfully. She WILL ask for it even though her saints make troubles in Euro 2008. World Cup will give more profit, of course, and she won't miss it."

"It will be fun, won't it, Shion?" asked Athena to Shion while the saints was talking each other with full of spirit.

"If you say like that…" Pope Shion sighed.


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