Ok…So right now I am seriously hyper!! Lots of Red Bull maybe a little Southern Comfort! But I have spent most of the day having a scary movie marathon with friends and it has motivated me to write. Now I am a movie nerd and scary movies are my favorite so I am going to take my knowledge of a few thriller/suspense movies and make it into a Bones Fic. Without further ado, let's kick this pig!

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones or any of the movies that might be referenced in this Fic.


"Bones let's go I want to get some food before we go back to your place, and with the way the snow is falling out there we don't have very long before the roads will be closed."

Booth scurried around Brennan's office collecting the needed files and paperwork they would need to finish working on at her place, while his partner ignored his rush and talked on the phone.

"Yes dad I am heading home right now. Booth is here to make that process move a little faster. I promise I will see you at dinner tomorrow ok, talk to you later…Bye."

As she hung up the phone and turned to her partner she released a sigh then smiled as he looked at her with his charming grin.

"What?" she pressed.

"Nothing. It's just nice to see you trying to connect with your father after everything."

Brennan just rolled her eyes as she put on her jacket and collected her purse and keys. Booth followed her out of the lab waving goodnight to the security guard and making their way towards the vacant parking lot. When the sliding doors opened and hit the pair with a whip of cold wind, they walked a little faster to the SUV and climbed inside.

"Booth hurry up and turn on the heat, I am freezing here." She whined as she blew warm air from her mouth into her hands.

Booth looked over and glared at her as he started the car. "Well excuse me for not having the car ready and waiting at the door set on the perfect temperature so when you climbed in it would make you more comfortable Dr. Brennan." He chides.

"Don't get smart with me Booth; I was just simple asking you to turn on the heat. You don't have to be an ass about it." She retorted.

""It's the way you said it Bones, you could have at least said please and don't you think I am cold as well? It's not like I am going to get in here and leave it freezing so we both catch cold." He huffed.

" Butthead" she countered.

"Spoiled brat!"

"Am not"

"Are to times infinity."

Bones was speechless, he had use infinity and there was no comeback she could use to overcome that. The cocky smile on his face made her want to smack it right off but she though better of it when they pulled into her apartment building.

"Did you seriously call me a butthead? Way to go back to elementary school Bones."

As they exited the vehicle and collected the items they needed to work on Brennan smirked and bent down while Booth's back was to her. When Booth had everything he closed the door and turned around right when a snowball hit him square in the chest. His momentary shock was doubled when another ball flew at him and hit his chin.

"Alright…that's it." He dropped the files and started picking up snow and hurling it at a squealing Temperance. They laughed and played till Bones was about to throw a really big snowball, Booth saw the projectile and ran towards her and slipped knocking them both down in the snow.

"Sorry," he laughed looking down at his winded partner.

"It's ok," she replied touching her hand to his face stilling his movements as her hand traveled to the back of his neck. Booth was frozen. 'Oh God…I'm about to kiss Bones.' He said to himself as he closed his eyes and lowered his head. Just before their lips touched Brennan lifted the collar on Booth's jacket and shirt shoving the snowball down his back causing him to yelp and jump off her.

"Gee sorry about that Booth, but the way you were about to kiss me I though you needed a little cooling down." She smiled.

"What? I was not going to kiss you." He defended.

"Whatever, lets get inside before you catch cold." She laughed and made her way into the building Booth following closely behind.

As the elevator reached her floor they made their way towards her apartment before Booth stopped.

"Shit. I forgot the files in the truck I will be right back." He said stepping back into the elevator and shooting her a wink. She smiled to herself and walked to her door. Her brow furrowed at the strange red envelope taped to the door. Not knowing if she should wait for Booth to return before opening it, she dismissed all harmful pretenses and opened the envelope.

"Ready to play a game Dr. Brennan?' was scrawled on the paper and she put it back in the envelope and unlocked her door and stepped inside.

Walking in and turning on the lights, she had the strangest feeling in her gut, thinking better than to trust her gut she removed her shoes and put her keys on the kitchen counter. Booth had yet to return so she started heading back to the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes.

Making her way down the corridor the uneasy feeling in her gut got stronger as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up for some reason. She stood outside her bedroom door for a minute trying to remember if she had actually closed the bedroom door or not when she left earlier this morning, she didn't normally but she was staring at a shut door in a dark hallway. She looked back towards her living room and all was quiet then looked back at the bedroom door, she slowly placed her hand on the handle and slowly turned, pushing ever so slightly making a small crack. She stopped when footsteps were heard coming in her front door.

"I got the files Bones. I'm just going to grab a beer then we can get to work." His voice carried from the kitchen.

"Ok. I'm just going to change." She replied and opened her door fully.

Warning bells were screaming in her ears as she stepped into the dark room. She went to hit the light switch but before her hand could reach the switch she saw a figure move swiftly through the room towards her.

She screamed for Booth as she was pulled fully into the room and the door slammed and locked behind her. The dark figure knocked her to the ground and before she could defend herself she felt a sharp blow of an object to her head. Before she fell unconscious she heard Booth trying to break through the door and saw the dark figure bend down placing something warm and wet on her stomach.

"And so it begins Dr. Brennan." Came an eerie voice from the figure before she lost consciousness.

Outside the room Booth put all of his weight into his shoulder and busted her bedroom door open, gun drawn and ready to shoot anything that moved.

"Bones?" he scanned the room and turned on the lights. The first thing he saw was the open window by her bed then his eyes looked to the floor where his heart almost stopped beating.

What did Booth see? What is this game and who is running it? All this and more if you think its worthy of continuing or not.