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"OH MY GOD!!!"

"Yes, you've already said that Ms. Montenegro. Does your vocabulary extend beyond those three words?"

"Why did you do this?" Angela cried.

"Well, well we moved up to five words, I'm impressed."

"What happened to you? Why are you doing this? You seemed so nice and somewhat normal…"

At that time Brennan stirred on the ground and stood up a little dizzy.

"Daisy?" she questioned, rubbing her hand over the knot on her head.

"Yes me... Daisy Wick the person who idolized you the most in this world. Who wanted to be your friend and learn everything about the great Temperance Brennan, but no… you had to pass me off then fire me when I made one little mistake."

"You dropped a skull and shattered it to a million pieces. I'm sorry but that is not a little mistake."

Daisy's eyes were shooting daggers.

"Bren...please don't piss off the psycho killer." Angela whispered.

"I AM NOT PSYCHO!!!" she yelled.

"Way to prove your point." Angela hissed under her breath.

"All I wanted was for you to like me and work hard at something I loved. You were my inspiration and you treated me like I was nothing…less than nothing"

"We liked you Daisy, you were just a little too eccentric for your own good." Angela lied, trying to de-escalate the situation.

"I didn't know you that well and to be honest you were just annoying and in the way." Temperance snide.

"Yes you made that quite clear Dr. Brennan. You dropped me from your program and ruined my life, so now I'm going to ruin yours." She threatened, pulling out a gun from behind her back and pointed it at Brennan.

"By killing off all of our friends?" Angela mused, trying to take Daisy's attention away from her friend.

"Yep, she made it clear that she doesn't need anybody so I'm going to show her what its really like to be alone and unwanted." She replied cocking the gun and taking aim.

"I took care of Caroline…that was to get your attention. Then Clark...well I couldn't have him take the spot that was rightfully mine no could I? The men outside Agent Booth's apartment were easy, all I had to do was flirt a little bit and they happily invited me to sit and wait for you two to return."

"But why Sweets...I thought you two were in love?"

"Lance was in love with himself, and I can only take so much of that psycho babble bullshit. If he wasn't playing his stupid video games he was talking about Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth and how they just solved another case and this and that. He really didn't care about me, the only reason he kissed me in front of everyone was to show he wasn't gay. He messed with my heart so I tore his out."

"Literally." Brennan whispered.


The rest of the house was on high alert. Angela's scream had reached every corner of the mansion and all the men found themselves outside the large study doors.

"What's going on? I heard a scream." Asked Max.

"I don't know but I can't find Bones or Angela." Replied Booth.

Hodgins came running to join the men and almost met the wrong side of Booth's pistol.

"Jeez Hodgins don't run up behind people when there is a killer on the loose."

"Sorry…but half of my security detail was just found dead like someone snuck up behind them and slit their throats…The phones are down and the weather is so bad outside that leaving is not an option. On top of that I can't find Angela.

"Hey why are these doors locked?" questioned Zack.


"You need help Sweetie; there are places that can help you." Angela tried to reason.


"No I'm pretty sure my mental health is not the one that needs to be questioned here." Temperance defended.

"Bren...stop please." hissed Angela.

"NO I won't stop. This little bitch has been running around killing people acting all psychotic trying to scare me. Now that we know she's behind all of this I won't give into the fear anymore, just because things haven't gone her way doesn't mean she needs to act out like this. She belongs in the Looney bin!"

"Sure...the Looney bin, nut house, insane asylum...that's where all of your assistants go isn't it Dr. Brennan? You dive us all to the breaking point then when we finally crack you turn your back on us because you don't give a damn about how you treat people. You think the world revolves around you but it doesn't."

"Well the world is what you make of it."

"Well see what you make of death Dr. Brennan." Replied Daisy.

Brennan's eyes grew wide as she once again saw the barrel of the 9mm her former student was holding in her hand. Just before she was about to speak Daisy pulled the trigger and a shot rang out and Brennan fell to the floor.


"Shit! That was a gun shot…BONES!" cried Booth as he attempted to bust the large doors down.

All four men tried to break the doors down with no luck.

"Hodgins is there another way in there?"

"Yeah there is a secret entrance around back."

"You go, Zack and I will try to get in from here." Yelled Max, as the men made their way around the side of the house.


"Oh my God." Angela cried as she fell to her knees by her best friend.

"God? There is no God…God is just a figment of imagination made up to give people something to believe in so they can take their minds off how shitty their life really is. You call me psycho, I'm not praying to an imaginary figure that never listens when people pray for things. The only thing I believe in is myself and she took that away from me the day she kicked me out of her program. She was so selfish she didn't even want to learn my name because she never put any faith in me to succeed and when I made a mistake she dropped me like a bad habit and never gave me a chance."


"And you! You are her best friend and you just stood there and watched as she went through all those people and watched how she tore them down and treated them like shit,"

"No sweetie she tried her best to help you learn…to help teach you. You were just a little too eager and…and over excited."

"I'm sorry Angela but I'm tired of listening to you speak."

Daisy raised her gun and took aim. Tears streamed down Angela's face as she looked down at her lifeless friend then back up to Daisy with anger in her eyes.

"You know what…Brennan was right; you are mentally fucked up in the head."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Brennan was right like she always is, you are psycho, screwed up, fucked up, insane, every name under the sun. You couldn't get your way so you snapped and through a hissy fit in the worst way possible and now I really hope someone puts a bullet in your head."

"Right after you get yours Ms. Montenegro." She replied taking aim once more.

Angela closed her eyes and released a strangled cry when she heard the gun go off.


Booth ran as fast as he could around to the hidden door that lead to the study. Once inside he stealthily made his way through the narrow corridor where a tiny sliver of light peered through the door. As he opened it he saw Daisy Wick aiming her gun at Angela.

"I really hope someone puts a bullet in your head."

"Right after you get yours Ms. Montenegro."



Tears sobbed from her eyes, the shot rang out through the room yet she felt no pain.

'That's odd' she thought.

Ever so slowly she opened her eyes and saw Daisy lying on the floor with blood flowing from the bullet hole on the side of her head.

Angela's breath caught in her throat as she looked around and saw Booth frozen by the hidden door looking down at Brennan, but his gun was not aimed at Daisy.

"Who?" she questioned.

She looked on the other side of Booth and saw the smoking gun in the hands of Hodgins.

Hodgins dropped then gun and ran to the very emotional Angela. As he passed, Booth was broken from his reverie and ran to the side of his love.

"Bones…come on Bones wake up." He demanded.

Angela couldn't look so she buried her face in Hodgins shoulder.

"Come on Temperance, I need you. I need you to stay with me."

A small whimper was heard from the floor.


Angela and Hodgins turned to see their friend regain consciousness.


"Eeerrr…stop calling me that." She whined.

They all laughed and Booth gathered her up in his arms careful not to hit her gunshot wound that thankfully hit her arm.

"Not that I'm complaining that she is a bad shot, but why do I always get shot in the arm?"

Booth laughed and had tears of joy running down his face.

"From now on all interns must complete a psych evaluation before coming to work with me." she joked again.

She looked up at Booth and regarded him carefully. "Is it over?"

"Yeah…Yeah Bones its over. She'd dead."

"Good. I really hate psycho bitches."

They all laughed as Booth and Angela looked at Hodgins.

"Where in the hell did you learn to shoot like that?" he asked.

"Please… do you really think I spend all of my money on science stuff? I have a small armory by my closet."

"It's true. Hodgie is a very good shot." Angela beamed.

"Obviously." Booth replied.

They all shared another laugh before being startled by the loud crashing at the study doors. They all looked at Zack and Max holding one of Hodgins many statues and the broken doors they busted through.

"What we miss?" Max joked after seeing everyone was ok.


Six weeks later

"When can I take this sling off? its rather irritating."

"You still have two more weeks Bones. Now stop whining and come help me with this paperwork."

"Fine." She grumbled.

It had taken a little while but after the dust settled from Daisy's aftermath things had gotten back to normal…or as normal as they could get. Zack went back to the institute and after much groveling from Booth and Brennan no charges were brought on Max for helping him escape. Angela and Hodgins were enjoying each others company again and were taking things slow, trying to rebuild a foundation of trust and friendship that they had somehow lost. No charges were brought against him either, it was ruled as self defense and nothing else ever came of it.

Things were also going well for Booth and Brennan. Their work continued on as usual, strictly professional during the day and very unprofessional at night. She enjoyed their time together and Daisy was wrong, she knew she needed people in her life and she was just happy that the people she really cared about were safe. She did mourn the loss of the people Daisy had killed for they were considered by the most part a friend.

Cam walked into Brennan's office and looked at the two working and bickering as usual. She was happy that after she arrived at Hodgins mansion that the head of security 'personally' escorted her to her room and insisted on 'staying' there to keep her company.


"Excuse me Dr. Brennan. I'm sorry to interrupt but the new intern is here if you want to meet him."

"Of course, send him in." she replied.

Cam motioned for the young man to enter the office. He walked stiffly inside and took in his surroundings before formally greeting Brennan."

"Dr. Brennan this is Trey Collins, an undergrad from George Washington University."

"Really? that's a good school." Brennan mused.

"Yes…yes it is." The boy replied nervously.

"I'm sorry if I'm a little blunt Mr. Collins, but before we go any further there are a few questions I need to ask you. Do you harbor any psychotic or homicidal tendencies?"

The boys face feel as he looked oddly at Brennan.

"Bones." Booth warned.


Haha poor kid. And as for making Daisy the killer, I just thought her character on the show was just a little to...unstable might be the right word??? And I also think the way I had Brennan responding to Daisy was somewhat accurate, she's never let anyone intimidate her after finding out that they are the killer and I just like being a smartass! Well I hope the ending lived up to everyones expectations. Right now I really don't know what to think of it, but I am always very critical about my ending. Let me know what you though and thanks again for reading.