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"Max, Max, Max, can we watch a movie?! Please, please pretty please?"

"Geez, Nudge, calm down first. If you can all agree on one then sure, I guess we can."

"Yes!" The hyperactive teen exclaimed. "Gazzy, Angel, Iggy, help me pick out a movie. We should watch a new one, I mean, we've already..." She trailed off as she ran into another room.

As I headed into the kitchen Fang came out, bumping into me. "Hey, want to watch a movie with us? I think it's going to be a new one they got for Christmas, you in?"
He shrugged. "Sure."

"Cool. Help me make some popcorn."

Twenty minutes later the six of us were crowded around the living room with gigantic bowls of popcorn in our laps. The four of them finally decided on the Dark Knight. I settled in next to Fang and Nudge on the smaller of the couches. It wasn't too bad a movie considering it was about a man who liked to dress up like a giant bat. I think even Fang enjoyed it. When it was over, I sent the younger kids to bed and Iggy voluntarily retreated to his room. And that left just me and Fang.

"So whatcha wanna do?" I asked inquisitively.

"Want to watch the movie I got?" Fang suggested.

I smiled. "Sure. I'll make some more popcorn." I offered.

Ig and me secretly got Fang a movie without the younger ones knowing because they would beg and pleaded to watch it with us. We got him Step Brothers, which is extremely hilarious but incredibly inappropriate. So we watched Step Brothers while I laughed at all the jokes. Quite a few times Fang cracked a smile, but he only laughed once. Although the one time he laughed I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. At one point they made a really dirty joke and when I started laughing Fang chucked popcorn at me.

"Get you mind out of the gutter Max." He teased.

"Come on, you know its funny!" I defended throwing a kernel at his head.

Twisting around he caught it in his mouth and grinned. "Good puppy." I praised. His smile quickly turned into a good-natured scowl. "Open wide." I said throwing another piece at him. Just like last time he caught it perfectly in his mouth.

"Your turn." Tossing a piece at me, I tried to grab it, but I had bad aim and it just bounced off my face and onto the floor. "Come on, try again." He urged tossing a whole handful at me; all of which I missed.

"How do you do that?" I whined.

"My amazing skills." He boasted.

"Okay then, let's put these so called skills to the test." I challenged. "Catch all these."

Snatching a handful from my bowl I threw six pieces up in the air with only a second in between them. As gravity took over, he positioned himself underneath them appropriately so he only had to move a minuscule amount to assure each and everyone fell in his mouth. My eyes widened in disbelief. Munching away, Fang reclined back onto the arm of the couch with a smug look plastered on his face.

"Still question the skills?" He asked lacing his fingers behind his head.

"Nope, I guess you showed me." I sighed innocently.

Peering down into my bowl I was satisfied with the amount still left. "Now how do you like mine?" I laughed dumping the rest of my popcorn on Fang's head and lap. Without waiting for a response, I leapt up from the couch and darted into the kitchen. I giggled at the look of surprise frozen across his face when I ran away. I haven't had this much fun with Fang in a while; I was enjoying myself.

There was a second staircase in the back of the kitchen, so I ducked behind the island and hoped he would assume I went that way. It's inevitable he was going to go for some revenge.

With unhurried footsteps, Fang calmly entered the kitchen. "Max, I know you're in here, so just come out now." He said in a soft voice, which made it all the scarier.

Trying to mirror his moves by only sound, I crawled around the island trying to get opposite my 'attacker'. Stifling fits of laughter, I got that creepy feeling of being watched and scurried faster to the corner of the counter. As I rounded it, I came nose to leg with Fang. Oh crap, caught.

"Hey Fang," I started casually. "What brings you here?" I tried to look up innocently, but instead came face-to-face with a cup full of freezing cold water. Gasping and spluttering, I stood up slowly, dripping water all over the tiled floor.

Radiating anger, I glared at Fang but it didn't do any good. He is the only person alive that is immune to my evil glare. Even blind Iggy can tell when I use it, and cringes in fear... Like it should be. Fang only stood there smirking, fighting not to laugh out loud. He was slowly loosing.

"You're dead." I growled playfully.

"Only if you can catch me." He taunted and sprinted up the stairs.

Barely any time lapsed before I took off full tilt right on his tail... er, uh wing. Turning the corner I faced a deserted hallway. Damn.... Where could he be? There is no way he could get to his room at the end of the hallway before I got here. A few seconds later I started to shiver, remembering I was soaked.

"Fang?" I whispered trying not to wake the others if we didn't already. "I'm tired and wet, lets just call it a truce and go to bed." I pleaded.

Hearing a ghostly snicker behind me I spun around and hit my nose on Fang's chest. Gasping, I hissed, "Where the hell did you come from?"

"Max, didn't we have the 'Talk' years ago? I may have wings, but its still the same concept." I snorted and rolled my eyes. Got to love his sense of humor. Not.

"Oh shut up, I'm going to bed." I grumbled. "Truce?"

He just shrugged and prodded me towards my room. Rolling my eyes again, I walked down the hall to my door. Our rooms were right across from each other's. Hand on my doorknob, I heard, "Hey Max?" I turned my head so he knew I heard him. "I win." He smirked.

Grimacing I shoved his shoulder and pushed him through his open door. "Good night Fang." I sighed.

Closing my door firmly behind me, I couldn't help but smile. I wasn't actually mad at Fang, we both knew that; we were just messing around. Stripping out of my wet clothes I replayed tonight's events in my head and smiled again. I'm not too sure what went on tonight, but the two of us had fun for once in a long while. I liked it, maybe too much. I wish he would act that way more often...