Hello, everyone. I'm sorry to disappoint you with only a measly Author's Note, but this is my first (and last) and most important one of all.

I'm very sorry to announce that while I may have said that after last chapter there would be a couple more chapters to wrap up the series, upon going back and looking at the story and the last chapter in particular I believe that that is an excellent place to leave this story of mine. Go out with a bang, right? Therefore, I tell you with the deepest regret that this story is officially over.


And honestly, I could not be upset about this. I have absolutely LOVED writing this story. It's been a wonderful 2 ½ years that really gave me confidence and joy in my own writing, which I never had before. But at the same time, I feel that the last chapter was the perfect place to end the series. I always like to go out on a high note.

I would just like the thank everyone that has been there from the very beginning and reviewing almost every single freaking chapter. Even those of you who reviewed once, it all meant so much to me and I thank you all so, so, so much!

This won't be the end of my writing at all, because I do have one or two more story ideas, one that I have already started. It won't be posted for some time because I want to get some major headway before I post it, because we don't want any repeats of the updating disasters from this story…

Again, thank you to everyone and I will miss this fic greatly, but it was a great journey while it lasted :)

PS- Feel free to PM me to talk because I always love to talk and answer questions!