Jeff sighed and started playing with the strands of his hair

" the one i love is Hunter, i don't know why after everything he has done to me, to my family and to my friends, he is a horrible meanie but i just love him im drawn to him like a moth to a bright sparkly flame, its like i kinda like it"

Jeff looked up and saw his brother and Shawn staring at him in shock, a moment of silence pasted before shawn giggled

"Jeff likes it rough" Matt rolled his eyes before smacking Shawn on his head, Shawn glared at him while rubbing his head, "what was that for?"

"for being an idiot"

"oh... okay"

Jeff sniggered, "Shawn got owned... anyway what do you guys think I should do"

Matt tapped his finger to his chin and sighed, "well im not very happy about you loving Hunter, i mean why couldn't you love Mark this would make this so much easier but you know... anyway i reckon you shouldn't just go charging up to Hunter and admit your feelings cos he's a bastard and will probably laugh in your face and then rape you... what do you think Shawn?"

Shawn looked up and smirked, "I reckon you should play the game"

Hunter rocked backwards and forewards in his chair, he sighed "how will I get little Jeffy back" He looked around the room, "I could kidnap him" He thought to himself while imagining Jeff tied up and looking helpless, he shook his head and sighed "no thats no fun... and plus it leaves such a mess" he sighed and looked at some old pictures, "maybe I should try to change into a nicer person" he snorted at the idea before looking at a picture of him and Jeff and he sighed again "I will get him back even if I have to... chop of a body part or jump infront of a train I am not letting that twank of a undertaker take him away from me he will never have my Jeffy... I WILL SUCCEED!" he punched a fist into the air and then he realised where he was

"ah shit i wasn't meant to do that in a meeting... fuck..."

Jeff looked at Shawn curiously "what do you mean... i should play the game"

"what i mean my little rainbow you should play him at his own game, make him want you so so much that he is practically begging for you and then when he admits his feelings to you, you guys get it on and then get married and have babies... somehow"

Shawn then turned to Matt

"can guys have babies?"

Matt's eyes widened "uummm..."

Jeff laughed before getting up and waving to them both

"i'll leave you to answer that one Matt... bye guys im gonna go and prepare for the task ahead"

Jeff laughed in his head, "oh dear what an idiot" he thought as he whistled to himself

"HEY JEFF!" a voice shouted at him, Jeff turned round and smiled, "yo John"

"so so so so soooooo" John said excitedly, "whhooooo did you pick"

"i picked Hunter..." Jeff mumbled

John looked confused but then he smiled, "ooooh come with me and tell me everything"

"theres not much to tell John" Jeff said shaking his head, John sighed and tapped his foot

"fine tell me now... i can't wait much longer"

"okay i love Hunter and im gonna try to get him back"

"how?... are you gonna tie him up?"


"kidnap him?"


"rape him to death?"


"oooh make him wear watermelon shoes?"

"what no... im gonna play the game"

"oooh what game... scrabble?"




"snakes and ladders?"

"no its not an actual game"

"oh... im confused"

"im gonna make him like me and admit it to my face and then see how things go"

"oh okay... gotcha, but if it doesnt work out i'll help kidnap him and tie him up... as long as i can chuck these icky coffee sweets at him"


"cos he stole the last coke in tescos express and i wasn't happy"

"uummm.. sure John"

"yay thanks Jeff anyway i need to go or otherwise Randy will find me... catcha later"

Jeff sighed as he watched John run off, he didn't know how Randy could cope with him sometimes he was mad, he sighed again before going into his hotel room to construct his evil plan

"i will get you Hunter just you wait"

A/N : sorry it being a short chapter... just have to get it ready for the next bit of the story ^_^ hope you guys like it anyway