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"Isabella, I have a mission for you," Aro said. I nodded dully. Ever since that sonovabitch left, I was depressed. Depressed when Aro changed me. Depressed when I joined the Volturi. Depressed when I realized I was the most powerful vampire in existence.

Depressed when I realized I had every power that I wanted to have. Depressed to the point of insanity. The only part I liked about depression that I was able to drive the Volturi to the point of insanity as well.

"Well, Isabella, there is a human in Olympic Peninsula, Forks that knows far too much about vampires. You will offer to destroy or change her. You will destroy the coven protecting her if necessary. Do you understand?" Aro asked. I nodded stiffly and raced swiftly out of Volterra.

[Edward's POV]

"Edward, hide Katelyn. The Volturi are coming. We will deal with them," Carlisle murmured, already in a fighting stance. I nodded quickly and grabbed Katelyn, the new reason for my existence.

I was about to run into the forest when a musical voice commanded, "Stop!" I tried to run, but the cloaked figure was incredibly fast. Within seconds, she was blocking my way.

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded, my body still hiding Katelyn's. She laughed bitterly. "Don't recognize me, Edward?" she pulled back the hood of her cloak.

I gasped. "Bella?" I whispered. Alice and Jasper were at my side at an instant, posed to kill. Bella snapped her fingers and both of them flew a few metres back. "Yes, now also known as...the Volturi Princess. Now, hand over the human." I shook my head fiercely. "Make me," I challenged. Bella flicked her index finger, and I felt my body go stiff and unmoving.

"I remember when you were doing that to me. I don't want to result in violence, Edward. I'm not like Aro; I don't sweet talk and beat around the bush. Hand over the girl, or I will hurt her." I shook my head. "Never."

Bella sighed. "I don't like torture or bloodshed, Edward. You know that. But I can hurt her, and I will, if I have to," she said quietly.

I smiled inwardly. Katelyn was a shield, like Bella. She wouldn't be able to hurt her mentally. Bella smiled cruelly, directly at Katelyn. I watched in horror as Katelyn writhed and twisted in agony. I tried to throw myself in front of her but found myself levitated into the air. Finally, the screams of agony stopped.

"I never took you for the selfish type, Edward," Bella said loudly, her voice echoing throughout the forest. "I warned you! But what did you do? You let her get hurt. This is your fault, not hers." Her words hurt. They hurt a lot. But I was determined not to show any sign of weakness.

"Not just selfish, but arrogant, as well," Bella mused, her cold, stony dark eyes fixed on my face. "Sometimes I wonder why the hell did I even love you." I decided to ignore that.

"But...shield...how?" I stuttered. "I told you, I'm the Volturi Princess. I can penetrate any shield. I can block anything, physical or mental. I have the power of rejection to human blood, so you cannot torture me. And I can stop every single one of your powers permanently. But..." she suddenly took out her phone, whispering something into the phone.

I caught a few words; "refusal....memory...permanent...." Finally, she snapped the phone shut. "I have an alternative option to killing or changing her. An exceptionally painful and difficult alternative." I nodded eagerly. Anything at all. Bella smiled bitterly. "I can make her forget."

[End Edward's POV]

Edward looked horrified. "Y...you mean..." I nodded. "Yes. I can modify her memories. I can make her forget any memories of vampires. Any memories of you and your family. But it will be exceptionally painful for her. Second only to being changed. And it will take very much concentration. And I shall want something in return." I smiled. "I want your power."

Edward looked staggered. "I can take your power of mind-reading completely. In return for my services. It is painful for me as well, you see. For me, it will be even more painful than the transformation itself.

"But I do not want to kill her. I do not want to take away her soul, either. And by the way, it is not in your power to choose." I turned to the terrified human. "It is yours, Katelyn Carissa Anderson. You choose."

[Katelyn's POV]

"I would like to request a private conversation with you," Bella said courteously. It was a request, not an order. She turned to the Cullens.

"Do not try to eavesdrop, or the consequences will be death. I will temporarily remove all your powers. Swiftly, she closed her eyes. Jasper, Alice, Edward and Rosalie glowed blue, and then the light faded. Rosalie looked bewildered. "But...I don't have a power," she said, confused. Bella smiled.

"Yes, you do, Rosalie. You just haven't discovered it yet. All of you, go to the border now. Katelyn and I will meet you there," Bella ordered.

After saying our goodbyes, she took a deep breath. "I guess it's time to tell you my story," she said softly.

"My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I studied in Forks High seventy years ago. My father was the police chief of Forks. In school, I met the Cullens.

"I wondered why Edward seemed to hate me so much. One day, he saved me. From a van. I demanded an explanation, and he gave me a vague and very unconvincing story. I knew he was lying. When I asked him why he saved me, he replied that he didn't know.

"Gradually, we fell in love. He told me his secret, that my blood smelled amazingly appealing to him, that our relationship wasn't healthy. But I soon grew to love him, and his family. Alice was my best friend, Jasper and Emmett were like the big brothers I never had. Esme and Carlisle were like my second parents. My life was perfect. But it all changed on my eighteenth birthday...

"Naturally, I wanted him to change me. He refused. But when I was opening one of my presents, I cut my finger on the paper. Jasper lost control. Edward felt intensely guilty about the accident. I told him it wasn't his fault, but he insisted that he wasn't good for me.

"A few days later, we were in the forest. He told me he didn't love me anymore, that I wasn't good for him. He left that night. I was heartbroken." Bella winced.

"Ever since he left, I was like a living zombie. One day, the Volturi came and changed me, as Edward hadn't done it yet. But when I awoke, I found that instead of the crimson my eyes should be, my eyes were bright blue. I knew I wasn't an ordinary vampire. I faked my death, and discovered that I was completely immune to blood. I assumed it had something to do with my eyes.

"For a few years, I roamed, lifeless, and discovering that I had many powers. Demetri found me when I was in Italy, and took me to the Volturi when I told him of my powers and immunity to blood. Aro offered me a place in the Volturi. I accepted, but only if they agreed not to hunt humans. They agreed, and I joined the Volturi.

"Soon, I had a place in the Volturi that was only one rank below Aro, Marcus and Caius. I was known as the Volturi Princess. But still, I was depressed.

"Aro tried to force me and Felix together, than Demetri, than Alec. None of these relationships worked well. And then, one day, he gave me this mission. The mission to destroy you.

I was speechless. I had never heard such a saddening tale. "I'm sorry," I said, but Bella shook me off.

"It's okay. I understand that you love Edward, maybe as much as I did. But I cannot defy my masters. I cannot betray my coven. Even if I do, I have no coven to go to. I am completely alone." She looked broken for a second, than composed herself.

"So, what is your choice? To be changed, to be killed, or to forget?" she asked. I couldn't decide. So she said emotionlessly, "I understand that you need time. Come on, I will take you to your family."

I climbed onto her back, and she ran to La Push. Bella was a million times faster than Edward, I thought. Bella smiled faintly, than she disappeared. Edward looked relieved. "Katelyn," he said, relieved. I glared at him. "I want an explanation," I demanded, my arms folded.

[End Katelyn's POV]

[Edward's POV]

"This is all your fault. I can't believe you would leave Bella! Now look what happened to her!" Katelyn yelled. When I heard Bella's story, I felt like I was going to break down. I had hurt her. I had caused this. It was my fault. But I didn't know who to choose. Bella or Katelyn?

Bella appeared, her eyes dark once more. "I'm not an option, Cullen. It's Katelyn as a vampire, or nothing." Then she disappeared.

My day keeps getting better and better.

[End Edward's POV]

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