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Chapter 26: The Promise of Spring

By Slavedriver2008

I always look forward to spring. Not because the world gains color, but because you always come home when the snow has melted. I've replayed the scene over and over in my head, hoping I won't forget each successive line. This particular spring is more special than the others. As I stand here under the trees, I'll wait for you in an excitement that are beyond words. I always look forward to seeing you amid the blooming cherry blossoms, walking in slow sure steps, into my arms.

'I miss you,' you'll say and you'll reach up to kiss me. You never notice you say the same line year after year and do the same intimate gesture after every first meeting. I never told you I noticed these little things because if I do, you'll laugh and tell me I'm going dramatic. And the last thing I want is to be at the end of your teasing.

'I miss you too,' I would say and your cheek will blush like blooming cherry buds. I always look forward to seeing your innocent little smiles and your rich laughter. Year by year, you grow more beautiful. The sun has been good to you in Berlin, though I would have preferred you to stay in Tokyo or in Kyoto with me.

I always look forward to walking beside you in the garden, where we hold hands, talking about your little adventures in the West. I would pull out some stray petals on your hair and you would laugh and wrap your arms around mine. Then you'll ask me to hurry. This time, I won't. Instead, I'll pull you toward the other direction, away from the manor house, from our family who are having afternoon tea watching the flowers. They will not see us and I want the privacy. You'll follow willingly and we'll leave the path we always tread on year after year.

'Where are we going?' you'll ask and I won't say anything. You'll give me that look and I would only laugh because even though you are literally beyond your teenage years, the pouting face still suits you. But I won't tell you that, I'll keep it to myself. Why? Because if I tell you, you'll stop doing it.

We're far from them now, we can only hear the rustling sound of leaves and the sound of the birds chirping under the sun. We'll cross the brook and by the time we reach the other end, you'll stop walking and ask me again where we're going.

'Patience,' I'll say and you'll just sigh, but deep inside you want to ask me again and again until I give in and tell you. A few more steps and we'll reach it. Do you remember this tree? It's the one we always visit when we were children. It's our secret tree.

'We used to put a time capsule on the ground,' you'll say and I'll laugh. Then I'll start to dig the ground with my hand. You'll look down and watch me intently. I know you want to help but I won't let you dirty your soft warm hands. I'll pull out a box and hide it in my palm. You'll look at it like an excited little girl and I will remember the same girl years back. You love surprises, ne, Yui-chan?

'Do you remember what we buried here?' I'll ask and you'll shake your head. I'll gently lift my right hand and you will see a box. 'Open it,' I tell you. Slowly, you'll open it and let out a gasp. 'Marry me, Hongou Yui,' I will say very softly. Your big blue eyes will widen and I'll smile. You didn't remember? We buried my mother's ring in our secret tree, on the same day you left for Tokyo and disappeared for good. 'You agreed to marry me 14 years ago.'

You'll cry and nod. 'Of course, I haven't forgotten.' I'll put it on your finger and lean down to kiss you, the same way I did when we were young. Instead of blushing and looking down, you wrapped your arms around my neck and kissed me again.

'I love you, Saihitei…'

I'll respond with the same three words and we'll stay that way. They will be surprised when they see the ring. They have been urging us to get married and this time, I finally proposed. You have been waiting for it for a long time. I can see it in the way you look at me eagerly every time we meet. I could not propose yet. It was too early then. But now, the time is right, you just finished your pre-medical courses and I am comfortable in the responsibilities I needed to learn.

'We'll get married once you finished your studies in Berlin,' I'll say and you'll snuggle closer. 'Three more years and you're staying with me for good.'

Then we'll make love under the blooms, slowly, relishing the first time after 10 long months. You'll try to keep it down but you'll fail anyway. I love hearing you moan and groan and call my name as I touch all the places you wanted to be touched. I've found some new places too, have you noticed? But the little sounds you make are enough to satisfy me and my desire to have you. By the time we reach the end of our love-making, you'll lean on my chest and tell me again how much you miss me. I feel the same but I won't tell you that, you already know.

We'll stay that way until the sun sets and the stars peek between the cherry blossoms. We've made love two or three more times. I'll lose count, forgive me. My mind cannot completely comprehend much numerics when I'm with you. We'll walk back to the manor house and I'll carry you on my back. Do you remember when we always get lost in the woods and I have to carry you on my back? You're crying by then but you'll embrace me tighter. I'll want to ask you that, but instead, I'll tell you something else.

'You're becoming heavier, Yui-chan,' I'll say very softly and you'll pinch my ear. I'll laugh and you'll move at my back. We'll lose balance and I'll lose control when I look into your eyes. I'll kiss you again and you'll kiss me back. And we'll make love under the stars, uncaring of everyone in the world. This time, I'll tell you again and again what you want to hear from me.

'I love you…'

The leaves crackle and I turn to find you, making your way towards me. Your hair lie gracefully on your shoulders and you carry that smile from your sweet sweet mouth. You walk toward me and wrap your arms around my neck.

"I miss you," you say very softly, and you reach up to kiss me, exactly as I have imagined it. I smile back.

"I miss you too," I whisper back and you blush, cheeks as pink as the cherry blossom petals in your hair. You let out a giggle and I lean down to kiss you again. Your face grows redder and redder by the minute. I lace our hands together and walk further into the garden to a life that you have long wanted.

After this, you'll stay with me for a month and then leave again. But I won't see you go with a heavy heart. Because in your finger, you have something to remind you we belong with each other. And three more springs after this, I will look forward to seeing you again, walking beneath the blooming cherry blossoms, into my arms, to stay with me for good.

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