Title: Transcending Time

Summary: At the end of the final battle, Allen Walker was set in stone for all eternity. Modern day, his reincarnated lover awakens him, giving them the second chance they would have never had. Lavi/Allen.

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG-13/R

Content: Language, mostly. Flashbacks of violence, perhaps some excessive angst, and (of course) boys doing the things that entertain the authoress' perverted mind.

Author's Note: Yes, I know I should be working on other things. But this was something that has been bothering me for months now. So I'm just going to write it. It won't be that long, I promise…


"This is one of Vigee LeBrun's most important works. After being accepted to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in—" As the tour guide gestured to the marvelous oil painting on the wall, the class of art students listened with rapt attention while he explained the history of the piece in a rather drawling voice. A tall, redheaded boy tried to stifle his yawn, but failed, causing his professor to send a borderline murderous glare his way. Flinching away from the irate stare, he attempted to feign some pretense of interest, despite his mind wandering as the guide lectured on dates and trivial facts about the artist.

"Man, I'm so jonesing for a cigarette right now…" said the boy next to him with an irritated grumble. The first boy (who was trying to quell the urge to yawn again) looked over at him with steady green eyes.

"I thought you quit, Tyki," he said, keeping his voice low as they moved with the rest of their class to the next room.

"I did," Tyki replied, shoving his hands into the pockets of his dark jeans. He gave the first boy an apologetic smile. "But I still want one, you know?"

"I don't really know, but I'll take your word for it," said the redhead, stopping behind the group when they paused before another artwork. Tyki rolled his eyes, pulling a lollipop out of his pocket to suck on as the tour guide droned on and on about some modern painter that no one had ever heard of.

"Hey, Lavi," Tyki said, nudging him to get his attention. When he'd gotten Lavi to look at him again, Tyki ran his hands through his curly black hair with a somewhat nervous gesture. "After this, wanna get something to eat? Maybe catch a movie?" Lavi blinked, following their class when they began moving again. It at least gave him a few seconds to think of a nice way to turn Tyki down.

"I'm sorry," Lavi began with, watching Tyki's expression fall slightly. He felt bad, as Lavi was a people-pleaser most of the time. "I-I can get something to eat, but I promised Yuu that we'd hang out tonight." Tyki's look darkened slightly at the mention of Lavi's ex-boyfriend.

"You guys broke up," Tyki said.

"Yes…" Lavi replied warily, as they walked through the hallway toward another room filled with sculpture pieces.

"Then why do you still hang out all the time?" Tyki asked, some anger coloring his tone.

"We're still friends," Lavi answered, keeping his gaze on the guide, as if he had become spectacularly interesting in the last few seconds. It was a weak defense, the redhead knew, but he wasn't interested in anyone. And that included Tyki, who unfortunately liked (and pursued) him a lot.

"You're just hoping he'll take you back," Tyki said, somewhat nastily. Lavi didn't deny it, his gaze dropping to the floor. As he stared at the doodles on the tips of his Converse, Lavi tried to ignore Tyki's glare and attempted to not think about the long-haired Japanese boy he still yearned for. He could still clearly remember the day they broke up, when Yuu had insisted he was straight and started dating their childhood friend, Lenalee Lee. Lavi, not wanting to let their friendship be erased, attempted to spend time with Yuu and Lenalee to show that there were no hard feelings. And even though there were moments where Lavi felt so envious of the girl, Yuu really did seem happier than when they were together, so he diplomatically stepped down to let the happy couple continue with their relationship. "H-Hey, I'm sorry." Lavi looked up when Tyki apologized, forgetting where he was for a moment and what had spurred that previous train of thought. But then he realized that they were in the art museum being bored to death and Tyki Mikk—the richest, most suave guy in their class—had just asked him out (again) only to be turned down (again) only to get angry (again) which lead to him apologizing (once again).

"It's my fault," Lavi replied, picking at the black polish on his fingernails. "I'm just not…" He couldn't muster up the word "interested" from his vast vocabulary. Because of that, Tyki must have gotten the wrong idea, because he touched Lavi's upper arm in a comforting sort of gesture.

"Ready? It's cool," Tyki said, smiling his winning smile. "I'll wait." Lavi felt his heart drop slightly, feeling as if it had turned to lead. He didn't want to date Tyki and it wasn't just because he was recovering from his ended relationship with Yuu Kanda; Lavi just didn't like Tyki that way, but could never find the words to tell him so.

"And this piece is the most fantastic in our collection," said the guide, giving Lavi a distraction from his thoughts. "It's been on tour after it was discovered last year in the south of France. We're dating the piece sometime in the late 19th century, when the mythical End of Days supposedly occurred." Lavi stood on his tiptoes to see the sculpture, but couldn't make out anything over the heads of the rest of the members of his class. "As you can see, the costume is very close to the 'uniform' that God's apostles wore in the epic poem. This sculpture, we believe, is supposed to depict the main character of the story, Allen Walker, who—in the final battle that concludes the story—weeps over the death of his friend and lover, whose name has been lost somewhere in history. This is considered one of the more beautiful sculptures of that century because of the attention to detail, especially in the expression. We are very fortunate to have it, so please feel free to look for as long as you'd like." As the students thinned out, some looked at the piece for a few seconds before wandering off to look at some of the other sculptures of that era. Because of this, Lavi was able to see the sculpture in all its glory without anyone standing in the way.

Upon laying eyes on it, Lavi felt something inside of him spark to life: a strong emotion he couldn't name as his feet brought him closer to the figures in the center of the room. The image was so striking he nearly forgot how to breathe and he stared with open wonderment at the main character. Allen Walker was on his knees, his head tilted downwards to look at the head resting on his lap. It was obviously another male, lying in a tattered uniform on the ground. His eye was closed in what appeared to be a tranquil sleep, even though his body suggested the death was anything but peaceful. The guide had been right when he said the expressions were so powerful, especially Allen's. From where he stood, Lavi could see the furrow to his brow as the boy stared at his lover, the tears forever etched with marble clarity upon his cheeks.

"Now that's a depressing sculpture," Tyki said, coming up behind him to lean on the satin rope that hung around the artwork. He heard the other boy biting on the lollipop irritably, probably still wanting his cigarette.

"It's beautiful," Lavi replied, his eyes never leaving the face of Allen Walker's.

"Beautiful, but depressing," Tyki stated with a sigh. "God, this is boring." Lavi was still so drawn to the sculpture that he didn't reply, drinking in every detail of the weeping stone before him without knowing why he felt like crying himself. "So where do you wanna eat after this?"

"Anywhere you want," Lavi replied, not really paying much attention. He knew that he heard the sounds of the class beginning to leave, the guide's voice echoing off the high ceiling as he led them to another part of the museum on their tour.

"C'mon. Class is leaving," Tyki said, easing off the rope to follow the others students.

"I'll be there in a minute," Lavi answered, listening as Tyki's footsteps got further and further away. He was unable to move, noticing more and more of the sculpture as he looked at it: Allen's gentle, angelic hand pressed against his dead lover's cheek, a ring on his delicate finger that matched the one worn by the deceased boy resting in his lap. He felt his chest tighten at the image and he gripped the front of his shirt, not understanding why it hurt so much.

Quiet settled over the room, the soft sunlight spilling in through the skylight above the beautiful figure made it appear like it was glowing. And Lavi didn't know why he felt so sad or why his heart felt like it was breaking, but it was that same compulsion that caused him to step over the rope and near the piece, his feet light on the marble floor as he approached it. Lavi knew it was wrong and that he should never ever touch an artwork, no matter what, but his hand moved of its own accord and rested on top of Allen's. The stone was cold and a tear fell down Lavi's cheek unbidden.

"I'm sorry," Lavi said, his voice echoing in the expansive room. He startled himself, unsure of the reason behind everything he was doing. Unsure of why he felt the need to apologize to a statue that couldn't hear him. Unsure of why he felt such a strong emotion of affection and longing within his heart that he feared it might just shatter inside him. Lavi felt suddenly very stupid, jerking his hand away from the statue's so that he could jump over the rope again to follow his class on the tour. But he couldn't help looking back over his shoulder once more before continuing towards the door. He hadn't even taken two steps when there was a crack like thunder and a voice that let loose the most painful scream Lavi had ever heard.

"RABI!" The redhead turned around to face the source of the shrilly cry and he nearly fell to the ground in disbelief. The statue in the center of the room still remained with a dead, still body upon it. But the figure of Allen Walker wasn't stone. He was moving and crying, his very real arms around the marble boy, who continued to lay still with eternal death. "RABI!" Another heart-wrenching cry made its way past Allen's throat as he cradled his lover against him, liquid tears streaming down his cheeks to fall upon the pale stone of the dead boy's lips. "Rabi…" The word—now Lavi recognized as a name—came with such sorrow from Allen's chest that the redhead trembled in profound sadness, his own breaths coming out as jerky and uneven as the silver-haired boy's before him.

Lavi had no idea what to do, as it wasn't everyday something like this happened. But Allen was crying something awful and as the redhead got closer, he could see dark red patches seeping through the strange black and white coat that he was wearing. Tears weren't the only thing that trickled down Allen's cheeks, but blood from a head wound that appeared quite serious.

"H-Hey," Lavi said, moving closer to the boy with slow, quiet steps, not wanting to frighten him further. "Y-You should probably get to a hospital." The boy didn't show any signs that he had heard what Lavi said, so he continued to near what had previously been a stone statue. "You're bleeding…let me help you, okay?"

"Leave me…alone…" said Allen, his voice raspy and choked with grief. Lavi watched as he stroked his lover's cheek and for a moment, he could have sworn he felt that gentle touch against his own skin.

"You're hurt," Lavi replied, moving closer still, until he was right in front of Allen. But the mourning boy didn't notice him, too preoccupied with the body on his lap. "You need to go to the hospital."

"It…doesn't matter…" Allen answered quietly, more of his tears falling on Rabi's stone forehead and cheeks. "I just want…to be with him…" Lavi stopped in his tracks when Allen said this, his eyes falling to the ground. Who was he to stand between them? "He…was everything…he…died for me…" Allen wiped at his eyes, smearing blood and tears over his face. "I should be…" he continued, but stopped when he looked up to see Lavi standing there. The statue form of him didn't do Allen justice, Lavi decided, as the boy before him was much more beautiful than any piece of art man could produce. Even covered in blood and bruises with smeared tears across his dirty cheeks, Allen was so gorgeous that Lavi couldn't help his stare. Clear, gray-blue eyes gazed back at him, a few crystalline tears spilling from them, clinging to long lashes.

"Ra….bi…?" Allen asked, his eyes never leaving Lavi's face as he spoke the name of his deceased lover. Lavi's heart stopped and his throat turned dry. Did Allen truly think he was Rabi? Even though Lavi knew he wasn't, he felt a small part of him that urged him to reply in the positive: Yes, Allen. Yes, it's me, and I love you, Allen. I love you so damn much... Lavi squashed this compulsion, gathering his voice to answer with the truth, no matter how much he knew it was going to hurt to see Allen's disappointed face. But before Lavi could say this, Allen had slid off the dais and begun to walk with unsteady, bleeding legs toward him. "Rabi…?" he asked again, looking at the stone form of his lover before turning his stare back to Lavi with a hopeful expression. His injured legs took him no further than a few steps before giving way, Lavi lurching forward instinctively to support him before Allen could hit the floor. "Rabi…" Allen sighed against Lavi's chest, sounding so relieved that the redhead couldn't say anything at all. And even if he wanted to, Allen went rather limp in his arms as he slipped into unconsciousness, leaving Lavi with too many questions and no idea what to do next.


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