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Again, again and again

It wasn't like he had planned for all this to happen. It just seemed to fall into place, as if it was the way it was supposed to be. Well, it wasn't how it was supposed to be. But Uchiha Sasuke wasn't complaining, no, not at all.

The warm body that was curled next to him didn't belong to the mother of his child. In fact, it wasn't even a female body laying there in the dim light. It was a beautiful body, slender and sunkissed, but there weren't any round, soft boobies on the chest. It was, and had always been, a flat chest that belonged to a male.

Even though it wasn't the female carrying the next Uchiha heir, Sasuke didn't mind the fact that the male laying next to him was Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto looked stunning in his nakedness, and Sasuke seriously considered waking him up and ask for another round. He didn't want to wake the blonde shinobi when he looked so relaxed, as if he was finally at ease.

Sasuke reached out his right hand, caressing the soft skin of Naruto's chest. His long, slender fingers looked almost white against the caramel colour Naruto's chest had. His short nails scraped against Naruto's abs, making the younger male flutter his eyes.

When Naruto woke up, Sasuke smirked vaguely. The ocean blue eyes blinked, trying to regain focus. Slowly, without noticing the hand that had been scraping his chest, he sat up and looked around the room. They were in Sasuke's apartment, Sasuke's new apartment that he had bought when he came back.

Naruto looked down on the bed, only to see Sasuke. He glanced down on himself, realizing that he was very naked. He gripped the blankets by their feet with a gasp and pulled it over his privates.

Sasuke stopped smirking, just waiting for the yelling and screaming to begin.

"Did we have sex, Sasuke?"

It was a very simple yes or no question, yet Sasuke had a hard time answer it. Didn't Naruto remember, or had he really been that drunk after all? He knew that he was supposed to say 'yes, we did have sex,' but he didn't want to.

"We made love."

"Made … love?" Naruto gripped the blankets harder. "Are you insane? I would never do such a thing with you!"

Sasuke may not look like the most sensitive person on Earth, but comments like that always hurt. "Well, you did." Sasuke said with annoyance in his voice, but the hurt hidden deep inside. He would never admit to the idiot he respected that it hurt to hear something like that.

"But I'm married!" Naruto looked terrified, his eyes wide and hair ruffled. It looked kind of amusing, but not to them. They had a little problem to deal with right now.

"I'm not," Sasuke said with a shrug.

"You used me, you bastard!" Naruto hade backed off the bed now, and was getting dressed, the blanket still covering his privates. As soon as he had put on his boxers he threw the blanket to Sasuke. "Cover up, jerk!"

Sasuke obeyed silently, covering his lower half. "Are you going to tell Hyuuga?"

Naruto stared at Sasuke as if he had grown a second head. "Hell no! She's never going to find out about this, Sasuke. You're not telling her, either."

"Whatever." Sasuke shrugged. He knew that Hyuuga Hinata would forgive her husband for being unfaithful once or twice, because she loved him so much. But she didn't love him the way Sasuke did.

Hinata would forgive Naruto, saying that it was probably just a thing when he was drunk or alike. And then, if it happened a second time, she would probably say that it was all that tension between them since Sasuke came back from Akatsuki.

Sasuke would like it to happen again. Now.

He threw the blanket aside and got out of the bed, stepping up to Naruto. They were equally tall and broad between their shoulders. Sasuke had a slightly more muscular body, and with what the way his ebony hair was spiked in the back as always, he gave the impression of being a few inches taller.

"Damn it, you asshole, you're naked!" Naruto looked away, but didn't back off.

"I'm well aware of that, moron." Sasuke smirked, standing extremely close by now. His semi-hard dick was poking Naruto's, still unclad, thigh, and his nose against Naruto's scarred cheek.

"Please, move away, Sasuke." Naruto put up his hands on Sasuke's pale chest, and turned his head slowly back to the Uchiha. His lips brushed against Sasuke's, but he did nothing to pull away.

They stood like that for what could be seconds, minutes, hours. Naruto's warm hands on Sasuke's chest, their lips barely touching and Sasuke's erection, now fully hard because of the feeling of Naruto's thigh against the tip.

It was wonderful, and they both knew it.

Sasuke moved his hands up to Naruto's hair, entangling slender fingers in yellow spikes.

"You're gorgeous, Naruto."

Naruto didn't blush, because he probably heard it from Hinata all day long. She wanted to keep him so desperately, but Sasuke wouldn't lose to the shy mouse without a fight. He needed Naruto.

"I want to be inside of you, right now."

"Then take me."

Sasuke shoved his tongue inside of Naruto's wet mouth, rubbing against the other's tongue. Naruto responded to the kiss, his lower regions stirring to life. His hands on Sasuke's chest went upwards, and stopped on Sasuke's shoulders for a while, massaging gently.

He can't possibly kiss her like this, Sasuke thought.

Even though Sasuke's breath wasn't very delightful from an entire night without having brushed his teeth the previous night, Naruto seemed to enjoy the kiss. And even though Naruto tasted like cheap alcohol Sasuke liked it.

His hands moved from Naruto's hair and down the still naked, slender back. He reached Naruto's butt, and stopped his hands there, groping the boxer clad ass.

"I want you to scream my name," Sasuke muttered, his lips moving from Naruto's mouth down his jaw. "I want you to become unable of saying anything else than 'Sasuke'."

His grip on Naruto's ass hardened, and he pressed Naruto's body against his own as he kissed the younger shinobi's collar bone.

Naruto breathed out, his hands now on Sasuke's back. "Sasuke …"

"Yes …" Sasuke's lips met the fabric of Naruto's shirt. His hands left Naruto's ass to grab the hem of the offending shirt instead. "Just like that." He pulled the shirt off.

"Sasuke…" It was breathed out once again, this time because Sasuke's tongue had licked his right nipple.


Naruto mewled and grinded his hips against Sasuke's. "Sasuke."

Sasuke said nothing, but helped Naruto out of the boxers he had put on just minutes ago. They fell down on the floor, and Sasuke gripped Naruto's naked hips, lifting him up and to the back to the bed.

Naruto fell down on the bed on his back, and Sasuke was soon all over him. The Uchiha's hands remained on Naruto's hips, and his lips travelled over the tanned, smooth skin until he reached the blonde shinobi's hard dick.

"What do you want me to do with this?" Sasuke breathed on Naruto's erection. "Do you want me to swallow it?"

"Yes! Please …" Naruto's hands were now entangled in Sasuke's ebony hair, trying to get him to suck his erection.

"Then you'll have to do a thing for me."

"Anything. Just, please!" The way Naruto sounded – so needy and wanting – made Sasuke feel dizzy.

"Then scream my name." And with that, Sasuke leaned down and took the head in his mouth.

"Sasuke!" Naruto gasped, trying to buck his hips up, but was held down.

Sasuke slowly took in more and more, until his nose was almost buried in blonde curls. He released the dick, leaving it wet and harder. He looked at it, amazed that the precum that leaked out from the slit could feel so good in his throat.

"Why did you stop, bastard?" Naruto panted, glaring down with icy eyes.

"Because I want you to cum when I'm inside of you." Sasuke crawled up, pressing his lips against Naruto's. Naruto could taste himself on those pale, soft lips. "I want you to cum, screaming my name, fisting the sheets and crying for more."

Naruto wrapped his legs around Sasuke's waist. "Please, take me, please, Sasuke …"

"I'll cum immediately if I bury myself inside of you now." Sasuke admitted. "You'll have to give me release first, and then make me hard again. It's not difficult. Just suck me."

Naruto nodded, his eyes half-lidded and his nose a little red. He unwrapped his legs, and his hands abandoned the messy, ebony hair. "Sit up."

Sasuke sat on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor. Naruto kneeled before him, placing his hands on Sasuke's knees, parting his legs.

Naruto licked his lips at seeing the Uchiha Sasuke sitting on the bed, naked, with spread legs.

His hands moved from pale knees and upwards, caressing Sasuke's inner thighs. "Sasuke …"

"Yes…" Sasuke watched as Naruto leaned closer and swallowed the head. "Na-naruto!"

The blonde jounin relaxed in the back of his throat, taking Sasuke's entire dick in his mouth and throat. He leaned back, sucking on the head and licking the slit.

"Oh, yeah, baby, harder!" Sasuke refrained from bucking his hips up and gagging his lover. Instead he fisted the silk sheets under him and leaned back as Naruto bobbed his head up and down. "Naruto … more!"

The younger shinobi gave a few last sucks, before Sasuke climaxed. Naruto tried to save all of the sperm inside of his mouth, but some dribbled down his chin and stayed on his lips. He stood up, leaning closer to Sasuke.

He pressed his lips against Sasuke, coaxing the Uchiha to open his mouth. When Sasuke opened his mouth, Naruto did the same, and let the seed fleet to Sasuke's mouth.

Sasuke slid his tongue inside of Naruto's mouth. Sasuke's sperm and their saliva mixed, and dribbled down their chins and down in their naked laps as they kissed.

Sasuke didn't mind tasting himself, but he would much rather see Naruto swallow all of it, so he pushed the last that remained in his mouth into Naruto's. The blonde swallowed, before pressing his lips against Sasuke's again.

Sasuke forced Naruto down on his back in the bed. "I want to take you so badly … on all fours. I want to see how your back move and tense when I'm inside of your ass."

"I want you to get this over with," Naruto growled, biting Sasuke's ear playfully. Sasuke was a little hurt by the comment – do I really mean that little to him? – but he didn't show it.

"I'm not hard enough yet," Sasuke whispered, nibbling on Naruto's shoulder.

"Then jerk-off." Naruto gripped Sasuke's wrist, and guided the pale hand to Sasuke's semi-hard dick. Sasuke encircled himself with long fingers, and Naruto nodded. He started moving his hand, and it felt good.

He leaned his sweaty forehead against Naruto's warm chest, his hand still moving and making his own dick harder.

"Yes, Sasuke," Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, closing his eyes as he listened to Sasuke's sharp intakes of air. One of his arms travelled down Sasuke's back, reaching his naked ass. "Hurry up."

He slid a slender finger inside of Sasuke, and the Uchiha gave a startled cry and grimaced against Naruto's chest. "Moron," he panted.

Naruto ignored the insult and instead he searched around for Sasuke's prostate. He couldn't find it, so he pushed in his middle finger to join the search. When Sasuke gave a surprised gasp, Naruto knew he had found it.

He stroked the bundle of nerves again, and Sasuke bit down on his nipple.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Naruto smirked, but took away his fingers.

"Yes … Now, turn around and let me penetrate you."

Naruto obeyed, turning around, standing on his knees. Sasuke's hands caressed his upper arms and forced him down on all fours gently. He felt Sasuke's lips between his shoulder blades.

The lips and the tongue went further down, down to his ass. Sasuke placed his hands on Naruto's butt cheeks, parting them and leaning down. He stuck out his tongue, licking a long line along Naruto's asscrack.

"Aah…" Naruto clenched his eyes shut, gasping. "Sasuke."

"Louder." Sasuke muttered, giving Naruto another slow lick, ignoring the pink hole. "Make me wish that my cock was inside your ass."

"Sasuke, please …" Naruto buried his face in a pillow, frowning as another wave of pleasure came over him as Sasuke's tongue played with his ass.

"I said 'louder'." He stuck out his tongue as far as possible, letting it penetrate Naruto's hole.


"That's more like it," Sasuke smirked and let his tongue wet Naruto's ass. "Again."

"Sasuke! Ah, yes, more!" Naruto cried out. Sasuke's tongue disappeared, and Naruto felt something else be plunged inside of him. "Sasuke!"

The two fingers moved in and out in the, now wet, ass. "If you want to feel my dick inside of you, you better tell me in a way I can't resist."

Naruto let out a gasp, his face now scrunched in a cute grimace from the pleasure. "Please, Sasuke, let me feel your big, hard cock in my ass. Take me, please, take me!"

Sasuke found no reason why to tease Naruto anymore. He didn't want to risk it. If he waited too long, then maybe Naruto would realize what he was doing, and that he was a married man. Sasuke didn't want that.

He positioned himself by Naruto's ass and slowly sank inside. It was amazing; being swallowed by the tight heat was amazing.

"Har-harder!" Naruto stuttered, his cries muffled by the pillow. Sasuke scowled, gripping the pillow and pulling it away. Now he could hear Naruto's pants much better. "Move, you bastard!"

Sasuke's scowl disappeared, and he started thrusting. The friction was incredible, and he found himself going faster.

"Fuck me harder, Sasuke!"

Sasuke didn't really like the fact that Naruto saw this as a fuck, because Sasuke was not fucking. He was showing Naruto his love in a physical way, because to Sasuke, love was a physical thing.

But he went harder, loving the sounds of Naruto's moans and the bed's creaking.


Sasuke leaned over Naruto, sucking on the blonde shinobi's shoulder, and he kept thrusting in and out in a fast pace.

"H-harder! Fuck me harder, damn it!" Naruto gasped, feeling Sasuke's thumb running over the head of his dick. He loved the feeling of Sasuke's chest against his back, the feeling of Sasuke's hard cock inside of him, the feeling of Sasuke's lips against his shoulder from behind.

Sasuke stopped the kissing, groaning. "Touch yourself, Naruto. And scream."

Naruto nodded, his blonde hair tickling Sasuke's cheek. He steadied himself on one hand, and let the other encircle his shaft. "Oh, yeah," he moaned. "Sasuke …"


"Sasuke!" Naruto screamed out. "Sasuke, harder! Sasuke, faster!"

Sasuke smirked – I love hearing my name like that – and leaned his forehead between Naruto's shoulder blades as he thrust faster.

"Sasuke!" With a sharp cry, Naruto came in his own hand, spilling his seed over the purple silk sheets. Sasuke continued to go in the same fast, hard pace and Naruto yelped when his prostate was stroked from time to time.

It wasn't long after until Sasuke climaxed, filling Naruto generously with what he had.

They stayed still, panting and trying to see straight. Naruto was the first to move, giving Sasuke a slap and trying to get the Uchiha to get out.

Sasuke straightened himself and pulled out. He watched his own semen slide down Naruto's smooth thighs and over his ass. Without a word, Sasuke gripped Naruto's ass cheeks and parted them.

He leaned down, kissing the sperm-filled hole and penetrating it with his tongue. Naruto gasped, and parted his legs to give Sasuke more room.

Sasuke licked up the cum that was leaking out of the hole, lapping and sucking. Naruto moaned as Sasuke's lips kissed down his thighs to lick up more of the sperm.

"… Give me …" He moaned. Sasuke frowned in confusion, and then he understood what the younger jounin meant. He returned to the pink hole and sucked, licking up as much sperm he could before he abandoned the ass.

Sasuke let Naruto turn around, and they shared a kiss. They tasted sperm, and it dribbled down on their chins, and they took turns in lapping it up from each other.

They collapsed on the bed, and Sasuke gripped Naruto's shoulder, pulling him closer. They lay still for what felt like hours, but the sun stayed yellow, and the sky blue, which told them that it was still day.

"I hate you," Naruto said. His voice was hoarse from screaming Sasuke's name. He had probably remembered that he was married. Sasuke inwardly groaned. He just wanted to sleep. And he wanted Naruto to sleep there, in his stained bed, with him.

"You could never hate me." Sasuke muttered, confident that he was right. "You love me."



It wasn't supposed to happen. But Hinata knew that she couldn't stop something like this to happen.

Her lavender eyes were filled with unshed tears, because she had thought higher of her husband. But seeing him sleeping in Sasuke's arms told her what she needed to know.

Her father would be furious to hear that she wanted to break up with the Rokudaime. When he had first heard that she was engaged with the Hokage, he had been proud – even happy. But now she would disappoint him again.

But she knew divorcing Naruto was the only way. Otherwise neither would be happy. Naruto would continue visit Sasuke like this, because she knew that Naruto was addicted to the Uchiha. And she would be miserable to know that she wasn't enough.

Maybe now she could marry her cousin Neji like her father had wanted from the start.

She gave the two males in the bed a last look. The blonde man she gave a sad glance, while the ebony-haired male received a jealous look full of hatred.

Then she left them to sleep alone, and when Naruto woke up, she would be ready with the papers.


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