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Again, again and again

Hyuuga Neji was not happy about this. The divorce between his cousin and the Hokage had not been written in the stars. This was wrong. It meant that he had to marry her. Shinobi doesn't marry each other – it's foolish, stupid. As a ninja you risk your life everyday, he couldn't marry someone.

He was an ANBU, which meant that he didn't do as many missions as before, but they were longer. How would he manage to have a family?

Besides. What would TenTen say? She would cut off his head! Or even worse – his hair!

He couldn't have his silky hair cut off. Do you have any idea for how long he had waited for it to become this length?

He sighed, gripped his eagle mask and looked over at his teammate. TenTen took off her beaver mask and frowned. Neji usually didn't take his mask off during their missions unless he wanted to say something important.

It was dark, but he could see her dark brown eyes narrow. He bit the inside of his cheek. He wasn't so sure how he was going to say it. How do you tell your lover that you're going to get married to your cousin because she broke up with the leader of the entire village?

"What's wrong, Neji?" She asked, and he had no other choice than to answer.

"Hinata-sama and Naruto-sama are getting a divorce." He sighed. She dropped her mask and walked over to him, from the tent where she had been seated.

"What? Are you sure? Why?" She sat down in front of him.

"Naruto-sama cheated on Hinata-sama, with Sasuke-san. She was wondering where Naruto was when he didn't come home, and the next morning she went over to Sasuke-san's place to see if Naruto-sama was there."

"So she walked in on them?"

"No, well, she saw them." Neji tapped his temple with his fingers, motioning to his eyes. "She thought they were fighting at first."

Neji nodded when she blinked in shock. She probably thought higher of our Hokage, just like me.

"This means …" She trailed off, knowing what it meant. They wouldn't be able to keep their romantic relationship.

Never again would he be allowed to see her when they were all alone, her brown hair falling over her pale shoulders. Never again would he be allowed to kiss her and tell her that she was beautiful when no one was around.

Never again would they be allowed to love each other.


Naruto sighed. How stupid could one be? He really didn't know, but Sasuke really had to be stupidest person he knew – save Inuzuka Kiba, who was a lost case.

"You can't expect me to answer that, do you?" He said, staring at his best friend.

He had been sleeping at Sasuke's place for a week now, and it was Saturday once again. Before the divorce, which had gone disturbingly smooth, he had loved being off on Saturday nights and spend them with Hinata.

He wasn't so sure that he liked Saturdays anymore.

"I do expect you to answer that. I just want to know what I have to surpass."

Naruto was feeling frustrated. The way Sasuke said it made him grimace. Couldn't the Uchiha understand that he was still sore from having been forced to break up with the wife he loved and cherished?

How could Sasuke think that he could just let go of two years together with Hinata? Sasuke hadn't even been home for their wedding!

Naruto threw Sasuke a glare. "I'm not going to tell you a shit about what happened in my and Hinata's bedroom, Uchiha Sasuke, because it's none of your business!"

"It sure is my business."

Naruto wondered how someone could sound so cool and look so calm while claiming something like that after having ruined someone else's marriage. "How can you say that it's your business?"

"You're staying under my roof," Sasuke held up a long, pale finger. "You're my best friend." He held up a second finger.

"I'm your only friend."

Sasuke continued as if he hadn't heard Naruto, raising a third finger. "I love you, and you love me." A fourth finger. "You chased me for years, Naruto, and made my choice your business. I'm making this my business, just like you made my life your business."

Damn. He's too smart for me. Naruto sighed. "Whatever. But I'm still not telling you. My sex life is never going to be your business."

Sasuke smirked and leaned over the kitchen table. "Oh, but it is. My dear, sweet, little Naruto … your sex life is my life."

Naruto leaned back, trying not to stare at those pale lips. It was a miracle that Sasuke managed to avoid the food on the table. The lips moved again.

"Because …" Sasuke shoved his plate in the floor with a crash, and crawled up on the table. His lips pressed against Naruto's. "… I'm your sex partner."

With a smirk, Sasuke more or less forced Naruto up on the table with him. The bowl with noodles tipped over, and Naruto grimaced – what a waste.

"How about we have some fun, Naruto?" Sasuke's mouth travelled down Naruto's neck, and he nibbled on the caramel skin. The blonde was soon on his back, his legs wrapped around Sasuke's waist and bucking his hips upwards.

Naruto moaned and closed his eyes when Sasuke ground his hips down against Naruto's. He didn't really know what to do with his hands that were currently over his head. He didn't want to wrap them around Sasuke's neck.

Sasuke leaned down, pressing his lips hard against Naruto's and licking them. Naruto opened his mouth – God, I'm easy – and bucked his hips up again. He thought about biting Sasuke's tongue and make a run for it … but it felt too good.

"Naruto …" Sasuke groaned. "Say it. Say it."

"Say what?!" Naruto growled, fisting Sasuke's long-sleeved shirt in his hands. "I don't know what to say, Sasuke! I don't know what to do or what to think! I don't know anything!"

Their humping stopped, even though both could feel the desire to continue. Sasuke could see how Naruto's wonderfully blue eyes started to tear up, and he panicked. This was not what he wanted!

"I don't have anything to say, Sasuke … I don't have anything!" Naruto's grip on Sasuke's shirt tightened, and Sasuke made a face.

"You have me," he whispered and wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist, pulling him up in his lap. "I'll never leave you, Naruto. I just want to hear it."

"What? What do you want to hear?!" Naruto hid his face in Sasuke's chest.

"I want to hear that you love me, that you need me, that you wa… ahh…" He trailed of when Naruto unconsciously moved his ass a little to sit better in Sasuke's lap. Naruto stopped moving, and the corner of his lips twitched a little.

Is it this simple to distract the Uchiha Sasuke?

He smirked to himself and moved his butt a little more, making Sasuke groan. He nibbled on Sasuke's lower lip. "Make me feel good."

Sasuke nodded. "I'll make you feel good." He shoved a glass on the floor, ignoring the crash and how the wine would leave stains. He had a mission right now: a mission to make Naruto love him.

He let Naruto lay down on his back on the table and then laid over him, supporting his weight on his elbows and knees.

Their kiss was wet, and Naruto's tongue was soon in his mouth – eager to play along.

The blonde shinobi let out a strangled sound, similar to a moan or maybe a sigh. They parted for air, but Sasuke could still feel Naruto's soft lips against his own.

"Make me want you." The way Naruto's lips moved against his as he talked was quite arousing. "Make me wish that I never married her. Please, Sasuke, make me love you … please."

Sasuke grinded his hips once more against Naruto's before unzipping his pants. He leaned over the blonde shinobi, pressing his lips against his, and stuck his hand in Naruto's pants.

"Mm…" Naruto bucked his hips up as Sasuke cupped his erection. "Sasuke…"

"Don't worry, Naruto," Sasuke whispered in his ear. "I promised that I will make you feel good. Just relax."

Naruto nodded, and tugged a little in Sasuke's shirt. "Take it off."

Sasuke sat up, pulling off his shirt and then helping Naruto out of his own orange t-shirt.

When they were both shirtless, Sasuke took his time to watch Naruto's seal. It was so different from his own. It kept the evil away, while Sasuke's seal … didn't.

Forcing memories from their genin days out of his mind, he leaned down and tried to make a mark on Naruto's collar bone. He knew it would disappear too soon.

Sasuke reached Naruto's lips, and they shared another kiss. He placed a warm, pale hand on Naruto's scarred cheek, and supported his weight on his other elbow. Naruto arched his back off from the table, making their chests rub against each others.

Sasuke had to shift to remain balance; moving one knee in between Naruto's legs and the other a little higher up by Naruto's hip.

Naruto seemed to enjoy the shift, as he bucked down a little to stroke himself against Sasuke's knee. Sasuke groaned, unconsciously grounding his erection against Naruto's hip.

"Sasuke!" Naruto gasped and his hands left to unbutton the Uchiha's pants. He fiddled with the zipper for what felt like ages, but Sasuke didn't complain – God, I love having his hands there.

When the zipper was finally out of the way, Naruto stuck his hand inside of Sasuke's pants and boxers. He grabbed the fully erect cock, and gave it a slow pump.

"Naruto … you idiot … you're going to make me cum in my pants." Sasuke moaned and used all of his self-control to move Naruto's hand away from his dick.

"But I want you to cum," Naruto tried to escape Sasuke's grip on his wrist. "And then I want to drink every single drop of it."

Sasuke groaned. "Don't say such things."

Naruto made an impatient sound and bucked his hips up.

"Eager, aren't we?"

"Of course we are." Naruto muttered and reached Sasuke's cock again and let his fingers travel over it. "Who wouldn't be eager to have this inside of you?" He had some saliva dripping down his chin, and Sasuke found himself wanting to lick it up.

But before he could reach it, Naruto had wiped the saliva away. Annoyed, he leaned down for a teeth-clanking, lip-bruising kiss.

"Uuuh…" Sasuke found himself sounding like a caveman as Naruto's long fingers encircled his shaft. "Damn …"

Naruto let out a low moan and his half-lidded eyes made him look even sexier. Sasuke wanted to pound into him just like that, but he had promised Naruto to make him feel good.

The Uchiha gave a groan as the blonde shinobi stroked him slowly from below. Naruto wrapped his legs around Sasuke's pale waist, but continued to jerk him off.

Sasuke glanced down on his lover's pink lips, wondering if they would ever form the words "I love you".

He felt Naruto's grip on his dick loosen. "Harder," he murmured, "h-harder…"

Naruto's hand disappeared fully, and Sasuke scowled. Naruto just smirked up on Sasuke. His ocean blue eyes watched how Sasuke's ebony bangs plastered to his cheeks, how his onyx eyes were half-lidded and how his breath came out as soft pants through pale lips.

That was when Naruto realized that Sasuke was beautiful.

"Sasuke," he whined and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck. "Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke!"

Sasuke made a grimace to show his concern and pain, before leaning his forehead against Naruto's chest. They stayed like that, both trying to ignore how hard their cocks were throbbing.

"My beautiful, beautiful Sasuke," Naruto whispered and kissed Sasuke's hair.

Sasuke didn't answer. He got out of Naruto's tight grip and placed himself by the blonde shinobi's entrance. He plunged inside without preparation or anything.

Naruto let out a gasp, tears welling up in his eyes. He blinked them away.

"Oh yeah," Sasuke clenched his eyes shut as he leaned down and forced his tongue inside of Naruto's mouth. He started to thrust in and out of the smaller man with force and speed. "Ah. Fuck, this is amazing…"

"I want you," Naruto breathed. "Ahh…faster…I love…fuck…more!"

Naruto arched his back off the table, and Sasuke forced his eyes open to look down on his gorgeous blonde lover. His eyes found a small bowl of wasabi and he reached out a hand, supporting his weight with his other arm.

He dipped his finger in the bowl, his thrusts slowing down. He put the index finger on Naruto's lower lip, smearing it out a little. Naruto's pink tongue darted out to lick it away, and Sasuke's own tongue was soon there too.

They fought with their tongues about the little click of wasabi, and Sasuke tried to concentrate – it was almost impossible while thrusting into Naruto's tight heat. He yelped when Naruto bucked down to meet his thrusts.

He placed one hand on Naruto's ass, to stop Naruto from bucking down – I'm going to cum if he doesn't stop that – and used his other hand to reach out and grab the bowl of miso soup.

Naruto gasped when he felt hot liquid on his flat stomach, and made all his muscles clench – including the walls around Sasuke's dick.

"Bastard! It's fucking hot…aahh…" Naruto shut up when Sasuke stopped his thrusting completely, afraid of coming if he continued, and leaned down to lap the soup up. Naruto's hands sneaked into the Uchiha's dark hair.

Sasuke moaned as he reached a nipple and bit carefully on it. He couldn't help it, but he had to start pounding into Naruto's ass again. The table started to thump against the wall, but the sounds Naruto made was even better.

"Ah…Sasuke…more…fuck me...faster!" Naruto scrunched his eyes shut as his prostate was hit dead on. Sasuke helped him guide his own hand to his dick. Naruto's slender fingers encircled his cock – I'm in heaven – and started pumping along with Sasuke's thrusts.

"Naruto…" Sasuke spilled his seed inside of the Hokage, and slumped over the blonde shinobi.

"Damn, you're a heavy bastard."

Sasuke grunted, closing his eyes for a while before pulling out. He still had a promise to hold on to. He glanced at Naruto, who lay on the table and panted as if he had been running to Iwagakure and back.

He shoved two slender fingers inside of Naruto, searching for the blonde's prostate. When Naruto let out a yelp, Sasuke knew that he had found it. He stroked it with his middle finger once more before pulling out.

He got off the table and leaned over the edge so that he reached Naruto's ass. He licked Naruto's thigh clean from sperm, and swallowed it. He then took Naruto's entire cock in his mouth – training with Orochimaru in his younger years had made his gag reflex to magically disappear.

He sucked hard, and Naruto gave a deep moan. Sasuke tried not to smirk around Naruto's dick as he bobbed up and down. He put Naruto's slim legs on his shoulders so that he could get closer.

His pale, straight nose buried in bright blonde curls and he closed his eyes before feeling how Naruto tensed. He pulled back slightly before Naruto could cum in his throat. He tried to save all of Naruto's seed in his mouth, but he swallowed some before he even got back up on the table again.

Naruto sat up, Sasuke straddling his thighs. He watched how Sasuke swallowed even more of the semen, until the Uchiha's mouth was empty. Naruto glanced to his left, noticing that there still was some food left. He smirked and glanced back at Sasuke, who seemed to get the idea.

Before Sasuke could say anything, Naruto attacked his lips with his own.


Hinata blushed. "W-what did you say, Kiba-kun?"

"I asked if you wanted to go on a date with me. Or is it too soon?" Inuzuka Kiba was grinning widely; hope glittering in his dark brown eyes.

He wasn't as handsome as Naruto, not as smart as Naruto, not as funny as Naruto. But he was caring, loving and had no phobias that involved the word "love". It ached in her heart as she remembered how hard it had been for Naruto to tell her that he loved her. He rather showed her than told her.

It would have been nice if he had at least told her once in a while. "Sure, Kiba-kun. I-I'll go on a date with you." She smiled as he jumped in the air and let out a howl.

She wished Sasuke good luck. He would need it if he wanted to get out the three famous words out of Naruto.

The End…?

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