So...I've been rewatching my Green Wing DVDs recently and somehow I just couldn't settle after watching the special and felt in desperate need of a little what-happened-next and some self-indulgent fluff. So here it is. Enjoy the Mac and Caroline love...


She rolled over and groaned into the pillows, only half-aware of the fact she'd pulled his pillows to her, however all too aware that they smelt of his shampoo. The sheets rustled loudly beneath her as she fidgeted, everything seemingly conspiring against the possibility of allowing her to forget the reality of her situation. The moonlight crept under the curtains and danced across the floorboards towards her so she buried her face deeper in the pillows to avoid it, being met with another wave of his scent and almost wanting to punch the pillows because of it. She squeezed her eyes shut tighter but it was no use, within moments she found herself sobbing silently into the darkness. She couldn't get used to sleeping alone, not after the few years she'd had of sleeping with him by her side. It had only taken one week for her to completely fall apart.
"Pull yourself together, Caroline," she choked but the tears refused to dissipate. She was scared and alone and the only man capable of soothing her wasn't there. Why did he always have to know how to make her feel so capable? Couldn't he have at least had the decency to leave her with some instructions?

Just as she finally managed to compose herself, the bedroom door creaked open and she sniffed, sitting up.
"Hey you," she whispered in as bright a way as she could manage, sniffing and wiping hurriedly at her eyes as her tiny companion clambered up on to the bed. Lola Macartney yawned sleepily back at her as she crawled across the duvet and scrambled in to the crook of her mother's open arm. Caroline couldn't help the smile her daughter provoked in her and she looked down at the four-year-old's prettily pale face with affection. There was so much of her father in her that sometimes Caroline had to wonder what the girl actually got from her and she was slightly surprised that the miniature copy of her husband's features in the little girl's face didn't prompt a fresh onslaught of tears.
"Mummy I can't sleep," Lola mumbled through another yawn and Caroline sighed.
"Me neither sweetheart," she said, seeing no point in denying it. She stroked the little girl's hair, letting her mind wander to happier times as she and her daughter finally began to drift towards sleep.


Doctor Caroline Macartney. It had been a year and she still couldn't stop smiling in disbelief as she thought it. The duvet rustled a little as she rolled over, and she held her breath a moment, trying to judge if he was awake or not. She was trying to concentrate on sleep but sleep was difficult when all she could think about was their day together. She smiled again, unable to stop herself. Their first wedding anniversary. Neither of them had really expected Mac would be alive for it; as frightening as it was to say, they both knew he really shouldn't be. They were doctors, both of them good ones too, they knew it made very little sense for him to make it past a month. Yet here they were, one whole year together. Alive together. And of course, Mac being far more cunning than she had ever been, he had managed to catch her unawares, planning everything before she'd even realised the date had arrived.

"What are you smiling about?" a gentle voice interrupted her thoughts and she blushed a little. He could always make her blush, often with very little effort on his part. Sometimes she felt as though he knew the mess going on inside her head and was almost embarrassed by it. She turned over in the bed, immediately coming face to face with that amused smirk of his. He was bright in the darkness, everything about him was bright. It made no sense that he could be dying, not someone like Mac, someone so vibrant and...well, alive. His blue eyes glimmered in the moonlight which crept beneath the bedroom curtains and she felt her breath catch a little in her throat as he tucked rogue strands of her unruly hair in to an order that even she didn't understand. As far as she was concerned, that was true love; a man who knew what the hell her hair was supposed to be doing with itself.
"I know you Doctor Macartney, if I tell you what I'm thinking you'll only tease me," she retorted and he chuckled lightly, pulling her over to him. His arms were safe and warm, his chest strong without being daunting, and she pressed herself close to him, burying her face in the fabric of his pyjama top.
"I won't, I promise. Just this once," he told her quietly. She felt the vibration of his voice and closed her eyes, powerless.
"Honestly? I don't know how I got here," she admitted quietly. He smiled, kissing the top of her head and squeezing her slightly.
"Couldn't tease you for that if I tried."
"Why's that?" she frowned.
"I don't really know how it happened either," he explained softly and she blushed again.
"Soppy git," she managed to tease and he laughed, kissing her cheek.
"Shut up and get some sleep," he smiled, leaning back slightly but making no move to free her from his arms. She smiled tiredly and felt her eyelids start to droop as he left her fall asleep against the rise and fall of his chest.