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The feeling slips through her skin like silk, teasing her, deceiving her. She closes her eyes.

Through her lids she can see him. She can always see him, because he is always there. Whether it is in hidden glances or whispered words. Or kisses, trailing down her body when she is on the verge of sleep.

She will never escape him.

It is easy after a while. When his midnight calls come and she is alone. When he is trailing his finger up and down. Tracing her face, her neck, her breasts. It's just for now. It will be over soon. This is what she tells herself every time she hears the creak of her door opening and the silent footsteps. It will be over soon.

She stopped screaming a long time ago. There's no point in screaming when no one can hear you. Or worse still, when no one wants to.

So she lies there. Still. Calm. Shutting herself off for another night. Another long, endless night. Promising herself that he will finish.

It is only when he leaves, with a silent slamming of the door that her heart sinks. Because as often she tells herself that it is over. She knows he will come again, and there is nothing she can do to stop him.

She trembles. Not in fear, but disgust. She stopped being scared a long time ago. She knows what he will do. She is prepared. He tears through her, littering her with sweet words he knows she wants to hear. Because, despite it all, she loves him. He is her father, after all, and everybody loves Admiral Worthington.

But no matter how much she showers she can never get it off. That stench. That dirt that she always feels whenever he comes to visit.

He pulls her in, again and again, and every single time she feels sick.

Fathers aren't supposed to do this. She knows this. But when you have power, you can do anything, be anyone.

So Felicity vows that one day, she will have power.

Because then nobody will creep in at night.

Then no one will dare to hurt her ever again.

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