I did say that there'd be an epilogue... enjoy!

A Twilight FanFiction
By Becky Scarlett-Cullen


When Prince Edward married the Shadow, Isabella, the City went into uproar. No-one could believe that a mere slave girl had caught their King's attention. It gave oppressed men and women everywhere hope. If she was freed, then… couldn't they be, too?

Under the new King's rule, the City was returned to its former glory. Slavery, and Shadowism were abolished, and those who had been freed were rehabilitated in safer environments, and given jobs that they were actually paid for.

The Queen was often seen out on the streets, helping the homeless, working as a teacher. It was a common sight to see her dressed like a Free, saving lives. She and her husband fell very much in love, and together, they saved the City. The time of the Shadows had gone, and the light ruled.

James and Victoria Nomade, Queen Isabella's old Master and Mistress, were put to work in the Palace, as were their two oldest daughters. They were not Shadows, though—King Edward was not so cruel. Alice Nomade, in return for her help, was given a position in the Royal Wardrobe, though, more often than not, her duties involved chasing the Queen and her many children, and forcing them into the clothes they were supposed to wear. Alice and Bella became great friends, bound by kindness.

And thus, in friendship and love, those who deserved to lived happily ever after.