Hi again, everyone (hello? Anyone?). I have a story for you to read, if you dare. Its Shinji x Rei, and it is...a lemon. Worse, its a one shot lemon. One of those fics where characters go from 'friendly' or whatever to doing it like rabbits in a ridiculously small amount of time. But still, why not. OOC I guess, though most such stories are. This story is likely lower quality than my last one (see my profile, RxR please! Pleeeease?), as this was written very quickly one day when I was bored. So be afraid. Be very afraid.

*Dons extra flame retardant suit*

Enjoy! Or not, as the case may be.


Rei Ayanami strode along the darkened street, the sparse streetlights illuminating her face as gusts of wind ruffled her azure locks. Clad as always in a school uniform, the enigmatic First Child stalked through the night in a clipped manner, as if marching in a parade. She found that manner of walking most efficient.

Despite her omnipresent poker face, Rei's mind was currently a swirling maelstrom of conflicted emotions, higher thought and base urges clamouring within her skull. Though she would have seemed emotionless to most passers-by, those that knew her and could see her well would know she was feeling abnormal. Her breathing was faster than usual, and a slight hint of colour was visible on her porcelain features. Anyone who was looking from underneath would also have noticed a small damp patch situated in between her legs.

Rei was conflicted. I have never felt like this before, she mused silently, acutely feeling the grey cotton of her panties rubbing against her womanhood with every step she took. Every step which propelled her closer to the home of Misato Katsuragi.

Of course, Rei never thought of it as that. Misato owned the apartment, but she knew it in her mind as where Shinji Ikari lived. He is the cause of this. she thought to herself. The reason I am feeling this way. A small part of her felt angry at that, as the blue-haired girl was suspicious of change…But somehow, most of her being welcomed this new feeling. Rei's life had always been colourless and monotone, both emotionally and physically. Her apartment was bleak and barely tolerable, her wardrobe held school uniforms and little else save a shirt three sizes too large and her expression was one of near-permanent apathy. Even her role as an EVA pilot was mostly boring, health checks and synch tests with nought but the occasional Angel to spice things up. In fact, just about the only thing not plain and drab about Rei's life was Rei herself.

In appearance, the First Child was anything but normal. Of medium height with pale white skin, she possessed an almost otherworldly beauty, her heart-shaped face set with eyes of ruby and framed with fluffy blue hair. Her body was showing the onset of puberty, and at the physical age of fourteen she possessed a rather impressive figure, one that would only improve as time went on. Her dress was rather modest, being slightly baggy and concealing most of her curves, but it still showed enough of her legs to be attractive.

At last, Rei reached the door to the complex where Misato's apartment was located. She looked down at the keys she held in her right hand, feeling slightly guilty at the way she had spirited them from their owner. Then again that owner had been Asuka, so it wasn't so bad. Rei had felt an unusual urge to smirk the day after her theft, overhearing the Second Child rant about being locked out for half an hour in the rain. She considered it payback for the other girl's horrible attitude towards her. A thought struck her that the Second might interfere in what she was planning, but she consoled herself that she could tie Asuka (and Misato, if necessary) to their beds before she started. She would not want to be disturbed.


Finally Rei found the right key, and sighed inwardly as she stepped into the blessed warmth of the apartment complex. Warmth was a rare commodity for Rei, considering her apartment's faulty heater and her lack of warm clothing. Quietly closing the door, she ascended the stairs, soon finding herself at the door of Misato's apartment. Two wrong keys later and the door swung gently open. Rei looked around. The apartment was clean, dark and silent, with no sign of an occupant. Then again, it was past midnight. Rei checked the bedrooms of Asuka and Misato, finding them both empty. As it was Saturday night, she wasn't really surprised. Katsuragi will be out drinking with Mr. Kaji and Sohryu may be with Horaki, she thought.

Her next action was to enter Shinji's room. She tiptoed towards the bed as silently as possible before sitting down on the side, and then discovered something odd. Shinji's SDAT player was still playing, even though the boy himself was asleep. She switched it off, and then stared fondly at the sleeping Third Child. He breathed softly, not moving as she removed the earphones of his SDAT and placed them on the bedside table. She gently stroked his face as she recalled her experiences with the boy, the way he had cradled her in his arms as Sachiel assaulted the Geofront, how he had cried in relief after rescuing her from her superheated entry plug, how he had tried so often to talk to her, befriend her, get to know her better.

I should have responded Rei thought despondently, but I did not know how. However, she knew a way to repriocate his affection now. She was aware that a lot of complex social manouvering was meant to take place beforehand, but she had never been any good at that. Best to cut to the chase. She hurriedly removed her panties, but left the rest of her clothes on-she couldn't stay long, Misato and Asuka would ask questions if she was here in the morning, not to mention NERV itself- and placed them by the SDAT player. Having done so, she pulled back Shinji's blankets and snuggled up beside him, feeling him shift and mumble at this unknown presence. Rei recalled her research, performed in internet café's all over Tokyo-3 (many of which she was now barred from due to the nature of her research, something Rei found rather inconsiderate), and leaned in to lightly kiss Shinji on the lips. He shifted again, so she kissed him again, slightly deeper this time. He stirred, but did not wake.

Rei frowned. He needed to be awake; his consent was important in this endeavour. With a slight sigh she kissed him a third time, enjoying the sensation of his lips against hers. Then she slowly pressed her tongue in between his lips and into his mouth.

That woke him up.

Shinji's eyes widened as he took in the situation. Rei felt his mouth drop open in shock and disbelief, and she took the opportunity to kiss him even harder, slowly exploring his mouth. In the same moment she shifted her weight, straddling the boy against the off chance he might try and escape. Breaking the kiss, she pressed her forehead against his own, gazing deep into his dark blue eyes. My favourite colour…She thought.

"Is…Is this a dream?"

Rei blinked. A what? "No."

Shinji's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open in amazement. He struggled to find his voice, but could not. He could barely breathe, so great was his shock. Inside, his mind was reeling. Rei…she's sitting on top of me… and kissing me! Oh god, please don't let this be a dream…

He gulped, and at last found the strength to speak. "Ayanami, why are you, you, doing this?" He stuttered out at her.

Rei smiled. It was a small smile, but a smile nevertheless, and it was beautiful. She was beautiful. She remembered well the stunned fashion in which Shinji had reacted the first time she smiled at him, and had decided it would be good to do that again.

"I wish to show you my feelings. I am largely incapable of doing so with words, so I shall do so physically, with your consent." She spoke softly.

Feelings? She likes me?


Yeah, way to go Casanova, Shinji's mind muttered sarcastically to itself. Rei did not seem to mind, but she asked another question.

"Do you care for me?"

"C, c, care for you?" Shinji stuttered again.

"Do you care for my wellbeing? Do you see me as special? Are you interested in me in a romantic sense?"

Shinji knew that nearly anyone his age would answer in the affirmative if it got them a girl like Rei, but he was speaking the truth when he whispered:


"I feel likewise." Was Rei's response, and she leaned in to kiss him again. Shinji returned the kiss this time, whilst running his hands gently over her soft, delicate body, stroking, petting, exploring. Several minutes later they broke the kiss, and Rei moved upwards until Shinji's head was in between her shapely legs. She wanted to make him happy, but she had needs too. Her partner stared in adoration at Rei's flower, his erection straining to break free of his boxers. Her opening was dripping, a sticky fluid coating her vagina and even dribbling down one leg. He leant up and licked away the descending bead, then slid his tongue up her thigh to wipe away the trail it had left. She tastes good… he thought.

As Shinji licked around her entrance and sky-blue pubic hair he moved his hands, massaging Rei's tight buttocks. He applied a little pressure on them, and she pressed herself downwards, her entrance a mere half-inch above him. Shinji's tongue snaked out again, to gently touch her opening. Rei gasped softly above him, and he moved in to kiss her vagina, coating his lips in her juices. Shinji savoured the moment, then kissed a little deeper as his tongue flicked forwards yet again.

Rei wanted to moan as she felt Shinji's tongue inside her, pressing herself deeper onto him as she felt him lick and suck at her most private place. He explored her at a slow rate, letting her savour the feeling. It was heavenly, but Rei soon found that she needed more. Pressing herself harder against Shinji's face, she did her best to make him aware of her needs. He responded instantly, and rapidly began flicking his tongue inside her. Rei started to pant and whimper as the sensation near overwhelmed her. Shinji was eager to please, and ate her out with vigour. Before long, Rei could feel a heat building inside her, and knew that soon she would climax. She moaned loudly and started rubbing herself against Shinji, grinding her womanhood into his face. Shinji responded by pushing his tongue as deep inside her as he could, using it to lap at Rei's clitoris.

Rei could take it no more. The blue-haired girl struggled in vain to hold back a scream, the last vestiges of her apathetic mask crumbling away under the pleasure. She had been repressed for far too long, and now at last she had found an outlet for her frustrations. The mounting climax slammed down through her like a tidal wave and Rei shrieked in delight, pleasure alien to her being ripping the scream from her lungs as her first orgasm blazed like lightning through her veins.

Slowly the pleasure faded, and Rei flopped onto the bed by Shinji's side. The Third Child was smiling widely as he wiped her juice from his face, flushed from the experience and happy that he had pleasured her successfully. Rei hugged him, squeezing the boy tightly and kissing him with as much passion as she could muster.

"Thank you!" Rei gasped out, when they finally broke the kiss.

"Its not a problem." Shinji whispered in response. I should be thanking her he thought. For letting me do that.

But before he had a chance to speak, Rei had moved again. With one swift movement she pulled down the boy's's underpants, throwing them aside and staring at what lay beneath. Rei had never seen such a thing before, and the sight filled her with curiosity. Whilst not enormous, Shinji was nevertheless quite respectably endowed, especially for his age. It was probably genetic, Rei reasoned. Penis size was supposed to imply sexual ability, and Rei could see no other way but the physical for the commander to get women, at least since Yui's death had effectively killed his humanity. It was to be expected that such traits would pass to his son. For a moment she felt guilty about such disrespect to Gendo, but she dismissed it. The boy before her had done more for her than his father ever had.

Shinji just watched as she stared at his member, feeling somewhat nervous at the way her eyes were fixed to it, a curiosity only a rare few could detect evident upon her face. Slowly she reached out and ran a pale, slender finger along his length. Shinji gasped at the soft touch. This did not go unnoticed for Rei, who looked up for a moment, then repeated the action, hearing a small moan escape Shinji's lips. She continued stroking for a little longer, considering her next move. He used his mouth upon me she mused, smiling unconciously at the recollection, so I shall return the favour.

"Sit up" Rei spoke softly though firmly. Shinji immediately obeyed. Doing as he was told had become an important survival trait for him, what with Asuka living nearby. For a moment thoughts of sex with the German redhead filled his mind, but the images which had fueled his fantasies so many times simply could not compete with Rei sitting flesh-and-blood before him. The very thought filled him with guilt. I'm loyal to Rei, he told himself firmly.

His train of thought was quickly halted with Rei's next action. Without a word, the azure-haired beauty took his tip into her mouth, causing Shinji to gasp in shock and pleasure.

"Ayanami..." he moaned, lost in the sensation.

Rei pulled back and looked up at Shinji.

"Is that action acceptable?" She asked.

"Yes" Shinji gasped. "Please, do it again!"

Rei complied, taking a little more and starting to suck. Shinji groaned as the feelings shot through him, Rei's actions bringing him an almost unimaginable level of pleasure. Rei continued the routine for a while as Shinji marvelled at just how good it was. The way her head bobbed up and down, the wet heat of her mouth, the fact that it was Rei Ayanami of all people who was doing these wonderful things... Rei for her part was enjoying it immensely. Shinji's fluids tasted odd, but she was growing to like it. And the way he moaned and praised her made it all worthwhile. She was glad he was enjoying it, wanted to prove her affection and repay him for the way he had pleased her earlier, and happy too that she enjoyed the process. She planned on doing this to him many times in the future.

Meanwhile, Shinji placed his hands on Rei's shoulders and started gently pushing more of himself into her mouth. Rei was all too happy to take it,and as she sucked an idea formulated in her mind. Remembering Shinji's actions upon her, she licked him, sucking him like a lollipop whilst flicking and teasing him with her tongue. Shinji closed his eyes and groaned -he couldn't take much more of this. He could feel himself nearing orgasm, and despite the incredible feeling he knew he had to say something, to warn her. He doubted Rei wanted him to cum in her mouth.

"Rei, i'm going to cum" he gasped out, not caring that he had used her first name. Rei was spurred on by his comment, redoubling her efforts. Shinji groaned again, for longer this time. Maybe she hadn't heard?

He opened his mouth to speak again, feeling as he did a heat building inside him.

'Rei...I'm -' He was cut off, feeling the pleasure blaze thnrough him like white-hot fire in a climax which milked him of every drop of fluid he had. He just screamed, feeling Rei's tongue flick back as she swallowed without hesitation, and kept sucking until the pleasure faded. She pulled her head back, looked up at him and smiled. Shinji smiled back, his mouth working wordlessly before he finally decided to just hug her. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, their tongues entering each other's mouths, feeling the taste of one anothers juices mingle in the liplock. When they finally pulled back, Shinji slumped back down on the bed, whilst Rei pondered her next move. It didn't take long. We will become one, the blue haired girl decided.

Leaning forwards again, she started kissing Shinji gently, all over his face. Before long the Third Child responded, savouring her feel. Shinji's mouth started moving down Rei's face until it was targeting her neck, pressing his lips to her whilst breathing in her sweet scent. Rei wore no perfume, but her own smell was enough to drive him crazy. Rei continued her own kissing, before starting to lick and nibble at his ear. They were getting aroused again, and soon would need release. And Rei knew that it would take more than a tongue to satisfy her this time. A firestorm of lust blazed in her chest as she took one of Shinji's hands by the wrist and positioned it under her vagina. He got the message fast and started caressing his new lover, stroking and rubbing at the damp slit as she sighed in appreciation. They continued like that for a little, before Rei decided it was time to take action.

"Stop" She whispered quietly into his ear. A bemused Shinji did so. What had he done wrong?

Rei moved, positioning herself so that her entrance hovered just above the tip of Shinji's manhood. Shinji gulped.

"Rei...We can't do that."

"Why not?" She asked, confused.

"Because I don't have any protection." Shinji replied quietly.

"I have. I take medications from NERV every month, and they include a contraceptive in case of accidents." Rei countered.

Shinji opened his mouth to respond...but never got the chance. Seizing the moment Rei slammed herself onto him, feeling equal parts pain and pleasure shoot up her body.

"Aah!" She gasped involuntarily, gripping Shinji's shoulders tightly. Shinji looked stunned as she slowly rose up, rising until he was barely inside her at all, then dropped again. There came two gasps this time, both fully of pleasure. Rei started repeating the action, a mixture of passion and concentration evident in her eyes. Shinji just considered the feeling as he stared. She's so wet, so hot, so tight! He thought. This is incredible! But...what should I do? He asked her, and got a simple response:

"Assist me."

Shinji did so immediately, moving his hands to her pale hips and helping her move up and down on top of him. It felt amazing, but he wanted to do more. As Rei slammed down again he thrust upwards inside her, earning a gasp of shock and delight. Rei was suprised, but quickly overcame it, adjusting to his movements. The two moved to some unheard rythm, keeping to a steady pace. But then they began to accelerate, slowly at first and then faster, their quiet panting becoming gasps and groans as the pair approached climax. Rei could feel the heat, knew it would be even better than last time, and pumped herself even harder upon Shinji's solid member. She was breathing hard, chest heaving as sweat dampened her clothes - she regretted leaving them on. Shinji's hands gripped her lower body tight and she hugged him close as they put everything they had into the moment, feeling the pleasure build and growing frantic to feel it. Finally Rei knew it was time. With one last movement she rose high and smashed herself down onto Shinji even as he drove himself into her with every ounce of strength his body posessed. The pair came simultaneously, Rei letting loose a scream as she bounced upon Shinji's penis, feeling his juices explode from his body to meet her own as a shout left his lips. Craving the pleasure they kept moving until their bodies could move no more, before slumping to the side and lying still. After a few moments Shinji reluctantly withdrew, before kissing Rei softly on the lips.

"Thank you" they both whispered softly.

Rei waited until her heart rate had returned to normal before rising from the bed.

"Rei? Where are you going?" Shinji asked, concerned. The blue haired girl responded calmly:

"If I am found here in the morning, there will be questions. I do not believe I am ready for that yet."

"Uh...well, okay." Shinji spoke slowly, feeling a headache coming on. "But...will we ever do...anything like, like that again?" He stuttered, still nervous about talking about sex despite having just experienced it.


"When?" Shinji blurted out. Rei paused, then shrugged. Shinji blinked. She'd never shrugged before. Then again she'd never crept into his room at night for sex, either, so it wasn't all that shocking. Shinji frowned. Why was she just shrugging? It was as if she didn't really care when, or if, they did it again.

"Rei...Did you enjoy that as much as I did?" He asked, dreading the answer. He could well remember her shrieks, but his lack of self-esteem warranted the question.

"At least as much" was her reply, followed by: "We could have intercourse tomorrow, if you'd like?"

Shinji nodded so much he feared his head would fall off. "Rei, are we a couple now?" He spoke quickly, figuring that if he said something he may as well say it fast, before he had second thoughts from his fear.

'Rei paused for a moment, then smiled yet again. "Of course!"

Then she paused. "Ika-Shinji, would you like to...I believe the term is, go on a date with me tommorrow?"

"Of course I would, Rei!" He paused. "But...what should we do?"

Rei responded immediately. "I have never seen a movie before, so we can go to one. Then we can get food. Then we can walk, talk and otherwise occupy our time. Then we will return to my apartment. Then we will have sex. Repeadedly."

Shinji blinked. Still, Rei had always been blunt. "Okay...How about I meet you at your apartment at 12, then we can go out?"

Rei shook her head. "I will come here. Though I would rather keep the fact that we have sexual intercourse quiet, I wish to make it clear to Pilot Sohryu that you are no longer...available." She spoke simply. "A precaution".

Shinji thought it an unnescecary one, but just nodded. "Well, I'll see you then!" He smiled.

For what seemed like the thousanth time that night, Rei smiled back. Still small, her smiles were nonetheless beautiful. "Indeed. Goodnight, Shinji."



The following morning, Shinji awoke as usual to the alarm clock. He lay where he was for a second, then stiffened as last night's events came rushing back in all their glory. Shinji being Shinji however did what he usually did in good situations-dismissed it. A dream he thought. And a sick one. Rei deserves better than to be the subject of my fantasies he thought, guilt and shame spreading quickly through his body. With a sigh he turned to switch off the alarm clock, then froze as he noticed the three items nearby it.

His SDAT player.

Asuka's missing keys.

And a pair of grey cotton panties.

A disbelieving smile spread over his face as he glanced at the clock. 09:52. He had about two hours.

He'd best get ready.