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It was quiet.

That in itself was not too unusual-NERV's science department was almost always busy, but there were times when the noise would die. The highly-strung silence of an Angel attack for instance, or the equally terrifying moments when the head of science was angry-a rare occurance, but all the more frightening for it. And there were times when the myriad rooms would be empty, though there was usually someone, somewhere, working on something.

Two such late-night workers were sitting in one of the larger offices of the department. Dr Ritsuko Akagi yawned softly as she half-heartedly worked through the paperwork which all but covered her desk. The remnants of a cup of coffee sat next to her, and a half full (or half-empty, depending on your disposition) cup sat a few feet away, where another woman sat. Maya Ibuki wiped sleep from her eyes as she tried to concentrate on the papers, but it was no use. She was seeing double. With a sigh she grabbed her cup of coffee and downed its lukewarm contents, Ritsuko following soon after. Then, as one, the two women stood and headed for the coffee machine. Then there was more silence, broken only by the sighs of appreciation as the blessedly hot liquid poured down their throats as quickly as it's heat would allow. When those cups were finished a few minutes later, the two women looked again at the paperwork before giving up in disgust.

"Sempai," Maya spoke wearily, "the work will still be here tomorrow. Its so late its early. You could use some rest." There was concern in her voice, and Ritsuko couldn't help but smile at it. It was nice to know that somebody cared.

"You're right Maya. Its just...I can't help thinking that I'm walking out on what needs to be done.' The faux-blonde replied in an equally tired voice. "I know I can't do anything properly like this, but it makes me feel guilty. The Angels won't stop for our comfort, after all."

"Sempai, if you want you can see it as...a matter of efficiency. You'll do more work after twelve hours rest-or a day, or two. You must have a lot of leave saved up by now."

"As always you are correct, Maya. What would I do without you?" Ritsuko asked with a fond smile. After so much fast-paced working formality was breaking down. She smiled wider as Maya averted her eyes, blushing at the compliment. Cute Ritsuko thought. She shook her head. Need sleep... She dreamed longingly of her bed.

"You would do fine, Sempai. I'm a bother." Maya replied, then yawned widely. "Should we go?"

"A few minutes, Maya. Its been a long day." She glanced at the clock nearby. "Long day and a half" She corrected. Maya nodded sympathetically.

"I hear you had to give Rei 'the Talk'." Spoke Maya.

Ritsuko shuddered. "You heard correct. And if I hear her ask something like "What is the scientific definition of love" again, I will scream."

Despite herself, Maya smiled. "What did you tell her?"

"That there wasn't one. That it had to be something each person discovered for themselves." She snorted. Maya frowned.

"Why, though?"

"Why what?"

"Why give her 'the Talk'? Has she done something?"

Ritsuko smirked. "More like someone. I did the full health test on her last week, when you were ill. Searched every nook and cranny to make sure she was fit to pilot. Only her, of course. The other two are exempt, but Scary Shiny Glasses up there wants to make sure nothing's happened to his precious little Rei. This time, something did."

"Who?" Maya asked, curious. She found it hard to imagine the frostily silent First Child having sex with anyone or anything. Not that she was ugly, in fact Rei made Maya jealous on occasion, but she was just so...frigid.

"Shinji. DNA tests by the MAGI confirm its him." Maya didn't want to know how they 'confirmed' that, but unfortunately she could imagine. "Apparently Rei has quite the crush on the Third, so she does some research, sneaks into Misato's apartment and fucks him! Her thought processes were actually quite logical, in a totally ridiculous manner. So anyway they're dating now, and doing it like rabbits on the side, turns out Shinji's pretty good for a schoolkid. The Commander got a bit angry though, but if he does anything their synch ratios will drop like a lead balloon. If you'd seen his face when I told him about it, Maya...Oh, it was hillarious." Ritsuko found she was grinning. She'd never been so informal with Maya before.

Maya for her part was feeling uncomfortable about this conversation. She wished she had been getting some at that age-or at all, for that matter. She crossed and uncrossed her legs as Ritsuko stretched herself. "Sometimes it feels like everybodys getting laid save for me" Ritsuko muttered softly. She had what could at best be considered an on-off relationship with the Commander, but he hadn't done it with her in months, and Ritsuko was tired of waiting.

"And me." Maya spoke in an odd voice. To tell the truth she had been thinking about the subject a lot recently, and always her desire came down to the woman who sat in front of her. It was hopeless, though. She knew that.

"The two of us, then...Misato got back with Kaji last month...Even Rei's getting some...sometimes it sucks to be a single woman, Maya." Unbeknownst to Maya, her attentions were not unrequited. Ritsuko had become increasingly attracted to her brown haired, pretty little assistant in recent months. She had tried to deny it, but to no avail. So she had embraced it. A cunning plan formulated in her mind as she adjusted her skirt and slung her legs onto the table. Maya's eyes flicked immediately to the Doctor's pale, slender legs, and then surreptitiously travelled up their length to Ritsuko's skirt, something the doctor easily noticed. She shifted again to give Maya a better view.

Maya was terrified. She could see a lot of Ritsuko's legs, but her underwear was just a little higher. Just a few inches. Maya felt guilty, excited and frustrated all at once-if she just leant to the side she could see it all, but Ritsuko was bound to notice... Ritsuko had noticed already, in fact. Having pity on her assistant she moved again, giving Maya an eyefull of her black, lacy underwear. Maya stared at her own personal heaven, desire written across her face in an ink of pure lust. After a few seconds Ritsuko spoke.

"Enjoying the view?"

Maya's eyes widened as a terrified squeak escaped her mouth. Her face flushed until it was as red as a traffic light, and she immediately scrunched her eyes shut.

"I'm sorry, Sempai..." Maya whispered. Idiot! She told herself. She had just started loosening up and you ruined it! She'll never forgive me...She thought mournfully.

"Why? I'm flattered, Maya. You don't have to be ashamed! Anyway, you can be quite tempting at times..."

Maya's eyes snapped open. There was no way her sempai had just said that. "Sempai?"

"You're a very pretty woman, Maya. You could have anyone you wanted, but you never seem to try. Why not?"

Maya gulped. This had to be a dream, or a hallucination, or something along those lines. But she knew it was real, deep down. She steeled herself. "I...don't want anyone. There's only one person I want, and she..." Maya knew Ritsuko wouldn't stop asking until she got a satisfactory answer so she confessed, as reluctantly as Misato passing up beer.

Ritsuko waited.


Ritsuko rose. Maya watched in confusion as NERV's head of science knelt beside her chair, the position giving her a perfect view up Maya's skirt.


"Fair's fair, Maya. You saw me, I see you."

"Um...okay..." Maya was getting excited now. She had never even dreamed that her attraction might be requited. Well, she had dreamed it, dreams from which she had woken with heavy breathing, a sweat covered body, a yearning in her heart and ache between her legs. But to think that it might be real... She was more aroused than she could ever remember being, at the level of need where it is all but impossible to think of anything but the moment. Ritsuko could tell, but she wasn't quite sure how to phrase her next request. She was a good judge of people, and had suspected Maya's interest in her for some time-since the attack of Iruel she had been sure. But she had only admitted to herself that it was mutual a little while ago. Finally she came to a decision. It was an uncertain world, after all. The Angel attacks had made her perfectly aware of her mortality-every day could truly be her last, and so there was no time to waste. For all she knew, the 13th Angel might be strong enough to annihilate them all, so it was best to act now.

"Maya, are you free Saturday? Because I know a place we could eat."Ritsuko would quite enjoy dinner with Maya, and had full intention of doing so. But there was another reason for her word-choice. This is going to sound like something from a porn film Ritsuko mused, but sometimes, subtelty isn't an option.

Disbelief and joy flooded Maya's heart. Sempai was asking her to dinner! "O-of course! I'd love to!"

Ritsuko smiled. "Okay. But Maya..."

"Yes, Sempai?"

"I'm hungry now, Maya. I could do with a snack, and I have my eyes on just the thing..." She whispered, still peering up Maya's skirt.

"Get up."

Maya did so immediately. There was no way this was happening, but it was best to go along with it.

"Lie on there." Ritsuko gestured to the table. Maya lay on one of the few areas not covered by paper, her imagination arguing vehemenently with her sense of reason. Ritsuko could barely wait. She'd show Maya just what she'd been missing... Slowly, teasingly, Ritsuko drew down Maya's panties. Her young assistant was shaking, and her womanhood glistened with moisture. Ritsuko leant down and lightly toughed her fingers to Maya's slit, feeling the girl gasp in delight as her fantasies came to life. Ritsuko smiled and stretched Maya open, before gently touching her insides. Maya gave a quiet moan, and Ritsuko sped up ever so slightly. The faux-blonde scientist explored Maya slowly, pressing at the most sensitive areas of her vagina. Then she started to lick. Maya juddered below her, and Ritsuko felt her own lust rise. Pulling back she clambered onto the table beside the other woman, grinning widely.

"Sempai, don't stop! Please, why are you stopping?" Maya gasped. Ritsuko kissed her reassuringly before playfully squeezing Maya's breasts through her uniform. Though not as well proportioned as say, Misato, Maya was nonetheless sexy, especially to Ritsuko's eye. She slid on top of her assistant, placing her knees on ether side of the woman's head. Maya reached up eagerly and pulled down her Sempai's underwear, taking a moment to breathe in the scent. "Oooh Sempai, you smell so good..." she moaned, soon followed by a louder moan as Ritsuko began to finger her.

"Lick me, Maya. Its you're first time, right?"


"Then don't try anything fancy. Just lick me, okay?"

Maya gasped her assent, then immediately set about her task. Ritsuko smiled as she felt the other woman's tongue enter her. "Harder, Maya. A little deeper...There! Thats perfect! Just keep that up!" Ritsuko withdrew her fingers, sucking the juice off both of them. Then she leant down and let her tongue resume it's actions. Maya groaned in delight, though the sound was muffled by Ritsuko's body pressing down upon her. It wouldn't take long to fulfill Maya's fantasies, as Ritsuko was quite adept with both her tongue and fingers. And indeed, soon Maya could feel a heat growing in herself, knew she was nearing her limits. Finally, as Maya was mere sconds away from climax, Ritsuko changed entirely. Instead of licking she started to probe and tease her partner, knowing that the longer the wait, the more it would be appreciated at the time. Plus it was incredibly sexy to hear Maya whimper and moan. Maya for her part redoubled her efforts upon Ritsuko, struggling desperately to repay the pleasure she was being given. Time to finish her off Ritsuko thought, resuming her prior actions with earnest. In the same moment she lifted her hindquarters into the air, giving Maya breathing room. Mere moments Maya came, squirting her juices wildly as her nether lips spasmed and contracted from Ritsuko's skilled ministrations.

"SEMPAI!" Maya screamed, before words were lost in her primal shrieks. Her whole body shook as the orgasm tore through her, her cries loud in the otherwise silent room. As soon as she was able Maya resumed her own licking, Ritsuko rubbing herself back and forward, her hands tight on Maya's knees. Ritsuko arched her neck and groaned loudly as she too approached orgasm, Maya making up in enthusiasm what she lacked in experience. Finally Ritsuko climaxed, crying out wordlessly as Maya's tongue brought her release in an orgasm that whilst not amazing, was certainly quite good for a first time. What seemed like an eternity later, the feelings died away, and Ritsuko's cries subsided. NERV's chief scientist quickly clambered off the table and walked to the coffee machine, her underwear still around her thighs. She retrieved two cups of coffee and set one beside Maya, who was just sitting up.

"Drink up, Maya." Spoke Ritsuko with a fond smile. "You did really well for a first time!"

Maya smiled back, a blush of happiness adding itself to the afterglow of their lovemaking. "Thank you, Sempai. But I'll never be as good as you...You're incredible." Maya spoke in awe. Ritsuko smiled.

"You make a good flatterer, Maya. I'll see you on Saturday, I think I'll take your advice...I really could use a break. You could come over sometime, if you want... " Ritsuko spoke that last in a husky purr, a tone which made Maya's heart beat like a jackhammer. She watched in curiosity as Ritsuko took a pen from her breast pocket and grabbed a peice of paper, writing something upon it.

"Sempai, what's-" Ritsuko handed it the paper-upon it was a phone number and address. She blushed and took it, thanking Ritsuko before grabbing her own pen. A little writing later and Ritsuko took the paper, and the two women set about wiping sweat (amongst other things) from their faces, drinking their coffee and pulling up their underclothes. Maya closed her eyes, feeling a blissful smile spread over her face in memory of their intercourse, hearing Ritsuko say goodnight and answering it in kind. And then she finally rose, tucking the paper with Ritsuko's number into her pocket and exiting the room.

Meanwhile, far across the geofront, Misato Katsuragi turned her face to the security guard observing the cameras.

"One word of this to anybody, anybody at all, and you, my friend, are screwed even more thoroughly than Rei was last night." She spoke icily, then paused. "And you can forget I said that, as well."