Hi another NCIS fic,

Tiva (because I love it so much)

Jenny sends Tony and Ziva undercover, they are to infiltrate a group of suspected terrorists and feed back their plans to NCIS. Get in get out ASAP… at least that was the plan.

Ziva sat patiently in the passenger's seat of a black mustang whilst Tony drove steadily to the meet.

She replayed their previous conversation in her head:

"I will drive Tony"

"No Way Ziva"

"Why not"

"Because, I want to at least get there, alive!"

Her driving wasn't that bad was it?

She was shaken from her thoughts when Tony voice infiltrated her mind.

"Zi, were almost here" He said

She nodded.

Ten Minutes later and they were pulling into a deserted alley.

Ziva got out first.

'Wow she looks amazing' Tony thought.

She had been forced to ditch her cargo pants for some tight fitting black pair of designer trousers, with a black top with laced sleeves, her hair had been straightened and pulled back into a pony tale.

Tony was wearing jeans and a tee shirt nothing as glam as Ziva, she was supposed to be this exotic hard-assed drug dealer with the reputation that if you screwed her over … you were dead within hours… Tony was her 'goon'. He was her manual labour guy.

Tony watched her walking over to another car, following behind her.

She stopped about two meters from the car, a man got out, as far as Ziva could tell, he was tall, dark and handsome.

"Jezebelle Norazo, I presume"

"You presume right, Mr?"

"Jordan, Blake Jordan" He responded looking into her eyes.

"Well Mr. Jordan, have you got the money?" She asked returning his gaze.

"Straight to business I see, I like that… yeah I got it" He looked into the car and nodded. Two men stepped out and went to the boot.

"You got the my kit?" He asked with a smile

She smiled evilly looked behind her at Tony and said: " Scott, fetch Mr. Jordan's package…"

He nodded, turned away from her and went to the boot of their car; he pulled out a suitcase and walked back to his partner.

"I'll take the cash now and I have more 'goods', as you put it, coming in this afternoon, meet me at the docks for your final instalment… then we start work" 'Jezebelle' said.

"Don't think so baby, see you don't get your cash, till I get my fix." Jordan said.

She smiled, before he knew what was happening he was pinned against a wall with 'Jezebelle's' hand around his neck. His men had guns aimed at her whilst Tony aimed his sig at one of them. 'Jezebelle' leant in close to Jordan's ear, whispering, she said:

"Look, I am going to take that money and meet you at the docks later I will be there, but hey it is up to you if you come too, I don't give a crap about how much drugs you want me to make but" using as a harsher tone she continued: "Nobody, takes me for a fool, nobody gets cheap on me and nobody tries to screw me over… you got that?"

She released her grip on his neck.

He looked shocked for a minute before giving her a look that shivers down even her spine and walked back to his car.

"Hey, do you really think that was a good idea?" Tony asked her

"Made it more believable did it not?" She responded

"What is up with you? We aren't in Mossad here, we aren't trying to assassinate this guy, we need him to want to talk to us and we sure as hell don't want to be killed in the process." Tony ranted trying to stare Ziva down.

She stared back at him: "You done?" Before walking away.

"Yes" Was all he responded.

They got into the car and drove towards the hotel they were staying at. Ziva was the first to break the icy silence.

"Tony…I…I am sorry. I should have thought more about the consequences back in the alley, it just seems that … … … … never mind" she looked down at her lap.

"No Ziva, its ok, I get it, its your training… you did it to survive, like you always do… it always seems to work out… don't worry about it… and hey … never say your sorry…"

"It is a sign of weakness," she continued for him smiling.

He reached over and tussled her hair.

"So … Scott huh? Where did you come up with that?" Tony asked

"I do not actually know… it was the first name that came to mind." She looked at him before continuing, "besides, Scotty dogs are gorgeous little dogs and well you kind of remind me of one."

He looked offended then pushed her arm, "you know officer David, I could get quite upset by that "

"Yes Agent Dinozzo, you could … but you wont" She replied smiling at him.

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