I sat straight up on the bed I had let my day dreaming get a little out of hand again and I had upset myself once again I tried to shake it off "it's just a memory" I told myself as I waited for my son to wake up I had just remembered my time with Edward and I started to become depressed about him leaving me 5 years ago and then finally I heard my son running in

"mommy, mommy its time for school"

"yes it is honey" as I looked at him I remembered how he looked exactly like Edward he had bronze hair which was glittering under the light and shinning bright green eyes that shown up at me

"mommy I wanna go to school now"

"it's not time yet honey we still have and hour" then I started thing of how he had gotten Edwards enthusiasm for learning he always wanted to learn something even though I was told children were naturally curious I noticed that just like his father he was always wanting to learn something anytime anywhere

"im gonna go get dressed now mommy"

"ok honey" I said as I watched him run from the room

I was going to school also since I did not need to work since Carlisle had been sending me money I thought back to the night when I went to the hospital to give birth scared as every and Carlisle stayed with me though the whole thing after I had pleaded with him not to call Edward or tell him anything about it since Edward had made the choice to leave me and tell me he didn't love me anymore I was sure on the fact that telling him would be the wrong thing to do so Carlisle listened to my wishes and did not inform Edward of our son but he said he would be sending me money every week because he didn't want me to have a hard time and so that I could pursue and education if I wanted to but I didn't wanna go to collage so I saved the extra money and put it in a collage found for Aiden I had tried to get a job but I wanted to be home with Aiden as much as possible and the job I had were so demanding that I was barely home and with the money from Carlisle there was not need to work so I decided to move to a new town that was on the other side of Seattle because I discovered the High school and Elementary school were on the same schedule so I could have more time with Aiden and not be bored all day my best friend Angela and her husband Ben had moved here with me to try and help out with Aiden when I need it and Angela had gotten pregnant right after I had and also had a son Ben Jr. I was going to name Aiden Edward III but I knew it would hurt to much so I stuck with Aiden and since Angela and Bens family both had money and Ben worked as a lawyer in his dads office so because they were fine on money Angela did not work and stayed home most of the day with Ben Jr. who she had home schooled but I convinced her to put him into school with Aiden so they would have each other for comfort

"mommy it's almost time to go"

"ok honey im coming"

And I got off the bed to get dressed and ready for our first days of school