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Edward left to go get Aiden from Carlisle's office and I was alone in my hospital room staring at the ceiling dreaming about my new daughter.

Who would she look like

What color are her eyes

Would she be smart

Would the kids at school see how great of a person she is

Then the door busted open and Aiden came running in

"mommy, I have a sister., and I got to hold her and feed her" he then sat down next to my bed and told me stories on how he fed her and how all the nurses said she was the prettiest thing they'd ever seen.

"well Aiden that's great buddy I'm glad you love her"

"me too mommy she the best birthday present ever"

It took me a minute to realize what he had just said but then it hit me it was Aiden birthday today which meant she was born on his birthday which also meant they have the same birthday

And he wasn't mad


"well happy birthday baby, I guess she was a good present"

He smiled and jumped out of the chair

"mommy Auntie Alice and Grandma Esme said they would take me shopping for clothes for me and Elizabeth so I have to go bye"

Then just as fast as he came in he left and ran out the door with Edward behind him making sure he made it to Alice

When Edward came back in I didn't even notice until I felt a hand grab mine

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you"

"it's ok Edward I was just daydreaming"


"what she'll be like and how our life will change

"well it sure will be different with two kids but we'll make it"

"well I should hope so Edward we have to take care of them they are our kids"

"yeah I know, I just hope she doesn't have as much energy as Aiden does he reminds me of Alice. You know they have become great friends and I think that's why they have so much energy they can keep up with eachother"

"well that's good at least someone can keep up with him. And I could us more help with a new baby anyway"

"yes but I'll be helping you two, or did you forget about your loving husband"

"no I didn't forget about you Edward. Edward we never did finish setting up the nursery or buying her things. I saved some of Aiden's toys and I put those in there but we need some more stuff and lots of clothes"

"it's alright love we can go when you get out of the hospital"

(going home from the hospital)


We were about a block from home and Bella was worrying again

"are you sure you buckled her in right. We still need to go shopping when can we do that"

I was really surprised at how much she worried. We had gone shopping and bought some clothes and stuff for the nursery before the baby was even born and now she wanted more. But I guess the surprise waiting at home will make her feel better

-AN- I will update again Monday or sometime next week and tell u what the surprise it :D