"Ungh… Guren… more…"

Watery beads splashed onto skin and soaked the white sheets.


The shikigami rose on his knees to gaze at his young lover, looking absolutely delectable as the sheets twisted around his flawless naked form. With his silky black hair fanning above him, the young spirit master could pass off for a girl if not for the weeping erection gleaming in the summer moonlight.

Guren bent to kiss the soft lips that were parted in lustful abandon, and Masahiro eagerly welcomed the sweeping tongue with his own, starting the steps to a passionate dance in their oral cavities. Passion-numbed fingers combed through fiery red hair, and hips rocked and rolled against each other with moans and whimpers. So caught up in their lovemaking, neither noticed the first of their audience.

"How long have they been at it?" Kouchin asked a ready-to-puke Seiryuu.

Silently, the Guardian God hoped the rimming he'd provided earlier was enough for his lover. He was too far past the point of no return to bother with preparing; just remembering the sounds Masahiro made while he was doing it made him even harder, and he moaned unconsciously into the kiss. Feeling questing fingers creep on his belly, he pulled back to watch them wrap around his cock and pull him in gently. Sighing, he sank into the tight warmth of his young lover, peppering soft kisses on the face that contorted with pain.

Byakkou covered both Genbu and Tai'in's eyes with his large hands as soon as he joined the viewing audience.

"Move, Guren." Masahiro urged, thrusting his hips.

"Yes, my love." Said person managed before he began a series of sharp, sudden thrusts and long, languid pulls, hitting the spot within the young man that made him cry out the shikigami's name as his body arched and his toes curl to the delicious tension building within him.

"Dearie me, has someone been teaching him the ropes?" Rikugou shot Suzaku a dirty look.

Guren hooked the other's legs in his arms and increased his pace, his blood racing from the guttural moans that were emerging from Masahiro. Feverishly he plastered wet open-mouthed kisses to the spirit master's neck and collar, and then leaned further down to take one very aroused nipple into his mouth.

"Ahh! No… not all at once…" Masahiro panted, precariously leaning on his elbow as Guren made love to him. "Oh no, I'm going to-"


Both bodies arched into release, crying out as Masahiro decorated their chest with white lace and Guren unloaded his hot seed into his lover, before collapsing into a panting sweaty heat on the above mentioned soaked sheets. It was through the hazy maze of collecting themselves that they finally noticed their audience.

Both parties stared at each other.

Then Masahiro went redder than tomato, and Byakkou vanished with Genbu and Tai'in still in his arms.

"So this is why you look so tired in the mornings, huh." Kouchin mused. It was more of a statement of fact than a question.

The last straw for the connected couple on the ground, though, was not from Seiryuu.

"So this is where you all are." Seimei exclaimed as he walked into Masahiro's room.