Chapter 134

Momentary flashes of memory flickered at the edges of its eyesight like a strobe light. He could sense feelings and emotions like some long-remembered dream, impressing on his mind like a song stuck in his head. But that's all they were, just flashes, just brief glimpses. The immediate present managed to keep them at bay. But if he slowed down for even a second, the memories would come back and nag at him. So he kept moving.

His large feet, bare now, splashed in the filthy water of the sewer. Rats and other vermin, as if sensing his approach, ran for cover. His pants were shredded, hanging in tatters from his legs, barely held on by the belt still fastened at his waist. His shirt and lab coat were also ripped up, the blood splashed across them dry now. He didn't even know whose blood it was, his own or someone else's. Those memories were too recent for him to grasp.

His right arm was now a massive club of flesh almost as large as his torso, so heavy that he had to swing it as he walked, swaying his body from side to side like a gorilla. Rippling under the transparent skin of his upper shoulder was a roving eyeball, sliding around without looking directly at anything. The huge arm ended in a hand with long bony claws coming from each thick finger.

His skin was dissolving slowly, becoming transparent, his huge arm now mostly revealed muscle. Slowly, the skin across his chest was changing as well. His huge neck seemed ready to swallow his head. And those were just the first changes, the first stage. He could feel inside his body that more changes were coming, more drastic and more extreme than the first.

He was after something. It pulled him along like an invisible leash. Stomping through the murky sewer tunnels, spreading disease wherever he went, he slowly pursued his goal. He didn't even know what it was, at least not completely. His mind was so scattered, so muddled, that he could barely maintain a coherent thought. But his body knew the goal, his body urged him forward on his mission.

The virus that had altered his DNA so dramatically was like a living parasite, and a parasite's only goals are to survive and to spread.

But the virus did not want to just spread to any host. Interacting with new, different strands of DNA would only cause different combinations and more mutations. The virus coursing through his blood did not want to change, it wanted to continue its growth in a new host with the same DNA.

And there was only one creature with the same DNA that he had. One of his offspring, his only offspring. As he moved through the empty sewer tunnels, he could see images of her flashing in his mind, little reminders of the purpose of his search. His search for the one creature with the same DNA as his own.

Soon, he could find her. And anyone, anything, that got in his way would be destroyed.


Okay, Part Four is now complete. I hope you all enjoyed it. I know that it didn't have a whole lot of action, at least compared to the last two parts of the saga. This part was really needed just to explain some events in between the mansion incident and the epidemic in Raccoon City, so forgive me if it was a little boring at times.

I'll try to start uploading the first chapters of Part Five by June or July. Now, I know what you're thinking: I promised to start this part of the story in a few months and it took me more than a year. But don't worry, this time it will be different, I promise. Last time I took a vacation from my fiction, but I'm not doing that this time. I'm already working on Part Five, and I want to have enough of the story done that I can upload two or three chapters a week while keeping ahead of the story, like I did while I updated Part Three.

My original plan was to write Part Five and Part Six the same way they were done in the video games. That is, Part Five would cover Leon and Claire's events, and Part Six would cover Jill and Carlos's events, even though they take place at roughly the same time. But I wanted the individual story arcs to line up chronologically, and the only way I could really guarantee that is by writing them at the same time. So then I thought about combining all that narrative into one huge part of the story. That wasn't reasonable either, cause it would be 500 pages long.

So I'm doing something a bit different. I'm still splitting up the infection of Raccoon into two parts, but they will be chronological. Part Five will be titled "City of the Dead" and Part Six will be titled "Escape from Racoon City," and each part will intersperse the story arcs of Leon, Claire, Sherry, Jill, Carlos, Nicholai, Birkin, Wesker, and the rest. I have some neat surprises up my sleeve as well, so hopefully everything works out.

I am also working on a plot outline for the separate story featuring Rebecca and Billy. I doubt I will get to that this summer though, that may have to wait until next year.

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