Greeting to all my lovely fans! Thanks to you all, I have three very successful fan fictions on here. I am so pleased that you all have taken the time to read and review my stories. If you are new to my stuff and this is the first story of mine you have read, don't hesitate to read my other works. I hope you all enjoy this new story. I got the idea for it while I was reading this story called 'new love' by m. jan529. It was a story about Bella and Emmett getting together and I thought to myself 'what would twilight have been like if it was Emmett who had been the single Cullen instead of Edward? What would the story be like then?' personally, I love Emmett so I wanted to do a story about him. So here is my new story 'the bear and the bunny rabbit.' This is for all you Emmett fans. Enjoy.

Summary: what would twilight be like if Emmett was the single one in the Cullen family? I started this story exactly how the original is. I started at the cafeteria scene because nothing that happens before then is changed in my story. I'm going to tweak some background information to make my story work. I also mixed a bit of my personality into Bella's. Basically Emmett is the single one and he falls in love with Bella. This is going to be really interesting.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the lawful owner of twilight. I am not Stephenie Meyer. I do not own the characters or the original story. I've only taken her story and changed it a little. Some of this story will sound a lot like the original but no copy write infringement is intentional. I will not be receiving any money for this story.

Please enjoy this new story. If you all like the first chapter, let me know so I can post the next ones.

Emeralda Violeta