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Chapter One: I am not Sora

Roxas stood there and stared at the strange pod. It reminded him of a flower not quite in full bloom. All around him the room was white, blank, empty. Somewhere outside this room, DiZ was watching him. But inside the pod, Sora was sleeping.

Sora. Roxas thought about the boy everyone was so worried about, the boy that mattered more than him. They were ready to give up Roxas for Sora. His hand tightened around the Keyblade. He mattered, too! He mattered just as much as Sora. Why couldn't they see that?

Namine's words echoed in his head. 'If Sora wakes up, you'll disappear.' She had told him outright the end of it all. DiZs voice echoed again through the room.

"Sora can't wake up without you Roxas."

"I know!" He shouted.

The strange pod began too move. The "petals" folded outward, slowly revealing the center. Roxas watched with a mix of feelings as his end approached. Each metallic petal moved fluidly, silently. What strange contraption was this that could keep a boy asleep for a year? It didn't matter he supposed, it would be of no use ot him anyway.

Finally the last layer of petals unfolded and the center pod became visible. There Sora slept. Roxas waited, the inevitability of it all bearing down on him. He did not want to disappear. Maybe Sora was important but so was he!

The center pod made a noise and the side facing him split down the middle as two more petals unfolded. Behind them Sora became visible. This was the boy he was supposed to become. This was the boy everyone was so worried about. Even though he did not remember ever seeing Sora before this, he felt familiar.

'I am his Nobody after all.' He though quickly.

Roxas watched Sora for a moment before realizing what he must do. "Guess my summer vacation is..." He began, but stopped. He wanted to continue to exist. He did not want to become Sora, but what could he do? He was not even supposed to exist. What could a nonexistent being do to save himself?

He felt himself slipping away, becoming Sora. With a renewed defiance he fought it. He fought to stay Roxas, to not become Sora, to continue to exist.

The room began to shift in and out of focus. The digital recreation of the Twilight Mansion was failing. Something Roxas was doing was affecting it. He fought harder, pulling himself back to reality. He would not become Sora, he would not let himself.

"I'm not Sora!" Roxas shouted in defiance. The digital room shifted out of focus one last time before vanishing completely. Roxas' voice echoed in the darkness...

Namine watched Sora's Sleep Pod in the real Twilight Mansion. She heard DiZ shouting down the hall at something. Sora should be awak by now, she knew it. She had finished re-chaining his memories back together and Roxas had been led to Sora's pod in the Digital Twilight Mansion. So why was Sora still sleeping? And not just that, but Donald and Goofy were still sleeping. They should have woken up a while ago.

Something was wrong.

Suddenly the pod opened. The petals of the mechanical flower opened up as if in bloom. Namine waited with bated breath, but remained cautious. Why were Donald and Goofy still asleep? She would have her answer soon.

As the final petals fell away and the inner pod doors opened, Namine knew what was wrong. Sora was not in the pod. Someone else was. Not waiting to see who was inside, Namine ran out of the room and back to where DiZ and Riku were.

The door sip open as Namine burst inside. "Namine!" DiZ shouted standing up. "What happened?"

"I don't know," she leaned to catch her breath. "But that isn't Sora asleep in the pod!" A horrified look crossed DiZ and Riku's faces. "who is it?"

DiZ slumped back into his chair. "It's Roxas."

Roxas stepped out of the sleep pod. It felt like he had been asleep for a long time, but it had only been a few minutes, right? He stretched his arms and legs, taking his time. It felt good. He looked back at the pod where Sora once was. He smiled. Not anymore.

Making sure his abilities were in tact, he called the Keyblade. It manifested itself and Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Perfect. He was up to his full strength.

Keeping the Keyblades in his hands, he made his way back to where he had fought Axel in the Digital Mansion. There, in the real Mansion, lay Axel were Roxas had defeated him before. Axel stirred and sat up. "You're back."

"Yep." Roxas reached out a hand to help up his friend. "And Sora's gone."

"What?" Axel stared at the outstretched hand. "Sora's...gone?" He took the hand and got to his feet. "How?"

"Don't tell me you care about him, too?" Roxas turned away slightly from Axel.

"No! No, of course not, Roxas. You're my friend, right?" He tested the waters with Roxas. He had tried the friend card before when Roxas left the Organization; it had not worked.

Roxas lifted his head and faced Axel with a smile. "Right."

Reassured, Axel clapped him on the back. "You know, Xemnas isn't happy that you left."

"Yeah, but I bet he'll change his mind."

"Why do you say that?"

"I just have a feeling."

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