This is based around Ragetti's line in the first movie: "Suffered, I have!"'d he suffer?

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Despite the laidback atmosphere of the store, Ragetti squirmed in his spot and allowed a small sigh escape him. "Pint, I don't want to be here…"

Pintel throw him a withering glance and Ragetti lowered his gaze to the floor, abashed. "Sorry, Pint."

"Just quit yer complainin', yeh dolt. We'll be gone enough. We're just waitin' on Bo'sun." Pintel's yellowed eyes turned furiously to the dark-skinned, muscular man who was presently busy making short of the slight desk clerk.

Five of the Black Pearl's cursed sailors were crowding around the front desk of a small dress shop: Bo'sun, Ragetti, Pintel, Twigg, and Koehler. Bo'sun was busy bullying the meek clerk, Koehler, Twigg, and Pintel were currently raiding the place, and Ragetti was secretly eyeing a pink dress, one he figured looked awfully nice---just like the ones his mum use to wear…

"What in the name of Job—what's going on here?"

They all turned around to see a young woman standing in the doorway, hands on her hips and her head tilted to one side. Bo'sun growled deep in his throat and walked over to her. "Get out. This is not a place for a small girl like you."

The young woman merely crossed her arms over her chest and scowled. "I'm not going anywhere."

In answer, the Bo'sun backhanded her. The young woman grimaced and spat out a tooth. "I'm still not going anywhere. You think that's the first time I've been slapped like that? Although," she rubbed her jaw admiringly. "I don't think that I've ever lost a tooth before this. Now…tell me what seems to be the problem, and I'll try and fix it---without the need of violence, thank you."

Bo'sun snarled, but Koehler caught his shoulder. "Captain's not gonna like it if yeh hurt a girl."

"That's right." The young woman chirped. "A poor, defenseless girl like me." She waltzed past the pirates and positioned herself at the desk. "Now, as owner of this fine establishment, what can I do for you pleasurable gentlemen?"

Twigg smiled grimly. "The medallion. Gold, Aztec." His eyes gleamed. "We want it back."

"Want…" The young woman eased herself up onto the desk. "Or need?"

Bo'sun let out a demon growl. "Enough games. Tell us where it's gone or we'll slit your throat!"

The young woman simply grinned. "I see. A need, then. Well, you don't have to look very far. I wouldn't be traded this piece away…" she disappeared into the back and quickly returned with a small package. "Here you are. I didn't touch it. Cursed articles such as that shouldn't be touched."

Twigg reared back, startled. "How did yeh know that?"

The young woman simply smiled. "Oh, here and there a story's been told…" she handed the package to him. Twigg unwrapped it hurriedly; sure enough, there was the medallion, gleaming despite the darkness of the shop. "T-this has got to be the easiest one we've recovered yet!" he breathed.

They all turned to leave, but the young woman's voice stopped them: "Are you forgetting something?" she called, indignant.

"Wot?" Pintel asked. The young woman narrowed her eyes at him.

Ragetti knew. "Thanks!" he waved merrily at her.

She chuckled and waved back. "Master One-Eye, if you'd be so kind as to wait a moment…"

Ragetti glanced nervously at Pintel, who shrugged and left. The others followed suit. The young woman came over to him with a bounce in her step, studying Ragetti perhaps a tad to intently.

He certainly wasn't anything that warranted a look twice; tall and by far to thin---she could see his ribs from inside his ill-fitting maroon shirt. His hair was shaggy, dirty blonde---and when she decided dirty blonde she meant dirty blonde: his hair was caked with dirt and oil and all matter of unpleasantness. But his eyes were his most intriguing feature.

One, the right one, was wooden, a poor replacement for the true eye, and she could already tell it wasn't very comfortable. The left, however, was what captivated her. Blue, a clear, beautiful blue that arrested you and held you until you forced yourself to look away.

She stuck out her hand. "The name's Glory." She wrinkled her nose in obvious dislike of the name. "And you are…?"

"Ragetti. Jus' Ragetti." Hesitantly, he shook her offered hand.

"Well, Just Ragetti. What can I do for you?"


Glory gestured towards the pink dress hanging from the rack. "You were ogling it the whole time. I saw you." She flashed him a smile. "I always see potential customers."

Ragetti had decided that he liked her smile, and her black hair tied up in a sloppy bun that allowed some strands to escape. He also liked her sharp green eyes, even though they were boring right into him with the intensity designed for cannons. "It's j-jus' th-that the dress reminds me `o me mum, is all." He hung his head. "I couldn't buy it and parade around the ship wif it."

Glory watched him, and there was a little pang in her heart. "Did your mum wear red?" she asked softly.

He looked up swiftly, with a dull ache in his good eye. He nodded.

Glory clapped her hands and grinned. "Good! Follow me, then!" she turned on her heel, marching into the back. Ragetti hesitated, but decided he didn't have any other choice but to follow.

Ragetti gnawed on a hangnail as Glory dug through piles of mismatched garb, muttering to herself as she did. "C'mon, where is that bleeding piece of cloth..."

Finally, she gave a crow of triumph and revealed a long, red piece of cloth. "Here we are. Does this remind you of your mum?"

Ragetti took it gingerly and examined it. The red cloth was somewhat dingy, but durable. It was softer than he had expected…just like his mum's dresses…Ragetti looked up and gave Glory a small, lopsided smile.

"Free of charge, of course." Glory took it back and wrapped it around Ragetti's waist. "Red looks good on you."

Ragetti began to stammer his thanks, but Glory waved them away, shoving the gangly pirate out the door and into the street.

Pintel was waiting for him, arms crossed and scowling. "Wot took yeh so long?" he demanded. His gaze traveled downward to Ragetti's new garment. "Wot the heck is that?"

Ragetti blushed. "Nofing. It's jus' a cloth…"

Pintel shrugged, deciding that it wasn't worth investigating. "Well, c'mon. Don't keep meh waitin' anymore!"

They started down the crowded street, and Ragetti leaned over to Pintel to whisper to him: "Pint, do yeh believe in angels?"

"No. Absolutely not. They're jus' stories, mate."

"Well, I think I saw an angel today…"

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