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It was a year and a half, almost two years later, when the door to Glory's dress shop was opened once again by a pirate.

It had taken this said pirate a month of pleading, bartering, begging, and cajoling his two captains to stop here, in a small port town out of the way of most society. And whenever anyone asked him why he wanted to go there so badly, he simply answered: "I promised."


Ragetti stood in the door, shifting from foot to foot, wanting to go in but afraid that Glory might not recognize him---after all, he now sported an eye patch instead of a wooden eye, his facial hair had grown handsomely, and he had finally managed to fill out a little.

Then he spotted her slim figure, nearly hidden by a mount of dresses, and walked towards it hesitantly. "G-Glory?"

She straightened, brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes. Half of her face was hidden in shadow, but when half he could see was frowning at him. Then, the frown became a smile; the eyes were lit with glee and happiness.

The next thing Ragetti knew, he was being tackled by Glory, who was enveloping him in a crushing hug designed to break ribs. "Ragetti!" there was a sob in her voice. "You came back! I knew you would!" her lips latched onto his, and they remained there for a good amount of time.

Finally, she released her grip on him and stepped back, surveying him with pleasure. "What took you so long, silly?"

Ragetti couldn't answer, because his gaze was on her face; the right side of it sported a long, jagged scar---a scar that had defiantly not been there before. "Who did that to yeh?" he demanded.

Glory's eyes widened. She didn't know it, but she was the first person in the world to hear a truly dangerous tone creep into Ragetti's voice. "A man who bit off more than he could chew." She smiled, hoping to dispel the anger in Ragetti's good eye. "But don't worry---Beckett's redcoats took care of him. Seems that they were good for something after all."

Ragetti paused, thinking back to the Endeavor. Could the man who had saved his Glory's life been on that ship when it exploded?

Glory saw Ragetti relaxed and danced back up to him, touching the red cloth that she had tied around his waist so long ago. "Still got it, eh? I'm surprised. A big, bad, hero pirate such as yourself shouldn't be parading around with a dingy old cloth such as this. Especially a hero pirate who released a goddess from her human bonds."

Ragetti blushed. "Yeh heard?"

"Who hasn't?" Glory snorted.

Ragetti twitched. "Glory---I can't stay 'ere. Not fer long, anyways."

Glory frowned. "But…why?"

"Me captains. They want meh to accompany them to...the Fountain of Youth."

Glory titled her head, thinking. "Alright. I'll just wait a bit longer."

"NO!" Ragetti shouted. Glory jumped back, startled. "No, I won't let yeh. Wot do yeh think will 'appen if I go off and leave yeh, and somefink loike this 'appens again? Or worse?" he ran a finger down her scar sadly. "I couldn't live wif myself. Glory, I want yeh to come wif meh."

Glory hadn't expected this. "I don't know a thing about sailing or pirating!" she protested.

"Yeh can learn."

"And what if I get seasick?"

"Yeh won't be the first."

"I might slow you up."

Ragetti kissed her gently. "Then I'll wait fer yeh."

"Well." Glory sighed. "It's hard to put up an argument against that. Why don't we go down to the pub for a pint, and I'll think about it?"

Ragetti nodded, sure that he already had his answer.

They left the shop together, walking side-by-side with an even pace. And any curious passerby would have heard this conversation:

"So, you released a goddess from her human bonds?"


"Was she a pretty goddess?"

"Not as pretty as you, Glory."

"Good answer, mate."

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