White Shores Are Calling

A few slow notes flow,

winding across

our quiet minds

and the uncertain darkness

that surrounds us.

Enters a voice.

Slow and calm,

sings a lullaby

of the final voyage.

Verses soft and simple

are pallid blossoms

floating on

the calm sea,

gliding wayside

as the bow

cuts through

the water.

They are soon

reflected in the sky

by dim stars

emerging from the



The song's

strident chorus begins

and the beating

of the oars

increases steadily,

seeming to carry us

across a universe

of silent silver stars.

The moon rises swiftly

and sends rays

of white light

down upon

our faces,

turned upward

towards the heavens.

Now the stars

burn more brilliantly,

and we can distinguish

extraordinary constellations

imparting the wisdom

of those who

preceded us.

They guide us

across the timeless sea,

conquering the

dark shadows

in our hearts,

until these luminous stars

become white birds

that soar over

the lightening sky.

The verses and chorus

dance together again´╝î

the sunrise spreading

golden light

into our hearts.

The shade of night

is dispelled forever.

We set eyes upon

white shores ahead,

a sweet meeting of

notes that float us to

the end.