(Ikuto Pov)

The fire was burning low as I started polishing my last blade. I wiped off my sweat with a rag, most of my time is busy so getting a chance to have any fun is rare. Hey, my name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto I work for the county as a knight or at least thats what were called. Knights don't have to wear heavy armor all the time now a days. I slipped the blade back into my sheath after drying it. Then I settled back by the fire slowly feeding it wood.

"sir Tsukiyomi"


"I have your next mission sir"

did I mention that I was that was a very well known and respected knight?

"sigh, another but I just came back"

"you are one of the best"

"well alright, give it here"

I got up from my place in front of the fire and trudged toward him. Then slipped the paper out of his fingers then went back and took my place by the fire pit.

"well thank you officer"

"yes sir"

The man scurried out and firmly shut the door behind him. I flipped open the envelope and pulled out the cream file paper. My eyes shot back and froth scanning over the sheet and skimming the words. Man it's just another long term one it will take days, goodbye vacation. I was supposed to track down and stop some vampire that had been killing many people lately. That night I started packing for my leave the next morning.

"Good morning Tsukiyomi sir"


"shall I gather your things to put in the train?"

"...hm? Oh, no I can do that myself"

"well then here is your ticket we got you the best seat it's #1 first to your left"

"thank you"

the people always seem to be sucking up to me it's tiering. I stepped up into the train turning left then taking my seat. I set down all my luggage on to the other seat because I was boarding alone. The train started up soon after my boarding, the currant thump and bump of the train was soothing so not long after our departure I fell asleep.

"excuse me Tsukiyomi sir but it's almost your stop"

My eyes slowly opened to see a young lady dressed in a maid out fit most likely hired by the train to serve guests. I moved forward rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes when I saw a plate of curry infront of me.

"Mr Tsukiyomi sir I prepared some lunch for you it's almost time to eat so dig in!"

I leaned in and grabbed a fork and started inhaling the curry and rice. The food was definitely professional, the train director went over board to impress me this time.

"is it good Tsukiyomi sir?"

"yes very"

her face brighten at my answer and she started to blush to.

"hey lady! Can I have some?"

Someone had either smelled or over heard about the food, and was now calling from what seemed three or four seats away.


The maid from before didn't seem so cheery when others spoke to her. No surprise here.

"why not?"

"I'm sorry are you a executive knight from our main kingdom?!?! I didn't think so!"

Everyone's attention flashed from the maids conversation to me. At first it was an odd silence everybody's eyes were on me. Seconds later the train car was complete chaos, everyone had now gotten up from there seat and rushed over to my booth to get a better look. I didn't have to do much though I just sat there as the workers tried to make a human wall to protect me from the towns folk. After the train stopped none of the other passengers were allowed to get off until I did. So I decided to take my time. I slowly finished up my left over curry, then I stacked the utensils neatly on to the plate, after I smoothed out my hair and dusting my self off, right after I slowly picked up my luggage taking a long time as I passed my bags from hand to hand trying to keep each side equal in weight. After finally getting off the stuffy train (and pissing off the other people on it) all I had left to do today was to get a hotel room and have dinner.

"hello sir Tsukiyomi I have your hotel room ready shall I take you bags there?"

I turned to see and old man, his hair was neat and combed back and he was wearing a butler suit.


"your hotel room is ready sir"

he answered firmer this time as he stated picking up my bags. I nodded then followed him down the street. I could hear the whispers and murmurs of the towns folk, a little town like this probably never had a VIP here so I suppose it was exiting for them. I just slid my hands in to my pockets and ignored them I was used to stuff like this so it wasn't much for me.

"sir Tsukiyomi were here"

I looked up at the building in front of me but what I saw was not a hotel but a house no a mansion.

"I thought I was sleeping in a hotel"

"this town never gets VIPs so you'll have to settle for this Tsukiyomi sir"

"are you going to be my butler?"

"yes there are also 3 more maid in waiting for you"

"alright then let's go"

I stepped in to the mansion and slipped off my shoes and made my way upstairs with my butler not far behind.

"which one is my room?"

"3 down to the right Tsukiyomi sir"

I took my bags from the butler and stepped into my room. The place was great there was a chandelier hanging in the center of the celling. The bed was huge with drapes on the three sides that were not against a wall. There was a lovely fire place made of marble. Other than the sitting chair in the corner the room was really empty. I chucked my things at the end of the bed and climbed on myself. The bed was soft and comfy I just lay there fiddling with and shiny decorative string that hung from the top of the bed waiting for dinner.

(??? Pov)

I stretched out on my bed that nights dinner was satisfying and I started to get sleepy. I flipped open the the covers and slipped under. How long has it been? Since that day? I always ask myself this question before I go to sleep. I lifted my hand and grabbed my pony tail at the root.


it had been some time since then, I always say 'I'll do it this time' in the morning but I never can, can I? It is a hard thing to bring my self to do. But every day I don't do it I feel worse and worse...