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(Ikuto Pov)


Amu stood there holding up a sharp blade to her heart. I saw her hot tears running down.

"how is killing your self for me?"

"you don't get it do you? I'm the vampire your looking for"


"when I was little my father ran away and my brother died so me and my mother had to live on the streets. Later my mother got a job so I wouldn't starve, but I was attacked and turned into a vampire. I hid it for a month but one didn't bring any food I was hungry and...I...I killed her!"

My eyes widened Amu...I was so shocked I knew from her expression she didn't want to kill her mom but it was still shocking.

"so you think you should kill your self!"

"what else can I do? I'm just a monster..."


I turned to see Sena and Itami running toward us.


Sena handed me a small sheet of paper with a symbol written on it.

"what is this?"

"It can turn her human again"

I felt some hope come back to me. We could save her...

"are you willing to live now?"

Tears still rolling down her face she nodded lowering the blade from her heart. Sena then stepped forward and placed the paper onto Amus chest while consulting with a large book. Suddenly a bright light started to rise from Amu and everyone was blinded. When we were able to see again we found Amu kneeling on the ground.

"Amu I-"

before I could say any more she turned completely to dust.


I ran up all that was left was a Black Ribbon.

"What did you do!?!?!"

Sena started to furiously look through her spell book.


"Sena...what happened" Itami asked softly

"well the only way for a vampire to become human is to change them to there human state. Vampires have eternal life, so if she was very old she would just turn to dust"

I felt tears run over my face staining my face.

(Sena Pov)

Ikuto ran right out of the forest to who knows where. Later Itami went to follow him and I was alone. Had I killed someone? Thats it! I grabbed my book and began flipping through pages until I found it.