Another day soon arrived, taking everybody one step closer to Christmas. The building was being decorated, the atmosphere had changed completely and smiles could be seen everywhere. Secretly, Gibbs enjoyed watching the change. It was like everyone was possessed, a phenomenon he presumed was related to the 'Christmas spirit". It was not just the people – which were friendlier, calmer, etc – but the decoration itself. Although he couldn't care less about decorating his own house, the building seemed less impersonal around this time of year and he kind of liked it. For some unknown reason, it still made him smile, even if he didn't allow himself to be infected by the season's plague. He did consider himself to be a man of tradition – but not a traditional man – and just to prove himself right he kept and celebrated the same traditions over the years. This year wouldn't be much different; he'd do the same thing he'd done the year before – stay at home and drink Bourbon or go out and drink coffee; it was just a matter of drink. Either way he'd be observing other people celebrating – be it through the tv or live. He sat down at his desk, drinking his coffee, his mind slowly drifting to what had happened the day before at Jenny's office, or rather what hadn't happened. He'd taken the first step, something he'd promised himself he wouldn't do, but she'd been as much active as him; and if there was something he knew about Jennifer Shepard, it was that she didn't do anything if she wasn't interested in. He wished Abby hadn't chosen that moment to interrupt them, so that he could see who would stop first. He was glad she had arrived though, because the kiss that wasn't even a proper kiss was too intense the way it'd been and he was just a man, with impulses as any other. It only made things more complicated, harder to ignore, and they were already too complicated. If he closed his eyes, he saw it again, felt it again, how close...

"Gibbs" the sound of Ziva's voice woke him up. He cleared his throat and looked at her as she sat down at her desk.

Tony was the next "Boss, any Christmas present?" he asked, smiling at Gibbs. The latter stood up and Tony took one step back. The older man held him in place, gripping his shoulder, which had Tony shutting his eyes in advance for the headslap to come.

"Yeah" Gibbs said, observing as Tony opened one of his eyes "Paperwork" he added, trying to hide a smirk.

Recognising the need to purify his thoughts to more professional ones, he shook his head and made his way back to his desk. He'd been in control for three years, had been fine for three years, and suddenly he was acting like a hormonal teenager. It was really hard to understand and even harder to explain but he really had to do something about it or he'd be crazy by the end of the week. The more he tried not to think about the woman, the more he got a mental image of her. The worst was that it resembled too much the real experience and it wasn't just about the image but the perfume, the warmth, and the feelings. He needed a case, something to occupy his mind or maybe a very strong coffee would do.

"Hello boys and Ziva" Abby said, with a huge smile on her face and a black Santa hat on her head "Ready for the most boring season of the year?" she asked excited.

"Yeah, it'll be a long day" Tony agreed.

"Not as many murders as suicides" Ziva added.

Abby seemed to think about it, while walking closer to Gibbs, who was standing next to her. The Goth smiled sweetly at him, her sparkling, her feet moving with precision. Gibbs narrowed his eyes, suspecting he knew what she was about to do "No" he told her, staring at her face.

Her smile disappeared and her eyes grew wide as she looked at him incredulously "You didn't even let me finish!!"

"No" he repeated, moving away from her "I'm not doing it, Abby" he said vehemently.

She folded her arms across her chest and pouted "What about yesterday? There was something going on, right?"

He glared at her but it only had her moving closer, leaning closer as if to tell him a secret "You just have to invite the Director" she whispered.

"And why can't you do that?" he asked, glaring at her.

"Because you two are closer and she won't just give any excuse to you" Abby explained, looking at him expectantly.

"You should try it" he said, staring at the computer screen.

Abby narrowed her eyes and wrapped her arms around the screen, blocking his view.

Gibbs sighed heavily and looked at her "Abby..."

"Ask her and" Abby paused, her brain working faster to find a way "I'll let you leave an hour earlier" she offered.

Gibbs glared at her and she glared back. He knew Abby wanted him in this party but there was something suspicious in her insistence on having him asking Jenny to join them. He really should be avoiding her, wasn't like he was ready to face her again. No, not yet.

"Two hours"

Abby's eyes widened in surprise and she temporarily stared at him "One"

"Two" he said, shaking his head.

They were both stubborn and she hadn't really expected that but it was Gibbs; it was worth it. Abby sighed heavily, which Gibbs took as a sign of admitted defeat "Fine"

He smirked at her "Now find something to do"

True to what Ziva and Tony had predicted, the day was long and incredibly boring, with paperwork and more paperwork. For once Gibbs wished his friend Tobias wasn't so incompetent and hadn't solved their last case. Thanks to him, they had nothing to do and his mind could think about very inappropriate things. Gibbs, who had lost his patience many hours before, was drinking the hundredth coffee of the day and more inclined to send the team home as the minutes passed by. He'd been in Abby's lab, Autopsy, and the only reason he hadn't been in MTAC as well was the possibility of seeing their lovely Director, because he didn't know what or if he had to say something when they crossed paths. Why everything had to be so complicated when it came to them he had no idea but it was almost annoying. He sent his team home, and quickly, before he could change his mind. They didn't need to be told twice and soon were disappearing with happy smiles on their faces. He glanced at his watch; maybe he too should be going, after checking if Abby was still working. That was when he remembered their agreement. Instead of going to Abby's lab, he headed to MTAC, in search for the woman he'd been avoiding all day. The things he did for his favourite... His brain was imaging his boss for the umpteenth time that day and he resisted the constant urge to slap the back of his head – again. If she was still there, which he knew was very possible, he wouldn't apologise. He didn't have to, not when he hadn't done anything and wished he could do it again. She'd most likely not mention it so he didn't have to worry. However, it was the opposite he was worried about. After all, he couldn't simply forget what had happened, the intimacy, the familiar feelings, feelings he thought didn't exist anymore.

He couldn't pretend she didn't seem to like it, that she was going to kiss him. He shook his head, like a kiss could do any good to their already unfinished business. His patience wasn't that infallible. He passed by Cynthia's empty desk and slowly opened the door to her office. He found Jenny's desk equally empty, which was very strange, and wondered if she'd gone home earlier than the usual impossible hours and left the door open by accident. His eyes lingered on her desk and the memory of her body pressed against his invaded his mind. It'd been all so quick but still slowly enough to awake those feelings from the past, both the rational and irrational ones. Did it mean anything to her than just a missed kiss? Was she angry or regretting it? He went through all the possibilities and the details, unconsciously replaying it over and over again in his mind. It wasn't until seconds or maybe minutes later that he felt another presence near him and blinked a couple of times to return to the real world. Jenny was beside him, narrowed eyes, smirk on her face, arms folded across her chest.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked quietly, a hint of humour in her voice. She was curious to know what had him so distracted that her arrival had passed unnoticed.

The man in question looked at her, trying to focus on one of the million thoughts inside his head "Waiting" he replied, watching her every move and paying special attention to her face.

She shifted her gaze from him to her desk, not noticing anything out of the ordinary "For what?" she asked.

"For whom" he corrected her, arching an eyebrow.

She glared at him "What have you done this time? I thought the FBI agents were gone"

"They did" Gibbs said "I'm here because Abby asked me to" he explained.

Jenny nodded, her mind working on what that was supposed to mean "Interesting...And did she think that your chances were better?" she asked, unsuccessfully trying to hide the shadow of a smile gracing her features.

He suppressed a smirk but it was reflected in his sparkling eyes. He chose to left the question without an answer; it was not necessary "There'll be a party tomorrow and she wants you there" he said.

She smirked "I know, she told me about it" Jenny said "and I said I couldn't be there"

"Other plans?" Gibbs asked, hoping it sound uninterested enough.

"Not really" she replied, wondering if he was doing this only for Abby "I don't like Christmas that much"

Gibbs frowned, because they had celebrated at least two Christmas together when they were partners "Since when?" he asked, not really believing what sounded suspiciously like a very lame excuse.

"Since I can remember" Jenny replied.

"What about the ones we spent together?" he asked.

Jenny sighed and moved past him shaking her head "I don't know" she said quietly "You were there with me and I felt like doing it. Not that our last celebration was that conventional..."

Gibbs was quiet for a moment, trying to read between the lines, because he wasn't so sure if she was lying or not "Let's say that I believe it" he said and even if he couldn't see her face, he knew she was probably smirking by now.

She turned around to face him and her sparkling green eyes teased his. The smirk was still on her face and she had one of those perfect eyebrows arched. Maybe the problem was the effect it had on him, something he couldn't deny anymore. He would never have imagined that, after nine years, he'd be like this because of the same woman; none of his relationships had lasted that long. The seconds that followed were longer than they'd ever been and the silence was oppressive; not that the burning he felt inside of him had anything to do with it.

"You going?" he asked, finally breaking the silence.

She shook her head "No, I need some place quiet and my house is good enough" she said "Besides, I'm not sure if the rest of your team and other guests would appreciate my presence"

He gave her a short nod but still looked at her suspiciously "No parties you have to attend? No special dinner with some important politician?"

Jenny smirked at him "Not really, maybe Fornell was right about you being territorial" she said, receiving a glare in return that made her smile "Have fun for the both of us"

Gibbs watched intently as she moved around the room and blocked her way. She stepped to the side and so did he, which had her looking at him in amusement.

"What else do you want?!" Jenny asked, trying to move past him but failing as he mimicked her movements. She let out a deep sigh when she realised he wasn't going anywhere "What?" she asked, her hands on her hips, threatening him with her glare.

He found it very hard not to do exactly as the day before or even act on the rest of the things he had in mind. He just had to admit that he loved an angry Jenny, especially when she was standing at arm's length. He loved staring at her lips but it wasn't the only reason why he did it. The effect it had on her was definitely something to remember. At first, she felt slightly nervous, then it was replaced by the daring glare she shot him, that threatened him if he got any closer; that looked every bit the way she was now. He watched her intently as she tried to move again "I'm not sure if I'm going to the party..." he trailed off, letting his gaze drift down to her mouth on purpose, just to see her reaction "I have other plans"

She tilted her head up to look at him, trying to stay immune to his predator's gaze. She had no idea as to why he was telling her that. Was he expecting her to say or ask something? She noticed that he was standing just a little too close and wondered if it was the way he'd found to tease her, because of so...

Jenny leaner closer "Oh, have fun, then" she said, lowering the tone of her voice, making sure her gaze lingered on his mouth and went back to his eyes; and it was all she said, even if she was curious to know where he was going and with whom. Well, it certainly answered a few of her questions about the kiss that hadn't happened. Obviously, it hadn't meant anything, was merely the result of an impulse. She was somehow disappointed; even if it wasn't the first time he gave her a reason to feel like that.

"Can I...?" she asked, motioning to her desk with her head. She was surprised when he shook his head. Her eyes widened in surprise and the inevitable smirk appeared on her face "Excuse me?" she noticed the glint of mischief in his eyes and the shadow of a smirk on his face. He was definitely teasing her. He shook his head again and lowered his gaze to her mouth, watching as her lips parted unconsciously.

"Why don't you come with me?" he asked quietly, staring deeply into her eyes.

Jenny frowned, thinking her ears were not working properly. Her eyes widened for a second and she didn't know what to say "I don't think it's a good idea" she said, ashamed at how feeble her voice seemed to be.

"You sure?" he asked with a husky voice that hadn't been there a second before, a tone that was incredibly hard to resist. He cocked his head to the side and seemed to be contemplating her face while she fought the urge to look away.

Jenny pressed her lips together, to contain herself and all the inappropriate thoughts, but the action proved itself to be quite inefficient when his thumb parted them. Her eyes met his as she could feel them darkening while his thumb ran along her lips; she resisted the urge to put it inside her mouth. He felt her breath against his skin and saw her eyes fighting to keep themselves open. It was good to know the feeling was mutual. His other fingers found the side of her neck and Jenny felt an internal shiver as they moved to her nape and scalp.

"You sure?" he asked again, this time whispering the words into her ear, his breath tickling the last remains of self control she had left.

Against her own will but already having lost the power over her body, she leaned into his touch, which exposed her neck to his eyes. He captured her earlobe between his lips, slowly letting it slid between his teeth. He started nibbling on her earlobe and then drifted down to do the same to her neck. With a hand entangled in her hair, he gently rubbed his nose against hers and his lips against hers, loving the feeling of her breath against them. Their proximity of their bodies, the welcome warmth emanating from his and the kisses that were being placed along her neck, were all making her melt in his heart. He let his tongue replace his thumb and part her lips. Her head immediately tilted upwards while her hands pulled him closer by the lapels of his jacket. One of his hands ran down her side and his arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She found herself lost in him, all her senses focusing on one sensation. She refused to close her eyes and was currently keeping herself busy by running her hands down his chest.

"Explain that last kiss thing" he whispered as he lips hovered above hers.

"It's meant to measure the desire and the feelings, if there's nothing left..." she managed to say as he seemed to press their bodies even closer together. She thought her heart might explode, that the tension would finally be too much, and the only thing she could do was put her hands on his waist and press her body against his.

He placed his lips on top of hers for a quick kiss and pulled back, catching her bottom lip between his teeth and sucking gently. His mouth covered hers again and she parted her lips, only to feel his mouth leaving hers. He pressed his forehead against hers while one of his hands clutched her hip.

"And we..." he trailed off, moving with her across her office, until her back hit the wall.

She tilted her head upwards and teased his lips with her tongue as he gripped her wrists and held her hands above her head "Maybe we do need that last kiss" she whispered against his lips as the heat invaded her senses and pulled her to him.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes before leaning closer again and pressing his lips against hers, only harder this time. Lips moved together, while their mouths pressed against each other. The weight of his body against her awakening those same old feeling, same old needs. He let go of her wrists and moved his hands to her waist, passing by her breasts and stopping on her face, bringing her head closer to his. She broke the kiss and he rested his lips against hers as they shared the same air and his heart beat against her chest. Her eyes fluttered open and she smirked at him "This is nice but not a proper last kiss..."

One of his hands wrapped around her waist while the other cupped her face and he smirked before lowering his head. All the softness was gone and she crashed her lips against his in a heated kiss. His lips parted and she took the lead, allowing her tongue to enter his mouth, pulling him to her. His hand entangled in her hair as their tongues moved together, chasing each other, and he had to suppress a groan when she sucked his into her mouth. His hands closed tighter around her hips and he pulled her to him, walking to the couch and lying on top of her. His mouth attacked her throat while he pressed his hips hard against hers and her hand gripped his shoulder. They both felt the vibration mingled with the heat and desire in their air. Jenny laughed and he pulled back, a smirk on his face.

"Yes, Abby?" he said as he answered the phone, resting his head on the crook of Jenny's neck. "Hmm" he mumbled while biting gently along her neckline and undoing the first button "Be right back"

He kissed her neck, trailed along her throat, up to her chin and finding her lips, invaded her mouth. He tasted her slowly, letting his tongue slide along hers. Her hands gripped his neck, her nails scratching the skin as the kiss became more passionate and urgent. She made sure there was absolutely nothing between their bodies and he covered her entirely, all wrapped around her body. They broke the kiss when the need for became too much and he remembered Abby was still on the phone.

"She wants to know if you'll be there" he said, undoing another button, and letting his mouth kiss the exposed skin, moving back to her mouth.

"Thought it was supposed to be a last kiss?" she said, with a smirk as she covered his mouth with her fingers.

He glared at her and sat up, moving her feet aside "She'll be there, Abby" he said before hanging up. She looked at him in surprise when he stood up without as much as a word.

"Where are you going?" she asked incredulously, standing up as well and running a hand through her hair.

He wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her closer to him by wrapping his arms around her waist "Do you want a last kiss or a first kiss?"

She leaned forward and kissed the corner of his mouth "A last kiss is always a first kiss" she said, kissing each of his eyelids and doing the same to his cheeks.

"What do you want?" she asked, snuggling closer.

He tightened his arms around her and kissed her shoulder and neck "I, breakfast, and a first kiss" he said, leaning down to claim her mouth.

"A first kiss?" she asked as their lips met.


The End

I was very surprised that so many people had put this on alert and all...because I'd thought the idea was very silly. I didn't exactly plan anything and am a bit disappointed with this last part but I hope at least one person likes it and the rest won't kill me for what I didn't do. xx