Lavender – Ari/Janco

The scent filled his nose and he followed the trail, recognizing it but unable to place the sweet aroma. Moving through the dark halls, he reached his quarters and pushed the door open slowly. The smell was stronger here and he continued through, walking silently into the bathroom, nose held high.

Janco looked over at Ari, standing beside the bath, towelling off his short blonde curls.

The taller man glanced up and flashed him a quick smile.

As Ari sauntered past him going into the bedroom, Janco caught the scent again and it struck him hard. It overloaded his senses and heat coursed through his body; walking up, he slid his arms around Ari's narrow waist. Leaning forward, he buried his face in the crook of his neck, inhaling the sweet scent that was Ari.

"Lavender," he whispered softly.

"Hmm?" Ari murmured against Janco's neck.

"You, and that ridiculous lavender oil you put in your hair," he teased, voice overflowing with affection.