Title: Somebody Told Me
Genre: Kingdom Hearts, AU
Rating: PG14
Pairing: Naminé/Marluxia, Axel/Roxas, Sora/Riku/Kairi
Main Characters: Sora, Roxas, Naminé
Summary: Sora was born into this world, but Roxas and Naminé weren't so lucky. Thankfully, Sora is generous and gives their souls a place to stay.


Part 2 "But Heaven Ain't Close In A Place Like This"

"Sor, that guy is here again." Tidus growled, shifting the strap of his bag higher on his shoulder.

Bright blue eyes glanced in the direction Tidus glared. "Ah, so he is." The grin that always shone on Sora's face brightened slightly. "I guess I'll catch up with you later then, Ti."

Tidus scowled and tugged at the strap of his bag, but strode to the gate, only sending the warm-haired man a single sharp glare before scurrying out of the school's yard.

Marluxia watched the spiky-blond leave, "He doesn't like me much, does he?" He commented idly.

Sora shrugged, "Sorry Marl. Ti will warm up eventually." A sly grin worked its way onto his face, "So what've you got planned for Nam today? She was being all secretive and stuff before."

The man gave a warm, but sharp laugh, "Not surprised. Sora, you and Roxas should let her be. She doesn't have to tell you everything if she doesn't want to." His eyes, as quick and sharp as arrows, studied the school's old, creaky buildings, before his gaze fell back to the blond-streaked brunet. "Now can I get on with my date with your 'sister', or are you determined to drag every detail out of one of us?"

Sora frowned, looking more like a pouting four year-old than the teenager he really was. "Fine, fine," His expression went blank for a moment, before a soft smile curled its way onto the boy's face.

"Good Afternoon, Naminé." Marluxia smiled, holding out his arm for her. "I hope you are ready to embark on a journey with myself."

Tugging her hair out of its tie and draping it over her shoulder, she curled her arm around his offered one. The motion looked more like it belonged in places of elegance and not in the sunburnt schoolyard of a deteriorating highschool, but one managed where they could. "We've got a few hours before Sora needs to be home. You promised to show me the place you found yesterday, Marls." She chided teasingly, her smile soft but glowing in love and pride of the man walking with her.

"Ah yes," He murmured, a warm quirk of his lips let her know his own amusement, "So let's get going there or else we'll miss the start."


It wasn't so strange that Sora and Roxas were alright with Naminé's relationship with Marluxia. After all, they had discussed personal sexualities before and decided that in general, they all, at least, liked guys.

Roxas really didn't mind. He really didn't. …Except that these 'dates' kept eating into his time to be out.


"…And the time before that you claimed something came up with your grandmother, and the time before that, you told us that your aunt was ill and you had to bring her cookies. I mean, really, you can't have random 'family emergencies' every time we plan to hang out, Rox."

The brown-streaked blond scowled into the phone. "Look, Hayner, it's… not something I can control, unfortunately." He growled the last bit softly. He knew she was listening.

On the other end of the line, Hayner paused, and took a deep breath. "Look, man, I can take you needing to do something else, but stop lying."

Roxas's scowl deepened and he ran a hand along his face; he let the pause grow longer.

"Pence and Olette agree with me, ya know." Hayner stopped suddenly, than continued in a lower, more cautious tone, "What's so bad, you can't tell us?"

Blue eyes rolled up to stare at the ceiling. "…You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

There was another long pause. "…I see." Hayner said stiffly, and Roxas sighed.

"Look, it's not like tha—" He began.

"We'll seeya later. Goodnight Roxas." The phone beeped to signal that the call had ended.

Roxas groaned and tossed the cell on the blue, starry bed comforter. "This is getting ridiculous, Nam'." He said as he recoiled back from the real world, into the place they'd made to stay when they weren't fronting. Here Roxas stood as a spiky-haired blond with bright blue eyes and a mouth made to scowl. "Can't you just talk to Marly so I can have some time to myself?"

"Don't call him that." Naminé was curled up in a chair, a sketchpad on her lap. Here she looked like the girl she was, her long blonde hair framed her face in its light curls, her light blue eyes edged with pale lashes. Sora was fronting now; they could feel his mind ready to frown out his homework.

Roxas leaned back against the wall, frowning, "Nam'." He purposefully softened his voice, "I know you're scared, but I don't think Marly will be mad at you—or us, for that matter—if you tell him about our schedules."

Naminé curled in on herself slightly, "But…" Her lip trembled.

The boy sighed, "I mean it, he won't mind. We already know that he's accepted us a lot more than anyone else. He'll understand. I promise."

They felt Sora's frustration and Roxas sighed, "That's my cue. Nam' just think about it." Then he closed his eyes and shifted back to the real world. "Okay, okay, Sora, what do you need help with this time?"


The phone rang, and rang… and rang.

"Goddamnit, Hayner! Pick up your freaking cell!" Roxas caught himself at the last moment to stop from screaming at the phone, his voice instead coming off like the squeal of metal against glass.

Sora and Naminé watched from behind their shared body's bright blue eyes. "I don't think…" Sora began.

"This is entirely your fault." Roxas growled, his self in their mind glaring at his 'sister'. Even with most of his attention focused on the real world, he could feel the flinch from her. He could feel the beginnings of Sora's usual arguments against Roxas's bigheadedness, but Roxas slammed the mental door between him and their mental playground—locking himself into the front, yes, but shutting Sora up.

"Fuck." The more serious of the two boys scowled. As much as he'd wanted to shut Sora up, he wasn't sure spending hours in the real world, bored out of his mind, was worth it. He'd better make this worth it.

The world felt different when it was his turn up to bat. Seeing through Naminé, was like a study of lines and shapes—each person was a masterpiece with coded locks and all Nam' wanted to do was find just the right strokes to free the person's soul on a canvas. Sora's world was bright and soft-edged—nothing in the universe could help but befriend him, this miniature sun of warmth and love, and so nothing could hurt him. The idea of hurting someone, when seeing the world through Sora's eyes was a strange concept.

Roxas liked to think that what he saw, when he used their eyes, was the real world. He liked to think that the grit and filth was worth the beauty in those little details of the world. There were no rose-colored glasses here.

"GOING OUT!" The dark-streaked blond called down the stairs, snatching a checkered hoodie from his side of their closet and throwing it over Sora's school uniform. Ocean blue eyes stared back at him in the mirror as he paused in the hallway to comb his fingers through the barely tamable spikes of the boy's blond and brown hair.

"Be back by six!" Came the answer from the garage. Their mother—Sora's mother, really—was busy working on a glass piece for the neighbor to thank him for helping out last month.

Roxas tried to slam the door as he stomped through it, but the backdoor seemed to sense his bad mood and instead only gave a weak squeak at the jostle of opening and closing.


So maybe stuffing his face with ice cream wasn't a usual person's idea of a good time, but when you spent most of your time in the back of someone else's head, you tended to enjoy whatever small physical pleasures you could, while you could.

And so, Roxas was stuffing his (Sora's) face with ice cream at a small parlor on the edge of the city of Traverse, just barely beyond the limits of Twilight Town—which still insisted it was its own town despite the fact without signs, no one would be able to tell where Twilight stopped and Traverse began.

The small-structured boy hopped a train to Twilight whenever Roxas wanted to hang out with Hayner, Pence, Olette, and the Usual gang.

He could still wander Twilight Town without them. He could probably find them too—but that would just be admitting defeat to Hayner's bullheadedness.

So instead Roxas straddled both the city limits and found another ice cream shop to memorize to the list he kept whenever Sora was banned from eating desserts because his grades were doing badly.

This, of courses, was where Roxas ran into his entertainment for the afternoon.

"Yo, sunshine, are you trying to achieve death by ice cream or something?"

Roxas frowned, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand—he could see Sora's mother's frown at this, but did it anyway—and turned to face the uniformed worker. "Yes, so let me die in peace, firebrain." He rolled his eyes.

The redhead looked a bit taken back—something Roxas seemed to inspire a lot more then Sora ever did—but his expression quickly shifted to something more… leering.

"Well, if you're not using it, can I have the body afterward?" Lanky hands swiped absently at the worker apron, "No use letting such a lovely face go to waste." Unusually bright, very green eyes held his (Sora's) ocean blues for a moment—a moment where Roxas's (Sora's) face suddenly burned in a blush.

Roxas snarled, at once defensive of himself about things he didn't want to think about at the moment. "Necrophilistic bastard."

The flame-head give a hearty laugh, "Axel, actually, got it memorized?"

The younger of the two just stared. "Right, Axel, you—I'm assuming that's your name—you really said that?"

Axel squirmed slightly, "Well, yeah. It's my catchphrase."

"Get a new one, it sucks." Roxas frowned, then added on for effect: "Sucks arse."

"Hey now!" Axel flopped like a lanky ragdoll into the seat across from his counterpart. "I didn't make rude comments about your sexuality."

"Your sexuality is that you suck people's arses?" Roxas deadpanned, with only a raised brow to make it a question.

"Well if they ask, I suppose." Axel rolled his eyes sarcastically, "But you're still being rude! I gave you my name. What's your's?"

Roxas found his lips curving upward in spite of his dislike of such stupid humor, "Why should I give you—a possible stalker and crazy man—my name?" The younger boy stalled for time as he threw his mind for what to do.

It was usual for them (Sora and Roxas really, because Naminé was usually dressed as a girl) to give Sora's name when they met a new person. That way there would be no confusion if that person met anyone else they knew… but this place was on the edge of Roxas's territory. In places Roxas claimed, as long as they were far enough away from Sora's place, he was allowed to give his own name.

…But was this place far enough away? Roxas wondered for a second if he should ask Sora, but then remembered why he was there in the first place. Oh the hell with it all, he thought to himself.

All while Roxas was silence, Axel had been ranting on something to do with stalkers, probably only making himself out to seem more like one. The dark-tipped blond watched the redhead flail his arms around as he spoke, it was almost graceful, but not quite—Roxas grabbed his glass before it went flying. He went to dump more ice cream into his mouth, but found his spoon missing.

"Give me that!" Roxas snatched the spoon back, now outright glaring at the older boy.

Axel deflated slightly, giving his best kicked-puppy look. "B-but! I wanted to try that—" He paused and stared at the ice cream, then tilted his head to the side as if that would cause it to make more sense. "Is that Sea-Salt ice cream?"

The brown-riddled blond glanced down at the turquoise-ish ice cream that still filled his bowl, "Of course."

The flame-head's grin began to curl at the edges slightly. "If you like the Sea-Salt, you've got to try the Coco-Cherry Sea-Salt."

Roxas wrinkled his nose, speaking around another spoonful of Sea-Salt, "That doesn't sound very appetizing."

Axel stood up, popping his spine slightly as he extended to his full height (Roxas was impressed, the guy really was a beanpole), shoving a thumb into his chest. "It's my baby! Therefore you have to try it!" Using those lanky limbs, the redhead bounced away from Roxas's table and behind the counter.

Roxas supposed he should have noticed the flame-head was wearing the worker's uniform long before this.

Axel returned holding a bowl of red ice cream with chocolate fudge melting on top and chocolate sprinkles topping it off.

The brown-tipped blond just stared at him. "Okay, what the hell is that?"

"I told you," Axel beamed, presenting the plastic bowl like it was a gift from the gods. "It's Coco-Cherry Sea-Salt!"

"Riiiight," Roxas eyed the bowl, "And what am I to do with that obviously unhealthy concoction?"

Vibrant green eyes rolled sarcastically. "Here," he said scooping out a spoonful and offering it to the narrowed blue eyes. "Eat it."

Roxas frowned but leaned forward and chomped down on the offered spoon, then slumped backwards with his arms crossed as he munched on the ice cream. Axel's bright eyes watched eagerly as the younger boy's face twisted then smoothed into a look of a blank surprise.

"It's actually good." The blond said airily, "You made this?" Blue eyes followed up to match green ones.

Axel puffed his chest out, obviously about to spout off about his oh-so-wonderful creation, when someone yelled out from the back, "RENO, GET YOUR PALE, LITTLE ASS OVER HERE!" Axel stilled, his face falling slightly.

This was followed by a crash and someone else calling out "My frozen treats OF DARKNESS!"

"Oh dear gods… Mansex's gotten into the freezer again." Axel yelped, "Sorry—oh I never caught your name—but I've got to go."

Roxas nodded, one brow raised in curiosity. "Don't want to be a bother to the workers." He murmured as the redhead began to bounce off again.

Axel paused, "See you around…?"



Roxas gave a small smile, "My name. It's Roxas. See ya!"

Axel returned with a cat-like grin before he disappeared behind the counter once more.


A/N: Sorry for taking so long in getting this up. I've been working on it for awhile--this story is one of my favorites in ideas, but not always my favorite in actual writing. And yes, the ice cream thing is a TOTAL plug for my older oneshot "Ice Cream Truck", because Axel's weird tastes, plus Xemnas and ice cream--it's just hilarious.

The next chapter is Sora's. ;D