Simin Belmont was relax. He had juts beat Dracula again, and was much exhaust. A woman that had the blood baged in to his home.


"Wha! I am going off!"

Simin grabbered his Vampire Killer whipe and was off to Catslevania!

The castle was dark and full of spooks. Siimin had ben here many a times, but was no longer fright.A skeletan suddenly came up to Simin.

"Why are you here?"

"Woman telled me that Draula was back! I must ikll him!"

"Huh? She is full of lie. You kill Dracula, recall?"

Simin realize he was correct, maybe woman was a teen boy that pulled prank.

As Simin left Castlevaina, he fall into a big big whole!

"HA" say Dracul!

The hole was full of bad was slowly dieing.

"MY BROHER, KEN, SAVE ME!" as he start to death.