Nuns With Pens'

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Author: MeryKey
Beta: CC, aka CandyCentric
Rating: PG13… *shrugs*
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Summary: A run in with White will take Max and Alec to the most dangerous and exciting adventure of all.

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It was a quiet night. Dark clouds lurked over the city with promises of heavy rain. A slight wind welcomed her as she reached the top of the Space Needle, waving her hair away from her mocha-skinned face.

The wind brought a sense of calm, but unfortunately it seemed not to be enough to quell her troubled mind. She had been forced to deal with many situations in her life, many of them at the same time, but this was really getting ridiculous.

She looked down at her fore-arm, where the small black symbols had first appeared. After those first three lines, more had begun appearing all over her body.

White had said something about them, something about the meek inheriting the earth, which made absolutely no sense to her. And what did the meek have to do with her, anyway? She sighed in annoyance, suddenly missing the days of Lydecker and Manticore. It seemed so much easier to run away from them, but the problem was that she couldn't leave this time; she'd tried, and realized there were too many things she would be leaving behind. Too many people she couldn't just call "the past".

Of course, residing at the top of her long list of problems was Logan.

She had almost killed the guy twice because of this virus she carried and as much as she tried to stay away from him, he kept coming back, stronger and more insistent than ever. Then she had even tried lying to him, creating a fake relationship between her and Alec, a lie she was almost sure he wouldn't believe. She'd never seen Alec that way, after all, so she couldn't understand how the great Eyes Only could believe such an obvious lie. However, it didn't matter if he believed her or not, he kept calling, asking how she was with that husky voice that had always intrigued her. Deep down she knew the only reason he asked about Alec every time she met him was to see her reaction. Her face remained blank every time, letting him know she would not open up to him on that particular subject.

Logan had been paging her on a daily basis this past week, but she never called him for she knew that if the reason for his call had anything to do with the runes or the Cult, he would've contacted her through the Terminal City connection.

Alec had scored her a cell phone, an object she had always truly hated and although she didn't know exactly why, she had the slight impression it had something to do with people being able to reach her whenever she wanted to be alone. She had seen Logan once since she had gotten it and she refrained mentioning the existence of the cell phone. So, apparently, Logan resorted to his last resource and dialed Alec's cell phone number.

She had been there with her fellow X5, trying to develop a plan to score some money for Terminal City, something Alec had been quite reluctant to help with until she threatened his most precious piece of anatomy, when his cell phone went off and the name 'Loggie' had appeared on the screen of the small, silver phone he owned. He answered the call nonchalantly, for he wasn't aware of her lie. Alec had sensed certain tension coming from the older man, and had questioned Max about it a few times, but she had shrugged her shoulders, dismissing it entirely.

Max had been sitting on Alec's couch as Logan told her he might have found a man who could help them with the virus while the blonde X5 went to the kitchen to get them another round of beers. He explained how he had spoken with the scientist, how the man seemed to think he could find a cure, but he would need a sample of the virus in order to do so.

She had stuttered a "no problem" and assured Logan she would be on it tomorrow night.

The only problem was that tomorrow, had turned into tonight. And now, she stood on top of the Space Needle, looking to find some peace of mind with little success.

Several, contradictory feelings were swirling inside her, and she hated herself for feeling like this. Of all the thoughts running through her mind, there was one that was louder than the rest: Is it really worth it? The buzzing thoughts immediately died down, leaving her to think on that only statement. Was it really worth it to keep hoping there really was a cure out there? Was it really worth it to dream on a relationship she would never have? Was it worth it to have a relationship with Logan, knowing that even though they wanted to, they just couldn't be together?

They would only hurt each other in the end. Again. She loved him, but apparently it wasn't the kind of love that makes you give a rat's ass about the consequences and the future. She realized there wasn't any kind of passion, at least from her side. And above all, it was too dangerous for him. He had made an enemy out of White because of her; he had made an enemy out Manticore because of her and only her. She was certain EO had many other enemies, but these two were the most dangerous he could ever have.

Her grim thoughts were interrupted by a set of footsteps coming from behind her. She turned around only to find Alec walking towards her. Max rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"What are you doing here?" she asked tiredly.

He stood next to her, casually evaluating the city from above there. "I was bored and figured you would be here, seeing as you weren't at Crash and Cindy has no idea where you are."

"You know I come here to be alone. You should've waited for me at Crash, or your place, or even Logan's place," she argued.

He snorted at that last statement. "Yeah, right. Can you imagine me and Logan waiting for you? I mean, I've nothing against the guy, but he just can't entertain a visit such as myself." His eyes left the city below to look at her pointedly and, with a perfect smirk chiseled in his lips, he said: "He doesn't have a TV."

She held a smile that was struggling to escape her lips.

Alec and his boob-tube was like Cindy and nail polish. Sketchy and weed. Joshua and an easel. The one simply couldn't exist without the other.

She sighed again. There was no other resolution for her to seek up here, especially now that she had a some what annoying company.

"Let's go," she ordered Alec, who silently complied.


Alec knew the brunette X5 would be up here; she had been silent all day long. Actually, Max had barely talked since speaking to Logan last night. She had, strangely enough, asked for his help in a civil manner, not threatening any part of his engineered body, and he'd agreed, knowing this was very important for both Max and Logan. But, for some reason, this wasn't the Max he expected to find after such news. Then again, he figured this was Max's way of dealing with this type of situations. He remembered how hard it had been for her to give Logan up after their twelve hour window break was over. He was slightly curious as to whether or not they had actually gotten to consummate their relationship and took a moment to ponder over it before shaking his head, remembering it wasn't the time for those thoughts.

Alec had never professed to know everything there was to know about Max, but he did know a little; enough to realize that she was brooding over this. She probably didn't want to get her hopes up, and by restraining her hope, she'd come to the conclusion that the cure wouldn't work and Logan and her would never be together. Her mind went to weird places sometimes; probably because she's more of a girl than she gives herself credit for.

"You ok?" he asked, breaking the silencing surrounding them as they walked down the steps of the Space Needle.

"Yeah," she simply answered.

They fell on that comfortable silence again, which Alec broke yet again.

"You sure?"

She sighed in annoyance. "Yes, Alec. I'm sure."

Although her tone told him to drop it, he was a curious little tom-cat. Not only that, but her sulkiness was slowly starting to unnerve him; he was starting to sulk himself over a problem that wasn't even his.

As soon as they stepped outside the condemned building, Alec gently took hold of her arm, stopping her stride.

"Listen," he started but immediately paused when the words he was trying to say didn't immediately come to him. Touchy-feely talks were really not his specialty, then again, they weren't Max's either, a fact that would actually help so he wouldn't look like a complete Neanderthal. "I can see you're not ok… I mean, you should be excited or have at least a small, almost invisible, smile on your face, but you don't."

She seemed reluctant to talk about the subject with him; this was probably the kind of thing she would talk with Cindy while they did their nails or whatever women did during girl-time. But he insisted, for some reason.

"I'm not gonna feed you some chick flick speech 'bout how this'll work and that you and Logan are gonna be together for the rest of time, 'cause, well," he smirked, "it isn't really my style." He paused again. He wasn't sure what to say to Max to make her feel better and not compromise his reputation of tough guy at the same time. He thought it through and decided the hell with it. He sighed, rolling his eyes at himself. "If this works, awesome. If not, don't beat yourself up. It's not your fault. You will find the cure some day."

"You sure 'bout that?" she finally asked, challenging him.

"Of course I am," he answered with a mixture of assurance and mischief. She simply rolled her eyes at him. "Oh, come on, Max. You're not good to me if you sulk!"

"What am I? Some kind of puppy to you?" she enquired, as her annoyance increased to anger.

"Nope, you're my buddy," he answered with a smirk, completely unaffected by her change of mood; actually, angry Max was better than sulky Max. "We hang out. I make you laugh, then I make you angry, which amuses me, thus I laugh."

Her face twisted up and she scoffed, showing her sheer disgust towards what he had just said, and, as planned, she punched his arm. He had noticed some time ago, that her physical violence towards him had ceased to be as violent as it used to; her punches were now Ordinary-resistant.

He laughed.

"For the record," Max suddenly said, "that was the cheesiest thing you've ever said. Julia-Roberts-chick-flick style."

Alec flinched, bringing a smug smile to Max's face.


She was feeling miserable and the idiot was laughing at her. What a great buddy! He had started out really good, she had actually started feeling a bit more optimistic about the virus deal, but then he had to ruin it all by being himself!

"Ok, hold on," he suddenly said, backing up towards the building they had just exited.

She wondered what the hell he was thinking. He had ruined her alone time up at the Needle, which meant she would have to wait until, at least, tomorrow night to sort everything out; and now that they were going to start their trip to the Scientist's lab, he goes back to the Space Needle.

She saw him check something by one of the walls next to the entrance. She frowned, now, her curiosity taking the best of her. She walked two steps towards where Alec was, when he stood up again, with a spray paint can on his right hand. The frown grew even more when he started drawing something at the wall.

'CHEER UP, MAXIE' was the phrase Alec had inexpertly written in yellow on the wall. She never meant for this to happen, but a smile escaped her lips. Apparently, despite his immaturity, lack of sensibility and annoying personality, Alec could actually be sweet. She quickly wiped the smile off her face when Alec turned around, but he managed to catch a glimpse of it, in spite of her best efforts.

Once he was standing next to her again, she punched him for the second time that night on the shoulder, and, again, it was Ordinary-resistant. Although it didn't hurt, that didn't stop Alec from feigning a painful expression as he held his shoulder.

"What was that for?" he whined.

With a smug look, she answered, "Don't call me Maxie."

She turned around and Alec's lips spread into a big smile. He didn't care if she had hit him or what the reasons for the punch had been; she had smiled, and that's all he wanted. Besides, he knew she was just putting up the tough chick act, much the same way he usually fell into the tough guy act.

Must be on the genetic make up.


The trip to meet the former Manticore's scientist wasn't long at all; his lab was, as a matter of fact, in the same sector as the Space Needle, and pretty close to Logan's former home.

The building was a tall one, and it gave the impression that the Pulse had never happened; the typical multinational company that withheld thousands of employees looking to prosper to finally be able to buy a house with a white picket fence that your neighbors would piss on every night.

"Logan said the doctor is in the basement. We've got to go down the elevator and it should be there," Max informed him as she parked her bike next to Alec's. They left their bikes on an alley, two blocks from the place they were supposed to go.

"Mmh huh," he mumbled. Max found his response strange, but shrugged it off.

Alec walked inconspicuously next to Max, looking everywhere with very well trained eyes; looking for enemies. They were hidden among the shadows of the night, walking soundlessly through the streets. He trusted Logan's judgment most of the time, but there was something odd about this whole situation and he couldn't shake this feeling away. There was nothing out of place, nothing suspicious outside.

"We're clear," he said with a puff of cold air leaving his mouth, as they reached the entrance of the building.

There were still people working inside the building, which was good in the case someone other than the doctor was waiting for them. The problem here was that they would have to go down to the basement, and he wasn't entirely sure there was any emergency exit route.

"Max, you sure about this?" he asked her before entering the building.

Truthfully, Max wasn't sure, but she had no other choice. "Yeah."

The receptionist, a cute little blonde woman, stopped them before they could get to the elevator.

"I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need your names," she politely called for them.

"Uhm, someone's waiting for us," Max explained, not liking the idea of leaving her name here.

"That's ok, but I need your names and sector passes, so I can give you a clearance pass. Company's policies," she explained, again with a sweet, polite voice.

Alec glanced over at Max and looked back at the lady, trying a different tactic. "Hey," he said as he approached the girl's desk and looked at her name tag, "Lindsay, listen, Doctor Mallory's waiting for us. He called, said it was important, and we completely forgot to bring our sector passes with us," he said with an apologetic, yet charming smile.

"Oh, but, I can't let you in without any kind of ID. Sorry," she explained.

Alec could tell Lindsay was a good, hard working girl, who was only doing her job.

"Ok, how about my driving license? I did bring that one," he tried.

She sighed, considering this, as she bit her pink lower lip.

"Well, I guess I can take that. But you have to hurry up, 'cause I'm not supposed to accept anything other than sector passes, and my supervisor'll be here in half an hour, ok?"

"No problem," he told her, as he pulled his fake driving license that read the name Martin McFly in it.

He gave her the ID and in return, she gave them a book where they both signed with fake names.

"Ok, here are your clearance passes Mr McFly and Miss Chase. Have a good evening," she said as she handed them the company's passes.

They took the elevator down, and found themselves in front a not so long corridor that withheld at least 6 doors.

"So. Which one is it?"

"Uhm… Not sure." Max walked through the hallway, until she found a door that read "Quinn Mallory". She pointed at the door with her head, and gave Alec a look that he understood as "you were sayin'?"

She knocked at the door and a quivering voice blurted. "Yeah?"

"Dr Mallory? I'm here in behalf of Logan Cale," she said to the still closed door.

"Oh—Ok, just—wait a second!" they heard the voice call.

Alec looked at the door suspiciously, feeling the cold barrel of his .45 against his lower back, which gave him a confidence not even his fighting skill could give him. They heard some ruckus going on in there and he couldn't help raising his left eyebrow, considering mentioning what he was thinking right now to Max. "What do you think he's doing in there?" She shrugged nonchalantly, her eyes fixed on the door with a blank stare. "Do you think he's got company?" he asked with a teasing smirk.

"Maybe he's in there with White," she said in the same teasing way, hoping that would shut him up, but no such luck, Alec always had a come back for everything.

"You think so? I never saw White as a "queen", to be quite honest, he's too macho. Or maybe he's just overcompensating. You never know."

She was about to shut him up when the door suddenly opened, and in front of them the scientist stood. He was easily 6'1'', his height only accentuated by his thin body. His wrinkled face and silver hair told of a man in his mid, late fifties, and the badge on the white cloak indicated this was Dr Mallory. He seemed nervous and twitchy, which amused Alec and annoyed Max. Was the future of her love life, actually Logan's life, in the hands of this man? That was in no way a comforting thought.

Alec looked the man up and down and nothing about him was familiar. The fact that he'd been to Psy-Ops more than most trangenics was not something Alec would brag about, but if there was something the many evaluations have provided him with, it was doctors' faces. He knew basically every single doctor that had worked in Manticore. Some more than others but there was not one of those men and women who were not printed into his photographic memory. And yet, he didn't know this man.

"Uhm, come in. Come in, please," he told them as he stepped away from the door to give them room to enter.

The blonde X5's shoulders tensed and he scanned the whole place for signs of an intruder. The lab was big and messy, although neither of them recognized any of the things you would usually find in a laboratory. There were many books and at least three boards where Dr Mallory had scribbled many mathematic equations.

"So," the scientist said, bringing the Transgenics' attention back to the old man. "You must be the virus carrier," he said casually to Max, still looking apprehensive.

Max eyed him, feeling more and more anxious due to his strange behavior. Why was he so nervous? She'd met scientists before and they were, at least most of them, anti-social geeks with superiority complexes. But this man refused to look Max or Alec in the eyes. That's when she noticed Alec hadn't stepped much into the lab; he had simply positioned himself near the door with a blank expression on his face that added to her anxiousness.

"The name's Max," she finally said as her eyes returned to the silver haired man in front of her.

Dr Mallory simply nodded and looked down at the table right next to him, where a syringe laid. "Should we start?" he stammered.

Max got rid of her leather jacket and started rolling up the long sleeve of her black t-shirt. She saw how the man held the syringe, slight tremors in his hands sparking her uncertainty, which Alec immediately voiced.

"You're not from Manticore," he stated, still standing close to the door, trying to hear the noise of those who were supposed to come for them.

"Wha-what?" the man tried to say, the shaking increasing, as well as the sweating.

Max saw this reaction, and started backing away from him. That was when he heard the smooth ring of the elevator indicating it had arrived and at least six armed men stepped out of it. In one swift movement Alec took the .45 from his belt and shot a couple of times, buying them some time. "We've got company!" Alec informed her.

As Alec took care of the unwanted company, Max tried to find an escape route but the place was like a cement box. No windows anywhere, no way out. She then looked at the man, the so called Dr Mallory who was hyperventilating by now, and grabbed him by the collar of the shirt below his lab coat.

"Who are you?" she asked low but menacingly.

"I'm- I'm," the man tried to say, but the situation was too overwhelming for him, the guilt too much for him to take. "I'm sorry," he finished with a sob.

"Max! There's no time for that! They're coming! We've gotta get out of here!" he said as he shot a couple more times.

"Is there a way out of here?" she asked the old man, but he wasn't paying attention to her anymore, in spite of the tight grip on his shirt's collar. He was staring at Alec, he was listening to the shooting outside. "Hey!" she shook him, "Focus! Is there a way out?!"

"Uhm," he uttered, forcing himself to pay attention instead of shutting down in fear. "Yes. This way."

Max let go of him as Alec secured the door which wouldn't hold once White came through it.

The scientist led them to a somewhat hidden room. As the metal door closed behind them, they heard the wooden door that had once read 'Quinn Mallory' crash down against the floor.

"There're no windows," Max pointed out, "or doors."

This time it was Alec the one to grab Dr Mallory by the collar. "What the hell is going on?!"


White's men entered first and secured the place; neither the scientist nor the two filthy transgenics were there. He looked around the laboratory, standing over the wooden door now lying on the floor. Where could they be? No doors, no windows. They couldn't just disappear. There had to be a hidden passage way somewhere. His head stopped to stare at one of the walls and a wicked smile shaped his lips.


"I-I," the man stuttered. "A man came to me after work a few days ago. White, he said his name was."

Max and Alec shared a look. Typical.

"What did he want?" Alec asked, his growling easing as well as the grip on the man's collar.

"He said I had to pretend to be a doctor and get a blood sample from a woman that would be coming to see me. I asked why should I do it…" he gulped, feeling bile rising, as he paused a moment, his eyes with unshed tears. "He said he had my wife, Wade. And he would kill her unless I did what he said." He took a breath trying to hold back the tears threatening to fall from his eyes. By then, Alec had already freed him from his grip.

The scientist went on, "Then he explained something about a virus, told me a man would contact me regarding this and that I would have to pretend to be able to help him. White said he could arrange everything so he and you both would contact me."

"So, you're not even a doctor," Max stated rather than asked.

"No, I don't even wear a coat. I'm a physicist."

"But, I don't understand why would White get a physicist to portrait a doctor," Alec questioned out loud.

"I don't know why, I've been asking myself the same question. I guess I was just convenient," the scientist answered.

"Convenient, how?" Max asked.

"This company belongs to a close friend of this White guy."

"How d'you know?"

"Because my boss was standing right next to him as White told me he was going to torture my wife. The bastard just smiled at me," Quinn answered, remembering the dark street he had been cornered in, and how the soft light of a close street lamp turned his smile into a sneer. He was disgusted by the whole situation, not grasping the fact that he'd been working for such a man under the false believe that the company was working to create a better future for the United States and the world. But the Company's President's sneer made him realize there were no future plans to improve people's lives, just for the powerful to become richer and more powerful.

Alec still couldn't understand, so Max said: "Think about it, Alec. This whole place is run by Familiars. He just needed me cornered; it didn't matter how or why."

"He was also very eager to get a blood sample from you," the scientist added.

"How-" she began questioning when she was interrupted by a loud thud coming from the thick metal door.

So, you'id he could arrange everything so this man and you could contact me."irm him I would be able to help him. Quinn Mallory seemed bewildered by this, but Max and Alec knew exactly who was on the other side of that door. White.

"Alec," she whispered, anxiety and distress prominent in her features as she stared at the dent in the door.

He looked around hoping to find a way out, something that he might've not noticed the first time, but there was nothing new.

"I can get you out of here," the scientist suddenly said.

"Well, if it's through that door," Alec began, pointing at the metal door as they heard another thud; "Thanks, but no thanks." Alec was pretty sure the scientist was telling the truth, for the X5 had an uncanny talent to tell when people lied, but he still didn't trust the man.

"No, there's another way… another door, you could say," the old man stated as he walked towards a safe box.

Max watched with interest as the man approached the small, yet unbreakable –unless you were a transgenic- box, as confusion and curiosity took over her.

"Why?" she finally asked.

His movements slowed down, until he turned around to look Max in the eyes for the first time. "Because I can't do this. Whatever happens tonight, I know I'm a dead man already, as well as my wife." His eyes shot to the ground as images of his wife, dead, rushed into his mind. "I can't let him get his hands on you two. If he wants you so bad, then you must've done something right, and that's good enough for me," he finished.

Without anything else to add, he turned around and resumed to open the box as another loud *thud* echoed off the large, metal door.

Max stared at the man's back, feeling sorry for him. She could tell he loved his wife with all his might, but White wasn't one to keep his promises, and Quinn Mallory had known this after meeting the man probably only once. More lives ruined just because of her, of whom and what she was. More blood on her hands because of White's blind ambition of killing her.

Another thud brought Max back from her reverie. The dent on the door was getting bigger and bigger and it was only a matter of time before the hinges gave in and White busted through that door.

The scientist finally opened the box, removing a small, black device. On the front was a dark gray button located towards the center while a numberic pad was placed bellow it. On top of the gray button was what appeared to be some sort of timer system, which was turned off.

Alec made a face, which showed his disbelieve on the whole situation. Of all the scientists in the world, we end up with the crazy one!

"Is that your way out?" Alec asked out loud, not minding to conceal his amusement.

"Yes," the man simply answered, to Alec's grate annoyance.

"Yeah, out of your mind," he muttered under his breath.


Alec looked at the door and any remains of his smart-alecky thoughts and attitude died right there.

"It's a Parallel Universe Transporting Device. P.U.T," the crazy haired man explained to them.

"Put Device?" the blonde X5 asked, his sarcastic tone back despite their current situation.

"He said P.U.T and shutup!" Max said, tired of his little smart-ass comments, especially now, of all times.


"What does it do?" asked Max.

"Well, there isn't much time to get into this more deeply, so I'll try to explain it as simple as possible."


The scientist carried on, ignoring the noise. "This device opens a 'door', a wormhole, to parallel universes. You can travel from world to world with this little thing."

"So, this egg timer opens a door to other universes," Max repeated, not fully sure she was understanding the concept of the device. She was beginning to think Alec's observation that the scientist was "out of his mind" might not have been so far from the truth.


"Well, yes. The machine I built that powers the timer is safely hidden. I took it out of the lab after White took my wife. I couldn't leave my invention in the hands of such fascists."


Alec sighed in despair, as he shook his head. What the hell was this? What was this man talking about? P.U.T Devices and Parallel Universes? What was this, some 90's sci-fi TV show??


"By "Parallel Universe", you mean what I think you mean?" he wondered, hoping the answer was no.

"Well, a Parallel Universe is a world parallel, similar, to ours but with some differences. For example, a world where…" he tried to think of something; "Where I never met Wade, I never got married, thus White never forced me into this, and we aren't here right now. Or, a world where... there's nothing but shrimps to eat." Max's eyebrow rose. "Or not, maybe shrimps don't exist at all. Or maybe shrimps rule the earth."


"The point is," he carried on, knowing his last example had been rather quirky, "this other worlds might seem like this one, but they're not, there's always something different. The difference is either obvious, or it might be something small. But there's always something different."

The Transgenics could both hear the hinges slowly giving in.

"You press this button," Quinn said as he pressed on the dark grey button, and immediately a swirl of white, green and blue beams appeared in front of their eyes. It was a circle as tall as Joshua and twice as big as Brain. Both Max and Alec couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

"You just have to walk right through the wormhole," the scientist went on. "See the red numbers? These indicate how long it'll take for another wormhole to be created. Remember that if you don't activate it when the clock hits zero, you'll be stuck there. Indefinitely."


Pieces of concrete surrounding the door began falling to the ground.

Alec, after the initial shock of seeing the wormhole, backed farther away from the door, still holding his .45, ready to shoot if necessary.

"What d'you mean 'remember'?" Max asked.


"I won't be going," Quinn informed her.

"What? He's going to kill you!"

"Without my wife, I'm dead anyway."


All at once the hinges gave. Alec knew there was no more time left.

"Max, we have to go," Alec yelled, leaving no room for discussion. "Now!"

The scientist threw Max the timer, who put it safely away inside the pocket of her leather jacket.

"Don't forget!" the scientist desperately yelled. "To get back home, you'll need-" but he was cut off when the door flew open with a resounding *smack* against the wall.

Alec grabbed Max by the hand and jumped through the wormhole as gunshots rang through the room.

Quinn Mallory fell to the ground with a gunshot wound through the chest. His eyes closing, remembering Wade's face and laughter, as his heart slowly bled to death.

White entered the room just in time to see a bright light quickly disappear. He had no idea what the phenomenon he had barely gotten a chance to witness was or why it had stopped, but he did know one thing.

452 and 494 were no longer in the room.

To Be Continued...


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