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Bella POV

I never got used to Edward's driving. He said that it was silly to be afraid. He didn't know I wasn't afraid, just uncomfortable whenever he drove, even though I have known him for over one hundred years now. Renesmee loved his driving, ever since he took her for a drive in his Volvo back when she was still little. She came bounding in through the front door saying how much she loved the speed. Right now, she was in the back seat, sleeping, as I silently wished Edward would slow down even a little bit.

Out the window, the surroundings were becoming more and more familiar, even in the pitch-black. I smiled. I haven't been here since...it still hurt to think about it. Ever since we left before Nessie was full grown, he only returned a few times to Forks. For Charlie and Sue's wedding, Angela and Ben's wedding, a few times for visits with Charlie and Sue, Sue's funeral, and, the hardest to accept, Charlie's funeral. I cried tearless sobs for days. Nessie cried with me and Edward just held us in his arms.

It still hurt a little to think about his death but I could think about the good times without much pain. I remember, dimly, when I first came to Forks, my graduation, times at home, when he walked me down the aisle at my wedding and when he danced, not too well, with me at my wedding. I remember much better when we visited him, when he helped him with Sue's death, and when I dance with him at his wedding. His wedding. The wedding that linked worlds together, humans, vampires and werewolves. A human, a vampire's dad, got married to another human, who was two werewolves' mom.

I was still smiling. Edward reached over, grabbed my hand, and gave it a light squeeze. We turned down a road that was way too familiar. It was pitch-black but I've been down this road so many times. We turned down another road, which I imminently recognized as the three mile driveway leading up to the giant white mansion. Soon, the white house came into view.

"Welcome home," Edward's velvet voice spoke softly, trying to not wake up our sleeping daughter in back seat.

We pulled into the garage, and it was dark in there as well. I stepped out of Edward's car. I could see the outline of Edward's Volvo, Emmett's Jeep, Alice's Porsche, Jasper's motorcycle, Rosalie's BMW convertible, my Ferrari, Carlisle's Mercedes, and even Jacob's Rabbit. We left them here last time we were actually here. We couldn't drive old cars, even though I never drove my Ferrari much.

I could see we were the first to get here, no one else's cars were here, but Jacob didn't drive these days. He just ran around being a dog. I turned to Edward.

"Take the bags. I'll get Nessie." He almost whispered. He was smiling. I could see his teeth. I nodded, smiling back.

I went to the trunk of the car, I didn't know the model, and took the bags out. I raced off toward our magical cottage, miles behind the white house. It didn't change much from when I got it for my birthday. The only difference was more clothes in the huge closet, thanks to Alice, and Nessie's room being painted over and over again. She had many different tastes in her room. Esme and Rosalie always wanted her room to be what she wanted and they were really happy to redesign it. Jacob helped paint it every time because he wanted her to be happy.

I threw the bags in the front room, not bothering to turn on the lights.

I raced back to help Edward with Nessie. He should have been running on the way and I should have seen him. I got back to the garage and Edward was still there. Nessie was in his arms and he was just looking down at her, just smiling. I walked behind him, put my arms around his waist, put my head in between his shoulder and his head, and just looked at our sleeping girl.

He started to speak, voice still soft and low, "I was scared of her before. Long ago."

Scared of her, I thought.

He continued, "Before she was born, I thought she was going to take the most important thing in my life away. I thought she was going to take you away from me. Then, I heard her thoughts, she loved you, our voices, and hated hurting you. I started to be less afraid, but I didn't know if I loved her yet. Then, she was born. Love, when she was born and when you still in your transformation, I couldn't think of her. I only thought of you. Then, I realized she was as important in my life as you are. She still is."

I think if we could, we would both be shedding tears of happiness.

I spoke as soft as him, "I know, Edward. I knew you didn't like her, in the beginning. When I woke up, I saw that you saw her with different eyes. Now, you and her are the most important people in my life. I love you, Edward." I closed my eyes, buried my head into his shoulder, and hugged him tighter.

He chuckled, light and musical.

"You don't know how much I want to hug you right now, love. Here, take Nessie so I can." I ran around him to take Nessie out of his arms.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear, "I love you too, Bella. I wish you knew exactly how much. Exactly."

I smiled. "I think I have a pretty good idea." I told him and he chuckled again. I shifted Nessie so she was comfortable in one arm. Edward held out his hand and I grabbed it. We ran back to our cottage in silence. I wonder what Edward was seeing inside Nessie's head, what she was dreaming about.

The cottage was dark and I ran to Nessie's room before the lights could be turned on and wake her up. She had a huge queen size bed, but only a few blankets. Her body temperature was closer to Jacob's than a normal human; she was never cold. That reminded me of Jacob. Where was he? I thought he followed us home.

I shut Nessie's door very quietly. I turned around to see Edward, then his shirt. He was holding me so tight, like I was going to break and he was holding me together.

I reached up and held his face in my hands. I closed my eyes. I had become very good at this, doing it for so long. I thought hard, wondering why he was doing this. I was really confused. I opened my eyes to see his confused expression.

"What?" I asked him.

He just stared at me. "Aren't you sad, love? I thought you were going to break since we got here."

I smiled. "Is this the reason for the sudden holding me together? Like I was going to break?"

"Well...." he started. "I guess. I mean this is the first place we returned to. Almost everyone you knew is dead, except for some of the wolf pack." he said.

I was surprised. "Jacob's pack or Sam's pack?" I asked him. I knew Jacob was still around. He looked like he did one hundred years ago. Being surrounded by vampires wouldn't help him quit. I wasn't sure if the rest had quit.

"A little of both. Leah, Seth and Brady are still running around being dogs, along with Jacob. Embry imprinted about thirty years ago and he quit. He has a few teenage boys, from what I heard in Jacob's head" He chuckled without humor. I knew what that would lead to, with our return. More werewolves. Would Sam still be alpha?

"Sam?" I asked.

"Sam's dead. After we left, he gained enough control to quit and grow old with Emily. Same with Quil. He married Claire when she was old enough and ready. They died many, many years ago." he stared at me.

"Ah" was all I could say. I never liked Sam. Maybe it was because of what happened when Jacob first turned into a werewolf.

"So there only four werewolves in Forks and La Push?" I already knew the answer, I just had nothing to say.

"Yes. I'm not sure if you remember Brady much. I don't think you even knew him. He stayed back in La Push during our little fight with all the newborns." he shrugged. I shrugged too.

"And we start high school again on...." my voice trailed off. It was always different in different places. I don't remember from my human memories. The first day of school started on various days for us. We have had it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So it could start between tomorrow to three days from today.

"Tuesday. We'll have all of tomorrow to get set up." he smiled his crooked smile, my favorite. I wonder what was going on in his head.

He continued. "So we can do whatever tonight" His smile didn't fade.

"Well, I don't think you need your mind reading skills, even if you wanted to, to know that I think we should..." my voice was cut short. He picked me up im his arms, bride-style and kissed me all the way to our room.

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