Musrom Man: After the spore wors

Chapter 1: New Wepon

Packs was a bullet musrom who was vury smart. Heh culd builde lots wepon using liter, stik, pensil, and jacks and much mush more. Packs has a sekret borther tey founed after the war. Hers name was packed wich is like packs unly with d. One day, packs sed to packed " I naid help wit big big wepon, wan help!" "Shore" sed packed. He taked an I pode and tapecked to a liter and a pensil and krated the Moosic enjoimeat of pane!(not reel wepon in game, tho) " Now all we need is engry resource." sed packs. Packed sed "Frum abercrombe! The close are made from rare metoer energie" " Gode idea!" sed packs. So then tey want to the bullet musrom mall ( wich is likek are mall butt smaler)

Chapter 2: mall adevensure!

Packs wented to gamestoop farst. Hey bote a copee off no moar haroes fur lader. Tehn tey went abercramb and buyed a metor shart for engery resourz. Packed for no raisn sed" AM NOT RASCEEST AGINSYT MUSHROMS that ARE MEGSIGAN MOSHROMS!" sed I na reaterd machstom accecnt.

Tey maed buest wepon ever and all musrom kagnom was safest. Tehn, packs seeed the blod in no moar. And he did a faintest. Packed sed "NO! IS RADED M!" And tehn went to soo soda 51.