Title: Ties That Bind

A/N: This is the extended version of my entry in the EO Drabble Challenge - Flinch. It's four 100 word drabbles, one each for Dean, John and Sam. Dean does the Epilogue. Batman'sBeauty18 wanted to see the aftermath. Hope this doesn't disappoint.

Possible Spoilers (in the Epilogue) for: In The Beginning (Maybe, maybe not.)

Summary: EO CHALLENGE. Here's a pretty hefty dose of the legendary Winchester angst. POV provided by Dean, John, and Sam Winchester, with Dean's POV rounding out the four drabbles.

Damn idiots.

Sam's got his fists balled up and his chin stuck out. He's daring Dad to hit him.

Dad's right in Sam's face.

God, I'm so tired of all this crap. My shoulders got tight as soon as I heard all the friggin' yelling.

We're family. We're all that's freakin' left. Why the hell can't that be enough for them?

I won't leave. Can't. If I do they'll kill each other while I'm gone.

I bull my way in, step between the two of them just as Dad raises his arm.

I take the hit. I don't even flinch.