Kanda's is a different kind of comfort.

He still cries when he sees those souls, even though he's seen them a thousand times before. They are all perfectly alike yet heartbreakingly individual—those sad, sad, akuma souls. You would think he'd be conditioned to it by now, for all the horrors he's seen, but then maybe the sight of a human so broken by anguish and the backlashes of love isn't something you can get used to.

Kanda never cries. Kanda is all business, all precision with a hard, brute courage that Allen thinks he'll never have. Mugen is as ruthless as its wielder, as unfeeling as the metal it's made of. Maybe that's why it's different- because Allen's Crowned Clown is a part of himself, and there's got to be a difference between ripping through that sad, sad akuma with a forged weapon and feeling it die by your own bloody arm.

So Allen cries, and Lavi puts an arm around his shoulders, tells him to cheer up, tells him what a good job he did, tells him he's stronger than this. Allen cries, and Lenalee gives him that look of hers, holds him like he's about to break and whispers like a mother in his ear.

Allen cries, and Kanda says nothing, but gives him his space and his time and maybe he'll offer a quiet tch! when he thinks Allen should move on. Kanda never cries, but he always seems to be there when Allen does, and in the whirl of death and suffering that is their world, Kanda is unchanging, and that is something Allen can hold on to. And Kanda lets him.

"Come on, moyashi," he'll say sometimes, pretending that he's not looking at Allen over his shoulder. "I'll leave you behind."

But he wouldn't, not now anyway, and they both know that, and maybe that knowledge is what helps Allen dry his tears and stop sniffling and get back up on his feet in time to say,

"My name's Allen, you retard."

A/N: Owaah, sorry this is so, completely, horribly LATE for Yullen Week! D: Anyway, since I'm late enough already, I'm not going in any particular order about the themes, fyi. This one should be obvious: comfort. I know it's a drabble when I said I'd try and do a one-shot, but this one kinda wrote itself anyway, and who am I to question inspiration? :3

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