Title: Forgive Me (Drabble)
Genre: Kingdom Hearts, Post-KHII/AU
Rating: PG14
Pairings: Axel/Roxas, Zexion/Demyx
Inspiration: Bonding Over Coffee (see my DA)
Note: From the NWNB-verse (see profile).
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"No." N. stated bluntly, with no hope of argument rising against it.

"But--!" Rojar sputtered, nearly spilling his coffee, his verbal skills scrabbling for a grip in this icy cliff. "Dillian and Elliot are friends. You've got to meet--erm... re-meet him eventually."

N. had dropped his eyes to the ground. "I'm not going to "re-meet" the one who killed me." He spoke in a soft but harsh tone.

The blond ran a hand through his spiky hair, sighing, "He's not the same person." He replied soberly.

The slate-haired teen still refused to meet the other's ocean blue eyes.

Rojar continued with a tired tone, a tone that spoke of numerous amounts of repetition of this, "We all did horrible things in that life. We have to forgive ourselves... and each other.. eventually."

N. sipped the nectar of beans and high priced consumerism, "...I'm the last person you should be talking to about forgiving oneself."

The guilt leaking out through his voice made Rojar eye him warily. "What.. do you mean?"

The shorter teen shrugged and flicked a couple fingers up, "I'm one of the original six." He said, as if it explained everything. At Rojar's blank look, he sighed and continued in a softer tone, "We're the ones who started this mess."

Rojar blinked and frowned, returning to his coffee with a noncommittal grunt.